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  1. Coming from a family of some renown in the scientific community Charles had a bit to live up to with his father being a successful paleontologist and expecting his first son to follow right along in his foot steps. His mother on the other hand was a failed lawyer, she had to drop out of law school when she became pregnant with Charles, due to her dropping out Charles's father took his young mistress to be his assistant and wife. The two raised their son while traveling across the states and countries, going into various areas of interest for dig sites. Charles had a simple and nice childhood with his family, he missed the friends he would make at schools then he would have to move, this became significant and took a slight tole on him in his high school years. Despite his fathers dreams for him regarding a career in the sciences, he wanted to pursue the polar opposite, music. He took to playing piano as a young child but stopped due to moving, Charles picked up a guitar when he was eighteen and continued to live with his parents doing his music. They settled for a time in the northern Ukraine where his parents worked together on a dig site once again. The dig site that was expected to be wrapped up in a couple months stretched into one long year. This year turned up little to nothing to even justify the site. Charles father and mother had a tense relationship to begin with, this added to it made his mother turn to drink. A substance her side of the family had already had trouble with, she was much the same as her family. She became physically and emotionally abusive towards Charles and his father. It didn't take his father to quickly divorce her and move her out of the country. Charles stayed with his father but things weren't the same. It soon felt like an empty house where two ghosts of people lived and drifted through days. Those days were quickly forgotten though when he heard his dad drop a glass in the kitchen, the glass shattering brought Charles running from his room to see what had shocked his father. A man being eaten alive by another man on the television. "Viral infection" rolled across the bottom of the screen of the television. His father did what he thought was best for himself and his son and packed all of their belongings and valuables into the car and made for the deep country and mountains. As they listened to the radio they had at their little camp in the mountains they heard the cities of so many countries reported to being effected by the spreading virus, until eventually they didn't hear anything at all the radio. Days stretched into weeks, those quickly added up as well. Charles and his father moved further into the mountains moving further north into the mountains of Poland even. Charles can't recall much from his journey in the mountains with his father. He can remember waking up the bottom of a ravine covered in wet leaves and soaked to the bone. He can't remember how he got there, or very much from before waking up in that ravine. He tried to remember the last time he was with his father but nothing came to his mind. He has a deep gash on the back of his head, he assumes it was caused by falling into the ravine. Charles made his way out of the mountains and into Poland where the infection had already quickly spread too and ravaged in the few months his father and him had been in the mountains.
  2. Boone 'Lawless' Hardy grew up in the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the great United States of America. He grew up with a Pa and Ma that were hard working folk. His Pa worked the fields as a farmer in charge of many acres of wheat, peppers, and even some cotton. He was one of the biggest farmers in the state making a profit once a year when harvest season came around. Hardy's Ma worked in a bar in town and she busted her ass every night to bring home some extra cash for her family. They were a functional family, unlike many families around 'em they had dinner every night together and went to church together when they could and thanked god for the rain and all the time they had together. Hardy won't much of a farmer himself, he pushed the plow or drove the tractor when he had to but that wasn't where his interests lied. His attention was turned to the more fortunate of the New Mexico area. It was ridiculous to him what they'd spend money on. Fancy cars, pools, expensive houses. What he noticed though was when people'd spend so much damn money on their pets, it was mind boggling to him how people would push out a grand or more when one of their pets would need surgery or that they'd buy a pure blood cat or dog. Boone'd be more than happy to have a mutt or just a cat outa the street. So he got a plan together with some of his childhood friends and men he could trust. That's when they started rustling cats. They'd break into and steal high end bred cats and sell them through a representative to an underground market where these kinds of cats and things that were meant to be hush hush happened. He had quite a knack for it too, he started to travel world wide and smuggle them back to the states and sell the animals. He found himself in Russia quite a few times rustling cats and bringing them across to the states to sell them. He found himself in South Zagoria on his way back to the states one time and he just had a string of bad luck and that's when the infection began to spread through out the country.
  3. Dude, let the contractors rest in peace, they'll never be forgotten. o7
  4. //Archive this bitch this is cringe not kek
  5. "This is call sign Ryder. Disappointing you couldn't show up to a fight. We'll be seeing you around. Over and out."
  6. *As Marcus sits and old run down house by himself he rubs a rag over his M4, after a little cleaning he sets it aside and begins to tune up his radio and the field radio pack to prepare a broadcast that can be heard throughout South Zagoria* "This is call sign Ryder, I'm a leader of a group of guns for hire that go by The Contractors. Typically we wear armbands that are a darker blue color. Lately I've been receiving word that there are other men wearing a similar color band around their arms impersonating us. We are neutral party for hire by anyone and everyone. Due to our neutrality we do not attack or rob anyone unless we're hired to do so. The men known as "The Liquidators" are tarnishing our band color and I wish to report to other survivors that we are are not robbing or murdering civilians without a hired contract. While I'm on the air I might as well give my sales pitch about ourselves... We're willing to do any job for payment, payment varies from job to job. A few examples of jobs we can do are scavenging runs, search and rescue, securing a safe house or a town, securing a target alive or dead. Confidentiality is our priority, finding myself or a contractor in person is the best possible way to set up a secure contract, or discussing it over a secure frequency. One thing to always remember is that we're paid, we're not permanent. Call sign, Ryder, over and out. *Marcus turns off the field radio and takes out the battery and looks out the window as the sun begins to rise outside*
  7. Thanks to @FruitPunchG we got a much needed makeover!
  8. Thanks for the support, more artwork and some more touch ups will be coming soon!
  9. Had some RP with a few of you earlier due to a certain neck being bitten. Interesting needless to say, hope to run into y'all again sometime. RP was good, if theres anything that we did you'd like to address feel free to PM me and we can discuss it further!
