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  1. Oliv

    Going to stream a lil Sexy Brutale murder mystery while I wait for wifey to wake up. Come hang out!


  2. Ban appeal- Suspicious Steam Account

    LemonLime, We have reviewed your appeal and the information you have supplied in it. We are inclined to believe you and have found nothing else that further raises our suspicions. We will re-review your whitelist application and remove your blacklist. Outcome: Appeal Accepted
  3. HavenBuzz, We have reviewed your appeal and the information you have supplied us with. We have found no further reason to keep you blacklisted. We will accept your appeal and re-review your whitelist application. Outcome: Appeal Accepted
  4. Blacklisted suspicious steam

    We'll wait. We'll give you 48 hours to get it completed before we close this appeal. Apparently you logged into it yesterday so I guess you already got that PC setup
  5. OOC Hate 2/23/2018

    This report will be closed. The report section is for in game rule breaks. Any report of OOC hate and bullshittery is to be sent directly to the admins, or use that handy dandy "Report Reply" button that's right there in all your screen shots. I'm disappointed in both of you tbh.
  6. Oliv

    This tune came on the radio on my way home. Turn it up, thank me later



    Also, completely forgot Penn and Teller were in this music video :D

    1. Ron


      very good choice, Oliv. 


    • Mademoiselle
    • Oliv

    Remember the cannibals song we made for this? We should make more of them...!


    1. Oliv


      I remember this thing :)

  7. Hope you all stay safe <3

    take care of yourself bud
  8. 5 Points for greeting a friend

    Methias, I do understand that there are cultural differences, differences based on geographical location, where calling someone a "cunt" might be used as a term of endearment or as a way to great a friend. It is, however regardless of any offence taken, against our rules, more specifically, rule 1.1 and 1.2. If Rolle has come to the decision to not warn a specific instance where he and another staff member were referred to as "cunts", then that is his prerogative. Cultural differences or not, it is not appropriate. It might be culturally acceptable for 2 black males to great eachother with "what up my nigga" but that does not mean it is appropriate for here. Your Appeal has been denied; the warning points will hold.
  9. Blacklisted suspicious steam

    That's just the first 5. Please provide us a link to your accounts so we can continue on.
    • Sleepyhead
    • Oliv


    1. Oliv


      We do that sort of thing. Nothing still beats in 2008 when Jon Montgomery won his gold medal and a fan in the village handed him a pitcher.



      He's now a TV personality


    2. Sleepyhead


      That's great lmaooo

  10. Oliv

    Just waiting on that PUBG update to finish, then gonna hit it up before making some fajitas!

    See ya in a little bit!


  11. Staff Appreciation Thread

    Fuck me I've been in staff with a lot of people...
  12. Banned 5 days - 10 points

    Alessandro, A team of Admins and GMs not involved in the original verdict have reviewed your appeal and the information here. We have found the original verdict to be done correctly. There is no dispute that can be made in regards to the combat log. You pulled out your gun at someone, asking them to raise their hands, and committed a hostile action by initiating on them. Regardless if you decided not to act on it further, it still happened and you need to wait out the 30 minute combat logging timer. We also noticed that your original post was edited to remove that portion of your POV. It is recommended you don't do that again, as it could be seen as withholding evidence and lying in a report. In regards to the excessive OOC, we have reviewed that as well. It is very unclear if your messages were meant to be IC or OOC, both the ones with or without the "//" prefix required for OOC. Since it is unclear, we are taking them for what they are. Do not let this get you down though. Report warning are meant to be a learning experience, please learn from this and use it as a way to improve. Outcome: Appeal Denied; Verdict remains. Done by myself @Spartan and @Brady
    • Keira
    • Oliv


    mfw Oliv gives no fucks