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  1. Oliv


    So some people know, some people don't. For those that don't I'm going to take up a few minutes of your time to fill you in.

    In October I lost my mother to a long battle with a brain tumor. She'd been fighting it on and off for a few years by that time, about 5 years. After multiple surgeries and treatments, remissions and all that, there wasn't much else they could do. So when I've said in the past that DayZRP and being staff here has helped me with distractions in my life, you now have a better understanding of with what.

    Now, on to the main  point of this post.

    Throughout the month of April, I'm going to donate anything I get from streaming to a cancer charity for a hospital that my mom benefited from.

    Similar to Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip, my mother too sought treatment from the doctors at Toronto's Sunybrook Hospital for her brain tumor. All the donations I collect will go here, and donated to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. Feel free to donate directly if you'd like as well.

    There are other reasons why I chose to do this in April. For one, my moms birthday is in April, and I thought that was fitting. Also, in Canada, April is daffodil month, where daffodils are sold by the Canadian Cancer Society and the proceeds of those sales are donated to help with life saving research.

    Honestly, I'm not expecting anyone to donate, and that is perfectly fine as well. I'm not doing this make anyone feel the HAVE to donate. I myself will be making a donation anyways, but it's just one way I felt maybe I could lend a hand and help draw a bit more attention to something important in my life and I'm sure many others.


    Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time for now, but stand by, I'll have more information up soon and throughout the month!

    1. Castiel



    2. Oliv


      Also, I meant to put it in before and completely forgot until some one asked... Donating to the Gr Downie Fund directly is only through credit card, but by all means you can do it through paypal to me on my stream and I'll send it to them at the end of the month on my Visa.

    3. Hellspawn

      I'm real sorry to hear what you're going through. I lost my Mother to a brain tumour five years ago.

    4. JimRP



    5. Oliv


      @Hellspawnceri Yeah, it's not easy, but in the end, suffering for that long I take some happiness in knowing she's not suffering anymore. Never gets easier, but I'm sure you know more than others it's better in the end.


      And Jesus fucking christ @JimRP, you sir are a gentleman. Thank you, sir. I don't know what else to say, other than thank you.

    6. Brady


      Im really sorry to hear that Oliv. I wasnt in touch with my grandmother very often as she lives in Ireland, but she died 4 years ago from cancer. Everytime I went to see her she just seemed weaker and weaker, it was so sad that I just couldnt go back anymore. I will be on stream to donate.