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  1. Thats what we were trying to go for! Thanks everyone for the support, the group will be in-game when the snow melts (like our lore says) so if anyone wants to join up before that pm myself or Sxcomba!
  2. Thanks for pointing out the lashing haha seemed really repetitive. I didn't realize everything was in bold, unintentionally happened when I copied it from the google doc, thanks for pointing it out!
  3. We'll see how we handle the things, there are just out of character goals. Plus creating story arcs are our primary goal, creating instances where people walk away from us and are affected by our RP etc etc. Executions would be rare, because they would also mean the character that got executed would forget what lead up to it.
  4. Well execution rights are no longer a thing, so. I never RPed with them, or bumped into them in-game before. Nor do I think any of the members are from that group, so, probably not. Hopefully we'll be able to add some more graphics and such as the group grows, thank you for your suggestions we appreciate it!
  5. Banding Together Infected pulled on the makeshift barricades protecting a small gas station near Poltava in the Ukraine, Survivors had been warned on the news but it didn’t take long for the infection to spread north from South Zagoria. The survivors huddled inside are filled with panic, except for one, Jeremiah Carter, who tried his best to calm them. The infection continued to spread throughout the country and had at last reached them. He met Bryan Ashworth, a young man that worked in the gas station and encountered an old friend, Boris Popovi, who broke in through the back door. Jeremiah calmed the others who were inside until the infected gave up, moving on to try their hands at killing some other unlucky souls. Moving for Survival The infected had left, they were safe for now. Jeremiah coordinated the survivors willing to listen and follow him east into Russia. The group pushed away from the hordes of infected that began to take over the Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe. The group traveled as quietly as they could, only moving at night when the opportunity presented itself. It wasn’t long before they grew weary of stopping, scavenging, and moving on. It wasn’t going to work for much longer before the sick and the old would become too weak to go on. They needed a change of lifestyle. They were going to need a place to call home. Safety and a Home The group was able to work with an old couple that ran a farm in the countryside of Russia and started to build a settlement. This is when the true leaders became known. As the settlement grew Jeremiah and other men from the gas station had started to build a strong bond together and often held meetings to decide what they would do concerning further development of their home and future. To start, the group needed leadership. Without a clear path to follow the group would be sure to fracture eventually. Boris, a close friend of Jeremiah fought heavily for democracy while Bryan made a strong point; When modern civilization fails we should fall back to our roots, back to a feudal-esque society. One with an absolute power and a flag to rally behind. The two ideas were combined, making the system we carry today. Two absolute rulers, elected to be Jeremiah Carter and Bryan Ashworth, one for war and one for peace, the two would keep each other in check. A council of Barons, who hold meetings and express concerns to the kings. And finally, Knights, any able bodied man tasked with the protection of the group and carrying out orders. We opted to not give a name to the lower class, they’re family, and deserve rights, calling them anything different would be an insult. The farmers, scavengers, and traders, they all play a role in our survival. They became known as, The Freemen. As the settlement continued to grow and prosper survivors came and went. Some were found in the wild and brought in, some wandered in. Those that stayed throughout it all formed a bond that could not be broken. Death and Destruction After a few months of peace and what almost felt like a normal life during hell on earth, the settlement started to have problems with a neighboring group. They were better off than us, manufacturing drugs as a source of income and running a monopoly on gasoline in the area. Their thirst for power and land forced them to set their sights on our camp - on our family. Jeremiah and the other leaders were unyielding when it came to their demands to pack up and leave. We had built this place, grew a family, and finally had a place to call home. Demands soon turned into threats, shows of force right outside of our walls, firing guns and revving the engines of semi-trucks. Were we going to sit around and be extorted? Absolutely not… The writing on the wall was clear, us or them. A plan hatched amongst the higher echelon for a preemptive strike. The next time they tried to flex their