  10. At a very young age Charles was orphaned when a drunk driver drove his family off the road into a river, while he was strapped into the back seat the front of the car a good Samaritan stopped while the car was slowly sinking into the river broke the window and rescued the young Charles. His father who was driving died due to faulty air bag deployment, his mother wasn't unable to unstrap herself and drowned. Through his childhood he was bounced around through various orphanages and foster homes. After turning 18 due to federal funding and scholarships he earned since he worked very hard in school he pursued learning about Nuclear Bio-Hazardous Chemicals, and how to clean up and dispose of messes the world made. He started to travel to Russia with an American team helping clean up some small waste leaks. Eventually the team was hired to travel to South Zagoria and work on at some Nuclear Plants in the northern part of the country. Not long after that, the world died.
  11. I agree, I think the standard for roleplay has definitely been lowered with new comers. Having been in the community for quite a while, back in 2015 as a new comer the bar was set a lot higher I think. Like I did my best to be a good roleplayer and like @Jasper said. I fucking studied the lore and rules for at least a day before I put my application in. A rework is needed, but instead of just a rework. I haven't read all of the comments, but perhaps a system that can "train" new comers of what's to be expected as a minimal at least, then maybe give examples of different type of characters they can play and how to do it minimally well. I know we have guides on the forums and what not, but perhaps making these guides more intertwined with the application and make whitelist applicants give examples (more than one) of characters and how to play them after reading these types of guides.
  12. MrBowTie

    Group cap

    Don't see the point to cap it off. Like what advantages does it offer? I see none.
  13. (Somethings are omitted from the back story that you can learn in character) Born in Casper Wyoming to a single alcoholic mother. Marcus didn't have much drive for the academics in his younger years, getting through the grades as best as any other student his age. Though he did join Scouts. It was an opportunity for him to get out of the house and into the outdoors. He fell in love with it. Being in the outdoors, no one around, no one to tell you what to do, well except for the other scouts and adults but he usually ignored them when he could. After high school and aging out of Scouts, he started to take some night classes at a local community college. He was able to get a job during the day and move into a small flat and get away from his mother, leaving her to go about her business in peace. Marcus eventually dropped out of school after two semesters, it wasn't because he didn't do well academically. He simply wanted to travel with the money he had saved and gained from a recent inheritance. He was set on travelling across Europe and through some of the middle east. After doing some research he was much more interested in setting out on a hike through some of the safer countries there. Over the course of a few months he hiked and camped, eventually returning to the states. When he returned to Wyoming he decided to continue his outdoors lifestyle and bought a cabin in the wilderness where he could have easy access to the outdoors anytime he wanted. He started to take up hunting as a normal hobby as something to do when he wasn't working at his new job as a bartender. Working most weekend nights picking up tips and chicks when he could and hunting during the week and selling the pelts he got online, Marcus was making decent pay. His interest in the middle east was still in mind. He kept saving up his money and took up bird hunting, collecting feathers and talons that he got from hunting them. After saving up enough cash and going to a few more night classes at a local college to learn some Arabic he found an underground hunting party that travels out to the middle east to do some sketchier hunting. Hunting rare birds and mammals for rare trophies and furs to sell. Well armed and with a small hunting party they flew out to begin their hunting. The band was rough and tough living off the land and MREs that they brought with them, after a few weeks of being there they heard radio frequencies about an outbreak happening in a country near by in South Zagoria. News reports started coming that the infection was spreading rapidly to other countries as well. It wasn't long before the hunting party went into a small village to hunker down and encamp and make a safe place for themselves they scared off the locals with their gunshots. The hunting party understood it was a dog eat dog world now, trying to work with civilians in a different country just wouldn't work out. Some of the hunters were resistant to some of the things they did, but they were quickly whipped into shape when threatened with being thrown out, or just shot on the spot. The group made a good camp for themselves establishing a good safe house for themselves, when they had to go out eventually to neighboring villages. They found another encampment of locals, with weapons. Due to Marcus' Arabic classes he was able to talk to them a little, it was obvious they were hostile but they didn't try and attack the large group of Americans. Marcus did his best to negotiate supplies for food and rations, the group wouldn't have any of it and said that they needed workers to help build up their encampment. Marcus wasn't about to employ himself and his men to help build a camp, so he gathered up his men and went out on a mission to appease these locals. Marcus and the hunting party came back a few days later with a few captured men and women tied up. The local leader of the encamped men came down and gave a crooked smile to Marcus revealing yellow teeth, he gave a signal to some of his men and they brought down plenty of rations to compensate the hunters. The hunters found a new way to make a profit and decided to go all in, ruthlessly. They made a good life for themselves. Resources eventually did begin to dry up after quite a few months of easy living, this made tensions rise between the hunters and the locals, eventually a small skirmish broke out between the two groups. When the only two hunters Marcus was close with died, he left in the night taking enough rations and ammo for himself, he headed east bringing him to South Zagoria.
  14. Thanks @Wong If you bump into us in game and/or have any feedback feel free to PM me!
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