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  1. 3d2cbb9c68.jpg


    Yup, we're that good that the group page for our hostel will cause ads for hotels to show up.

    W'ere recruiting!

    1. Ramon


      LOL Oliv.  Can somebody also book a room instead of joining the Staff of the hostel?

    2. Oliv


      Yeah, we will take both. Joining the staff of the hostel will be an excellent way for some one to fit a Chernarussian civilian character into the lore. Staying at the hostel as a guest can be an great way to add some depth to a foreign or even Chernarussian character who may be travelling or not living near the area.

    3. Ramon


      Hmm, sounds interesting seeing my character. ( Not 100% ready ) Don't worry @Terra and @Ron, I won't blow up the Hostel. :D