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    Instead of posting some funny shit or some awesome music on here today, I'm going to take the time to post about something serious.

    Today is a day that we like to highlight mental health in Canada. If either you or some one you know is or has previously suffered with mental health problems then you know how hard it can be. Things are getting better, people are opening up more, but some still feel they can't. Today and all days forward, try and do your part in ending the stigma against opening up about mental health problems. 

    A simple action, just sharing a hashtag, can be a great first step. Share the hastag #Bellletstalk on social media. When you do that, a Canadian company called Bell Media will donate $0.05 every time to mental health initiatives in Canada. It's something simple to do and won't take long. Either way, if you've read this You've already done something, because maybe it will help open yourself up to ending the stigma against mental health for you and those in your life.

    Take care of yourselves,