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    2. Oliv


      This may or may not be CGI of my in a bodysuit


    3. Aiko
    4. Oliv


      Mine is better


  2. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Circles, fuck your right angles. Last youtube video you watched
  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Pasta-of-fucking course. What's the last movie you watched?
  4. Hey

    Shit, I know that name. Welcome back
  5. Real life picture Thread

    wtf we baking?
  6. Staff Feedback: Oliv

    Stop trying to tell me what to do. But seriously, I know, I know. I've learned to step back a bit and it's helping my mental health a bit. I'll keep it in mind and learn to step back or away if I need to put myself first. I appreciate the kind words and the offer of an ear.
  7. Staff Feedback: Oliv

    Hello, This is a place for all feedback regarding your second favourite Admin, Oliv. Things to know about your second favourite Admin... All feedback is appreciated, no matter how big or how small. Make sure your feedback follows the feedback thread rules and the template below. Rules: Template: If you have something you wish to bring up but do not feel like doing it publicly, please feel free to PM me. If it's nudes you're after, definitely PM me. I remind you all again, when posting feedback Posts that do not adhere to the staff feedback rules WILL result in 5 warning points per post. If your post will not fit the rules, PM me.
  8. I too had an absolute blast! If you can dodge a can, you can dodge a ball
  9. Getting in a lil RP with @Conor, come watch the shenanigans!


  10. I got some time to kill, so lets stream a lil PUBG and see what else we can kill twitch.tv/oliv1985

    1. Clumsy




  11. bye staff.

    You's a good shit Jamie, you's a good shit.
  12. I'd like to report myself...


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    2. Voodoo


      Oliv, you stand here accused of BadRP and weebism on your profile. How do you plead?

    3. Clumsy


      xD one of the things I get worried about when streaming DayZRP lol I've done it way too many times. I was lucky enough that it was around people I was in TS/Group with.

    4. Oliv


      Mad props to the guys walking away from me too. You can see the moment they turn around and are like, wtf is he talking about? The just keep on keeping on

      And as always Voodoo, I've been a very bad boy

  13. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    A 2011 Hyundai Elantra (i30 or 25 in EU I think, don't remember, the sedan) What is your favourite game at the moment, minus DayZ of course?
  14. Home early from work, crappy week. Lets fix that! twitch.tv/oliv1985

  15. As above, so below

    Not too short, but I enjoy reading your work a lot, so I'll probably always want more.
  16. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    That I clicked on this thread and had to answer this question, because the list of regrets I have is long. Have you ever played strip poker or another card game?
  17. As above, so below

    A nice little read Terra, as always. I didn't want it to be over so quickly, but I enjoyed it a lot
  18. IP camera security danger! Warn people!

    Black electrical tape for me, but there is this that you can get which is pretty cool. Opens and closes for when you actually need it.
  19. 48 hour character change a bit excessive?

    Make it great again, make it 48 again
  20. This song popped into my YouTube recommended, and it's surprisingly good. The picture of the girl smoking reminded me of something you'd have as a profile or character pic.

    Enjoy the tune, it's not bad at all.


    1. Terra


      I like it @Oliv Thank you!