muscle, we would tear them apart. Men hid on the tops of our walls for days, waiting for them, and when they finally came we opened up. It’s not something we wanted to do, but it had to be done, we’re sure they didn’t care much about our view of things anyways… This didn’t go over well with them, skeletons we thought had been buried came back to life. One night a horn began to blare and a truck slammed through the gates, barrels of oil fell off the truck and men poured into our compound, beginning to throw molotovs that set all of the wood ablaze, making a light that could be seen from miles away. Jeremiah gathered as many survivors and loose horses as he could, making an escape away to the south quickly. We lost a lot of members that night… Didn’t even get the chance to bury them. A Great Loss The leaders of the Freemen traveled south, going into the mountains as winter began to set in. We got hit hard, winter supplied record setting snow storms. It wasn’t long before we were snowed in and travel was difficult to damn near impossible. We weren’t prepared for winter, we lacked the proper clothes and barely had enough food to go around. We resorted to slaughtering the horses. We ate what we could, the hides went to making coats. We set up camp and had fires when we could to keep ourselves warm. The snow eventually got too heavy for our tents to hold which pushed us back further in the mountains to seek shelter in a cave system. We used the old tents to secure the entrances against the snow and keep the wind out as best we could. Diseases, starvation, and frostbite ran rampant in our camp. Depression set in throughout the ranks. They did what they had to in order to survive, even so, many died and morale was broken. The storms began to let up and they were able to move south to a lower part of the mountains, where the bite of winter wasn’t as harsh. The survivors that made it that far established a main camp and forage what they could out of the snow. The rare time one of the hunters would come back with game a feast would be held, giving them a slight glimmer of hope they would survive, and enough hope to carry on. New Hope The snows finally melted and life returned to the world which motivated the group as they pushed out of the mountains and further south. They returned to their roots and hunter-gatherer lifestyle when the infection first spread. After a few weeks march through the mountains and the occasional town. The Freemen found a castle which they settled on forming their new home. (Will be updated as story progresses) Murder - Punishable by Torture / Work Cannibalism - Punishable by Torture / Work Theft - Lashings / Work / Torture Kidnapping - Lashings / Work Extortion - Lashings / Work Espionage - Work / Torture Threats Against The State - Work / Beatings Harboring anyone that breaks the law - Work Find a new place to call home - day Establish a foothold of influence in South Zagoria - Ongoing Open a school to teach methods of survival and gun handling - day Recruit more men and workers- Ongoing Meet with all major groups and make unconditional peace - Ongoing (Relations tab, will update as relations are formed) Form a council of major group leaders - Ongoing (Will include names of survivors that join this council) Form a peaceful settlement - Ongoing Establish a level of trust with civilians under our protection - Ongoing After establishing a settlement and sustaining ourselves expand our territory and actively hunt enemies of the state - Indefinite Enforce laws on the land we own - Indefinite Hunt any cannibals - Indefinite (More goals will be added pending IC events) -Provide realistic and unique characters to interact with. -Give a base for neutral roleplay and group interactions. -Have many unique story arcs. -Pull RP away from the triangle. -Don’t be a hostile group for a change. OOC Rules - Information MrBowTie - Sxcomba - Clan Concept Drahken - MrBowTie - Sxcomba - Lore Drahken - Streiter - Artwork MoodyOG - Sylva - Aeryes - RogueSolace - Lyca - For Giving Advice - Thank you -How to apply- -Currently you can apply and make a new character that fits in with the lore and arrives with the group in South Zagoria-
  6. I do not have a problem with factions, I have a problem with bad hostile rp that comes without reason. Your reply makes me feel like you didn't read the thread, or perhaps I just disagree with your opinion.
  7. Alright I'm going to take your advice @Onyx @Para and pm all the leaders of groups that I think are the issue here.
  8. I said it before and I'll say it again, I know where the report section is despite the color of my name on these forums. The point of this thread was not to try and remove people from this community, but to finally say what everyone has been thinking silently. This is asking for an awakening and acknowledgement that this sort of stuff is going on. @Para
  9. This is on a bigger spectrum and please I know I'm a whitename, but I know where the group and report tabs are on this site.
