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  1. When you feel like you're surrounded by one way streets and and doing nothing but going in circles, do you hope that the next left you make is anything but a dead end? Or does a dead end provide something, something more than just one ways with no exit?


    Just my ramblings

    1. Roach


      Dead Ends have closure, it makes you stop and sometimes it's nice to stop to get your bearings and figure out where to go next.

      I dunno, I might be too high for this question. May return to it later, if I remember xD 

    2. Oliv


      Too high or not high enough?

    3. Roach


      I... I am not sure anymore


    4. Sxcomba


      If it is 0 degrees today, and it is supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold is it?

    5. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      My friend went the wrong way down a one way street the first week he got his license. Does this apply to him?

    6. Oliv


      none of this has anything to do with actual street btw. Like I said, rambles.

    7. Suturb The Liquidator