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    Your picture looks okey

    1. Jamie


      @Sleepyhead built this man up. 

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      6dad is the man

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  2. Oliv

    Whitelist attempt - Travis Fields

    Hello MellowHype, We have reviewed your 5 application attempts and have decided to give you an additional whitelist attempt. This will be your 6th and final possible whitelist attempt, so please take your time with it. If you need any assistance with questions or with your backstory before you submit it, please feel free to contact one of our staff members via the DayZRP TeamSpeak Waiting for Staff Help channel. Outcome: Appeal Accetped; Additional attempt granted.
  3. Oliv

    Flame baiting appeal

    OK, I'm going to ask a really really stupid question here but it needs to be asked: Is there some reason why you would not have just responded to the radio chatter and kept something that happened in character in character?
  4. Oliv


    Now with more Pit Cam! Some gaming and smoking some ribs on a gorgeous Sunday!



  5. Oliv


    what's this?...


    1. Hardwired


      A big black barrel of Delicacies I hope

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  6. Oliv


    For those that were watching the stream earlier, thanks for coming and hanging out. Got to chat with some people I haven't for a while. 


    Here's links to those programs I was talking about on stream as well that I use as a stream deck.

    My currently used one: https://www.macrodeck.org

    My previously used one that will also work on iOS if you just use the IP: http://keysndr.win

    If you need a hand, hit me up, I'll walk you through some cool shit you can do.

  7. Oliv


    This is kinda a test stream to see if my frame loss issues are sorted, but the search for new fancy pants continues!


  8. Oliv

    The Game

    I hope someone packs you into a box
  9. Hardwired

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  10. Oliv


    Shout out to the 6dad

  11. Oliv

    hostile role play question

    It ain't easy being green, or at least when their green... If someone is marked as green, rule 6.1 and 6.2 apply for them. As the others have already said, you would need valid reasoning for the initiation, but yes, you can initiate. Being green does not mean that the RP can not go in a hostile direction though, give them a hell of a tongue lashing, verbally abuse them, or whatever it is that you do right now.
  12. Oliv

    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    Please, you read way too much into my "displeasure". As the great admins before me have said, just because I don't like it doesn't mean I'm not going to enforce it. Ease back a bit.
  13. Oliv

    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    yeah, like I told Rolle when he wanted to bring in his version of the dynamic rules (our current one) I was down for a trial. I'm just not a fan of this one. This is vastly different than when we had faction/settlement rules, or with shared kill rights only belonging to people in the same official CP. This just seems like too much of a two tier rule set, and I don't think that's something we should have. I have ideas though that I won't make public because I don't want to skew anything
  14. Oliv

    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    I'll admit, I've not read through this entire thread. It's been a shit day, and I don't have the motivation to right now. Like with the dynamic rights, I'm willing to give this idea a try, but I honestly dislike it. I just dislike there being different rules for different people for something like this.
  15. Oliv

    hostile role play question

    I can't play stupid, it doesn't look good on me. I never expect to be agreed with all the time, I actually like how we can all express our views, whether different or not, and have an intelligent conversation. I was merely pointing out that you response I was replying to seemed very negative/pessimistic. I have to hope that the majority of people would not be that petty over 1's and 0's. Perhaps you're right and people are in fact that petty, I don't know. Either way, I value your opinion, don't back down from arguing it.