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  1. DayZRP Lore - Focus Friendly

    I have a lamp. My lamp likes making reflections. There for, my lamp doesn't like your text color.
  2. The Stable

    The D's silent, understandable why you did away with it. Oh and as for the feedback thingy, looks good. Gives a superior secluded predator type of vibe. Sorta thing someone'd stumble upon, feel like they found a garden of Eden, but soon discover its something else.
  3. John Cabot.

    Born in Rapid City South Dakota, growing up on the rough side of town with two loving parents. Being the only child he went to school and helped out around his home as often and as much as he could. They were a christian family, going to church every Sunday. Though like many people John was a little corruptible. In his teen years he was put into jail for assault. After a little time he started to drift from place to place. Until he settled in Gainsville Flordia. Where he worked in construction and he found his Fiancee, Sarah. They were engaged for a few years, but after drifting apart from one another and arguing constantly. John left in the middle of the night with little money, some clothes, but left her with most everything. He traveled to a place where he had some family, in South Zagoria. Living there for a few months, continuing his work in construction, up until the end of it all. -IC Record- First few weeks: -Traveled into Vybor, anointed Scarecrow/Peacekeeper after chasing a man out of town. -Rescues hostages with "Val" -Witnesses murder and shoots at one of the cowards. -Travels out of town leaving a note saying he'll be back soon.
  4. Sort of like "The Zone" in the stalker games. I like that concept A LOT. It'd be easier to explain why there are so many different types of people, and explain when people go missing "I heard he was leaving the zone.." or something like that.
  5. Best Line when approaching players

    "Lookie 'ere, looks like a gah dayum COMMIE!"
  6. DayZ Beta confirmed - Opinions?

    Every time they've even tried to give us a released date it was never met, like, at all. - Hopes: That they make it work. Fears: That it won't Thoughts: DayZ isn't a bad game, but it most certainly isn't a good game either.
  7. Am I reading this shit right?

    I think we can all agree, DayZ isn't a good game, but then again it isn't exactly a bad game. We'd be lucky to see a patch within the next year, what have they got four people on the dev team? If Im not mistaken. Then again, not entirely sure where I got that number
  8. Nice job DayZ, 10/10

    Isn't that where you put your satellite? That's where I keep mine bro.
  9. who's out there? (Open Frequency)

    As Riddeck is walking down a long, empty dirt road. As he hears the man speak over the radio, he raises his up to his mouth, glancing around before holding it tightly. "Yeah... I'm looking for some one. I doubt you'd know 'em though." You can hear Riddeck sigh and mutter something to himself before the radio returns to silence. Riddeck tucks his radio back into his pocket and shakes his head as he continues down the trail.

    1. BillyR



  11. @Elmo John died ;-; Also the entire VEHM crew, great RP tonite, and pretty much everyone at GM. Thus John Remmington died, cooking meth in his bathroom.
  12. s1 - Abuse of Game mechanics, 4/21/17 00:29

    Well, there isn't much to be achieved by this report, and we talked to you in TS. So I'd like to request this report to be closed.
  13. Server and location: Server 1, Woods near green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:29 Your in game name: John Remmington Names of allies involved: Some VEHM, but none were the exact location whilst I died, and none are exactly tied to this incident. Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events: Okay, so. Lots of VEHM member's crash whilst at GM, this guys I assume either ghosts in. But that's beside the point. We find a man with a brown cowboy hat and a white armband going through the tents and what not. We unlock the gate, and he and a random start to leave. I walk after him and say "The boss'd like to have a few words with you." (Because we suspect him of stealing, logging on and seeing him going through the tents.) He replies "No, I think I'll go on my way." I say. "No I think it's a good idea if you come back with me" He ignores me and starts to jog/sprint away into the woods, we chase him down into the woods telling him to put his hands up and what not, we take a few shots at him and he stops in a tree, and puts his hands up, the other VEHM member goes back to GM whilst I begin the trip back up the giant hill. I try and give some RP, since the walk is so long I decide to speed things up, telling him to put his hands down. Realizing he can now use his radio, I quickly frisk him. Afterwards he drops an actual radio. Which I go over to and pick up. Whilst I am in the tab menu he pulls out his AK, and I see this and I raise mine and he quickly kills me. I doubt I hit him. Anyways, I think this is an abuse of game mechanics personally. He sorta cut the RP short as well, he could've been taken and had good hostage RP, etc. I'm not going to post on this thread unless asked to by an Admin. Thank you.
  14. [OPEN FREQ] Inane Mindless Chatter

    John flicks a broken twig between his fingers. The radio on his vest buzzes again. His gruff voice replies to the girl once more. "A court that judges all equally." He says in a gruff tone. He lets go of the radio, and clips back onto his vest, letting out a sigh, he stands and pulls the strap holding his gun over his shoulder, and begins his slow walk.
  15. [OPEN FREQ] Inane Mindless Chatter

    John leans against a tree, looking down into a meadow on top one of the many mountains within Chernarus. As he hears his radio that is strapped to his vest chirp alive, he listens, as he holds down the button to return conversation. His older American accent fills the radio waves. "The Court is in session girl. A word of advice, be mindful of your actions, and watch whom you associate with." The man's voice disappears as quickly as it had appeared. John lets out a deep sigh and a stares down into the meadow, watching the wind play with the long grass.