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  1. Oliv


    I want to thank everyone for the amazingly kind messages. They are very much appreciated.

    I know it might be a bit of a shock to most of you, my stepping down, but I needed to do it for my own mental health. I have too much on my plate right now, and I can't do it anymore. It's too hard to do all the things I want to do, and more importantly need to do.

    My time in staff started with trying to give back to this place, donating my time. It then turned into a distraction for me in the time leading up to my mothers death. Since then, more on then off, I've been supporting my wife as she deals with mental health issues. I've got nothing left in me right now that I can give to this place and need to step down before I break.

    I'd like to thank the staff team, both past and present. The past staff team, @Roland  @Terra @Ron @Conor @Mamba @Hebee @Stagsview @bunny @Storm @Rory and honestly just too many more to name gave me the tools and leadership to hopefully help lead this place as best I could. If I've not mentioned you above, it's not because you didn't deserve it, it's because I've not yet had enough coffee ? .

    The current staff team is a solid bunch. I hope I have been able to shape you all as much as the past staff team did to me, and in a positive way. That's the true mark you leave on staff and the community. Remember the stories of the old staff team I told you, a great staff team can argue and gouge eachother's  eyes out on a subject and then hug it out at the end and show eachother the love and respect you all deserve.

    That's a lesson the rest of the community can benefit from too, because as someone who has had to handle it, I can tell you all that you guys hang on to too much petty shit. Don't take offence to this comment, it's the insights of someone not involved  in your drama, and you will all live happier lives when you don't hang on to things that will drag you down and hurt your own lives. Argue, gouge eyes, put it aside and let it go. Live by the old adage of getting into a bar fight and then sharing a beer.

    I have things I never got to do here, that I wanted to accomplish, but right now I just need sometime to myself. Sometime to look after my wife and even myself, because I'm beat the fuck down.

    I love you all and I thank you  for letting me work along side you and for you.

    ~ Oliv

    1. Ark


      Going to miss you man o7

    2. Oliv


      Ark, you're the staff dad now. I've left the codes to the thermostat in your drawer.

    3. Ark


      oh god. Should I make it hot or cold? So many choices. 

    4. Spartan


      I'll miss you ❤️ 

    5. HarveyLR


      We are gonna miss you man, hopefully you can have us kids on the weekend and let us stay up late.

      You were a smashing admin Oliv, and you know it.

    6. Method


      and with that everyone from staff when i joined is gone.... tis a very sad day but believe me i understand you are an amazing guy and an amazing admin ill have to catch up with you sometime till then i will catch you on the flip side and ill miss you man you are one of the greats.

    7. Brayces


      UNCLE DAAADDDD!!!! ; o ; ❤️ I'm gonna MISS YOU SO MUCH! You were around when I first joined and it's bitter sweet to see you go. I know you have a lotta RL to deal with, but understand that we have always appreciated and cared for your choices, wisdom, guidance and kindess. You showed us in the Staff Team what dedication, maturity and commitment looks like and I can only hope we will be able to even scrape the surface of such a robust amount of skills you possessed. 

      Knowing you're gone leaves some big shoes to fill, but I am confident that Ark and Spartan are up to the task after being training under your and Aiko. Your sacrifices and love for this community will not soon be forgotten by any of us! 

      When we make a decision or choice, I personally will try to think "What would Oliv say at a time like this?", and I can only hope I will make you proud! 

    8. Brady


      I'm still her method bb cake. Oliv you were one of the best people I got to work with and you'll be missed I wish you luck with whatever you chose to do in life next❤️❤️

    9. Eagle


      A sad day ?

    10. Chibi


      NO OLIV! Don't leave me alone with Ark! Why you do dis! 

    11. Stagsview


      Fuck Canada.

    12. Ark


      @Clumsy you heard him I now control the thermostat.

    13. Chibi


      We're doomed....

    14. Stagsview


      We have been since he became admin

    15. Zanaan


      Best of luck mate, never really got to know you, but you have my respect. Wishing you the best with all your future holds.

    16. bunny


      I feel honored! You did great Oliv~

    17. William


      Oliv, you are one of the nicest guys I've ever met. No matter the circumstance, you always tried to maintain a positive attitude. You are an absolute legend.

    18. Skywalker


      Oliv, you and I were in staff together. It was my honour and privilege to work with you and watch you become one of the best admins this community has ever had. If anything you deserve this rest, you've given 110% all the time. You were never afraid to voice your opinions or concerns and you weren't afraid to tell someone they were wrong. For this I salute you.

      o7 my friend, lay your weary head to rest. For not at least, your watch has ended.

      (The following is a tribute to you in the best word ever spoken in my opinion).





    19. Hebee


      I'm glad that you were promoted as admin when I left. There is a very small list of people that rival your dedication and effort you put in during your time in staff. You did great man enjoy your time away and I hope everything works out for you in your current IRL situation.

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