  10. Alright let me begin with my idealistic version of how a perfect role play server would function; people would create characters with depth and back stories that are interesting, log on, interact with others and create story arcs that have meaning and substance, perhaps join a group of others that are like minded and continue to meet others and create more story arcs leading to hostilities with others that have reason surviving, then the player trying to create a realistic living and breathing world with role play in this game. Oh I know what some of you might be saying right now! "Mr.BowTie! What are you talking about, this is the type of role play I encounter every single day I log on!" Well my friend, I don't think we're encountering the same people. There are plenty of groups and members of this community that are like that, but most of them are forced to hide in low-traffic areas to avoid.. well.. all this Somtimes it just seems to me like this is more of a Factions PVP server, people start shit for no reason purely for PVP and gear, can't even argue against that, it's a fact. The amount of times I've been strong armed. "Oh I like your pouches." Thank you for giving me role play, oh wait.... "But bOwTie! Mean people will be mean in the apocalypse and people will steal your stuff irl!!!!" Yeah in real life you'd also catch a lot of people just shooting other people for their stuff, so we're obviously not on the same rule set as a real world scenario. I haven't said any names, and I won't post any footage to throw people under the bus. I have a friend that was taken hostage today for nearly an hour while a group fought out a firefight, he was told to sit in a corner and look at a wall, he was talked to three times the entire time. One thing that really grinds my gears is, 1. He logged into this situation unknowingly and could have easily been dismissed. 2. Their initation is the usual "Put your hands up!" "Drop your gun, bag, and vest!" So they can't get pegged with the gear-rp directly because they didn't bust him down to his ass. (I'm sure they would have if they could) This makes many other groups just fall into the same vicious cycle to become the bigger faction, just strong arm people and neglect coming up with original characters. The leaders might have actually interesting characters with back stories that have depth and they try to play this people bring a few sparks in this darkness. The grunts though? Don't make me laugh, they're all in the discord taking some orders, if you were to ask them in character how they wound up where they are and how they joined the group I'd bet on a half assed response that you can bet a pretty penny didn't occur in character. I haven't said any names or pointed any fingers. We all know who these people are, and something needs to be done. I apologize for the rant, it just really grinds my gears and I feel like there is nothing being done about this. There are bad-rp and gear-rp reports going up on the daily now. This problem has occurred a few times whilst I've been a member of the community periodically and this white name is fed the fuck up. Sincerely, Whitename, MrBowTie.
  11. @Zanaan I did not, saddly, it was within the past fifteen minutes. I didn't think to do that, I asked a friend to find it for me while I got the video ready. The time I got was according to the website, if the website time is off from the in-game time and there is no hope to find his name you can dismiss this report but it's very disappointing to see this.
  12. Server and location: Server 1, Severograd Train Yard Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2019-01-15, 00:54 Your in game name: Nikolai Ivanov Names of allies involved: Jacob Berwick Name of suspect/s: I dont have his name Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5c3d3076c997098b73/combat-log Detailed description of the events: I found a man in the trainyard and after questioning him for a few minutes and getting some role play and answers I didn't suspect were true, I decided I was going to take him hostage try to get truthful answers from him. I asked him to put his bag on the ground which he did, then I asked him to take off his ghilli suit, when he didn't do it very quickly so I started to get agitated then he disappeared.
  13. MrBowTie

    Lengthen time for fire fuel

  14. Nikolai was born in the Ukraine and had a normal childhood living with two responsible parents who raised him up right, teaching him respect and morals that he carried with him through out life. After he finished school he continued to live with his parents and had an average life afterwards like every other schmuck, living with his parents, reading, working out and working at a grocery store helping his parents as best he can. Life went on, girlfriends came and went, Niko began to move around and started to head a little further south in the country. One day as he was leaving a town and heading further south is when the infection began to spread without him knowing, a car drove over the median and nearly hit him, he swerved out of the way and crashed into a guard rail, knocking him out instantly. He woke up a few hours to a few infected banging on the windows of his car as he began to wake up. He opened the door and fought off the monsters running for the nearest abandoned car and tried to speed back north to find his family. Eventually he saw the city in which his family lived in, flames rose and flickered against the horizon. He swallowed the lump in his throat and turned his back on the town and started to head south towards the sea, eventually crossing the Black Mountains safely and finding himself in South Zagoria. He met some men that were lost and abandoned by their leader and were willing to follow him and help him clean up infected from some cities. Eventually they started another line of work that suit them and their expertise.