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  1. Lil morning PUBG with @Conor, maybe some stragglers later


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  2. Whitelist ban appeal

    Hello Hazordouz, We have reviewed your appeal and your previous applications. We have decided to give you one additional final chance at the whitelist process. We can see from your applications, although you only got 8 wrong, several of them were in regards to the lore. We recommend you refresh yourself on the lore, and if you need any help, a staff member will gladly assist you if you come to our TeamSpeak and join the Waiting for Staff Help channel. Outcome: Appeal Accepted; Additional whitelist attempt granted.
  3. Ruleplay - 5 Days

    We agree with you, we don't disagree with the verdict either, but we do not reduce punishments just because. We see no reason based on the report, evidence presented, or verdict why we should deviate from the standard punishment. Outcome: Appeal Denied; no change taken Solved by @Oliv, @Lyca, and @Aiko
  4. The City of Stary.

    Guys, the event is still going on. If you're going to file a report, file a report, otherwise, keep the stupid shit to PMs before Joff just says "fuck you" and stops coming up with ideas. Kay?
  5. Ban Appeal - Leucifer

    Leucifer, We've reviewed your appeal and the original report and have come to a decision. We appreciate the attempt to sell us, but we can't believe that you forgot how Plays.tv works. Your Plays.TV here shows several videos, 2 of them approximately a week before this situation. Seems perfectly well that you know how the system works. The amount of time between your video being posted up on November 3rd and your POV being posted on November 4th should not be a ridiculous amount of time that caused the video to slip your mind. Hell, the video even has a title, The Shots that Started the War, which we can only assume that it wasn't automatically assigned that title from Plays.TV but manually entered by the owner of the video. We simply cannot believe that there was no ill intent to not provide the video, and even now we can not believe what you write in your appeal. As for the metagaming, if we rewatch the clip, the metagaming does not just occur when you get shot towards the end of the video, but occurs much closer to the begining, around the 9 second mark. You believe someone to be close by yet continue to provide information over the radio without also using VOIP in game. Although the metagaming may not be overly severe, it still occurred. The punishment in the end remains the same due to being found guilty of lying in the report. Outcome: Appeal Denied; Points and in game ban remain. @Oliv and @Spartan
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  6. Paid Staff

    I'm happy to hear it's just very coincidental timing, because it really looked and sounded like a duck for a second.
  7. Hey Dusty-er, sorry we haven't yet. I will do my best to look over it today at work. If I happen to forget drop me a reminder PM.
  8. Paid Staff

    No, just no. You just got hit in a report, the suggestion that staff should be paid just smells like a bribe so we think of things differently. I'm perfectly fine giving back to this place and all of you out of the kindness of my heart.
  9. Community.

    I've finally had a good chance to sit down and read over this thread. It's taken a little bit, sorry about that. I'm going to take this opportunity to chime in on a few things I've read here and vent my own frustrations. Think of it as another one of my awesome "open letters" I post on my status updates, but this time it's on a thread instead. Speaking of those letters, things like that, and as others mentioned already with maybe sharing a new song, or "hey I'm streaming, come watch" or a pic of an adorable baby in a panda costume... that's the shit status updates are beautiful for. Anyways, lemme start the chimes. I'm going to start with my own activity. I've realized recently that this place is taking up too much of my time. So much that the thought of prepping a replacement has come up a few times. My footie season started back up, work I've been slacking on at the job that helps pay my mortgage and shit I need to do around my house have suffered and I'm catching up on them. There was a death in the family, I fucked up my back again popping ribs out of place for the 3rd time.. But hey, enough about me, I don't need to take time for myself. How are you? I've not seen or felt any divide in the current staff team. We actually feel like we work well together, share laughs, and generally all seem to be good shits. I'm not sure where it seemed to come from in regards to issues within the staff team. Have we had a few changes in staff? Sure fucking have. Some have left on their own accord, because of valid life reasons, others cause they got the boot or were about to get the boot, some because of who the fuck knows. The staff you have right now though, run this place for you because they care about this place and will continue to do so. Could we use more supports? Sure we could. Will we get to them? Yeah eventually I think. Right now we have some good hard working Support members in staff, as well as the rest of the staff team helping when they can too. On top of that, we have some awesome helpful community members that like to help people when they have questions. Should we rely on that? Well, no I guess, I mean we have support members for a reason. But, guess what? People like to help other people. People enjoy it, because those same people remember (or they probably do) what it was like when they needed help and someone took 5, 10, 30 minutes to help them out. We help because we give a shit. Do we need LMs? Yes, yes we do. We need to sort that out. Status updates shouldn't go anywhere, they are fucking fantastic, like when others have already mentioned, are used properly. Maybe what we need to do is start pulling the privilege of having the ability to write status updates away from more people. I hate doing it, but I dunno, I like to give people the chance to police themselves. The community is still fun and enjoyable though, to many of us. Rather than us look outwards though and point the blame at this is wrong and staff is assholes and Rolle needs new admins, and argh I'm so angry, we need to focus on the one thing we have control over: Our own shit. Yes, just like the stale RP in the community, the only thing we have control over is what we put out there. Put out something good, and hopefully you get something good in return. I remember when I joined here (let's face it, I helped make 2015 awesome) the members of the community were vastly different in attitude. The personal attacks were less frequent, people were much more welcoming. Crap like this were someone was in the community for less than a month would happen a lot less frequently. Who knows, maybe I was just a naive little whitename and didn't see it, maybe I still am for hopes that people can change and want to put the time and work into helping make this place as awesome as we all want it to be. Love always and sometimes forever, Oliv
  10. Ban Appeal - W-Schlesner

    Hello, Are you sure those dates are correct and that there was nothing more? Those dates seem to not line up with the date of your blacklist and appeal denial. I would hope it wouldn't have taken us two years to catch your alt account.
  11. I'm done.

    Thanks for all the hard work sugartits, I'm gonna miss you, our chats, and working with you. You were the most OK-iest LM I've worked with in a while.
  12. alt account ban

    Alright, we have enough information here to solve this. We know you and Luke were both contacted in regards to sharing an IP at one point. You were messaged about it, and as we always do when we don't get a timely response, we blacklisted you both. At separate later dates, you and Luke both tried to contact us to try and resolve this issue and it appears you both never followed through on your own ends. You then created an alt forum account, something which is against our rules. A member is only allowed to have one forum account. You admittedly did this to try and get around the blacklist. On top of that, your steam account linked to this account, CaptJohan, has a VAC ban on it that would further result in a blacklist and wouldn't be able to be appealed until the VAC ban was over 365 days old. This is all resulting in your blacklist not being removed, your CaptJohan account being banned, your mememeijster account being banned, and the steam account you own of the same name being blacklisted as well. We appreciate your honesty in the end, but we can't overlook your attempts to pull the wool over our eyes. Outcome: Banned and blacklisted @Oliv and @Aiko
  13. Passphrase

    I promise you both, it's there. Make sure you are logged in before looking for it, it won't appear otherwise. Take your time, don't rush, step away from it and come back later. These are all great bits of advice to help you find it. As for it moving when you refresh the page, it is designed that way intentionally.