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  1. Teamspeak and Discord

    We actually had one for a while, but no one used it and it was difficult for staff to keep an eye on both TS and Discord.
  2. Oliv

    I'm going live with a little tutorial on setting up an Android device to do hotkeys, sort of a DIY Elgato stream deck. Come tune in and hang out, ask questions, we'll work through it all together.


  3. Blacklist Ban Appeal

    Fr3sh, We have reviewed your appeal here and have come to a conclusion. We have taken several things into account while making this decision. You copied a backstory, changing minor details to try and pass it off as your own. You proceeded to lie to us in your appeal, as if we were the ones at fault You did this on your 4th whitelist attempt, getting several questions wrong on your previous whitelist attempts Your actions led to the blacklisting of your friend that tried to provide you with assistance and example for your whitelist, in which they too had to appeal We use the character story portion of the application to see how you can create a character that follows our lore and to check several other things, English skills as an example. When you copy someone else's story, we loose the ability to do so. We simply are not comfortable nor do we see the need to accept your appeal. Outcome: Appeal Denied; account will remain blacklisted and banned.
  4. Black List

    Sm1ley, I want to apologize for how long this took. Two of the admins, myself being one of them, were adamant we had seen you before and that it was not good. After extensive digging, I believe we found the person we were thinking of and have concluded you do not appear to have any tie to them. It was a lengthy process, but necessary. Your blacklist has been removed, and you will now be able to apply for the whitelist. We appreciate your patience very much. Outcome: Appeal Accepted; Blacklist removed.
  5. Oliv

    Sorted out some issues this morning and I'm gonna go live for a lil DayZ. We'll see if we run into anyone or not, or if we'll just keep smashing infected with a cooking pot. Either way, it's gonna be fun!


  6. Malcolm Walker

    Hustling. For years he hustled, harder than you might think. It was hard work but Malcolm was starting to catch a couple breaks. Working the mic, the crowd, it was hard work, but after 6 years of working his ass off Malcolm was finally starting to make progress. Sweat catches notice, one can hope. Mac is a comedian. Stand up and writer mostly. Malcolm was always considered to be a funny guy by his friends, and an asshole fuck head of a clown by at least more than one other person. Mac was not big by any means, but he was starting to get a lil notice and the notice was coming in faster and faster. He started with an open mic night, that was done on a dare and fueled by copious amount of liquor on his birthday at a local club. He didn’t bomb completely in those 5 minutes up on stage, but the joker caught the bug. Comedians will tell you, there is something addicting about being the reason, the god damned source, for someone’s laughter and smiles. It’s like a drug, and gives a hell of a high. It was a high Mac would crave over and over again. It led to a few more open mic nights at the local clubs, the odd paid gig here and there too. But lets face it, when you’re a nobody still you’re lucky if the money you make covers gas and hotel, or helps towards rent. Or you know, if you’re like Mac you can just take advantage of the fact that most the clubs and some of the people who watch your show will feed you drinks all night once your time on stage is done. A friend of his would help lead to Mac getting a bit more notice though. One night, Mac had the opportunity to do his first 45 minute set at a club on the Canadian side of Niagara falls. He’d performed here a few times, but this was his longest set, and with mostly new material too. His friend filmed everything on an iphone while Malcolm wore a bluetooth mic so the audio was crisp. The set killed the audience, the video started to make big moves on YouTube. He hit over 500,000 views, the most he’d ever got. But it wasn’t just the views that were happening, it was who was viewing it. The video led to a bit of recognition from a couple of bigger people in the industry. Mac got hit up by Funny or Die to do a couple things there, got invited to play a few shows out in Montreal and Toronto that were associated with the people that put on the Just for Laughs festivals in both cities. The Just for Laughs shows led to a few more bookings. Mac ended up opening for another comedian at the Friday night party of the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi at the end of April. That show led to some schmoozing and Malcolm was hit up for a few more shows. He did a few more weeks in Sochi and was also booked for a private party in Severograd in near by Chernarus, Some rich guys company’s private fundraiser. Being an Asian American in this shit hole though, hasn't been easy. People's true colors come out when they think it's their life or yours. And those true colors tend to not like yellow, or red, white, and blue. They say that comedians are usually very broken on the inside, that the ones that make us laugh and smile often hard the darkest shit. You just have to hope shit can't get any darker, but Mac knows it can.
  7. Unjustified Warning Points. @Method

    VodkaWolf, We have reviewed your appeal and the information provided here. We understand you might find the warning points issued as unjust or unfair, but that does not mean that the warning points received are incorrect. It is clear, as described in the warning message, that doing so is against the rules. There are many ways you can avoid this in the future, such as simply quoting the people and mentioning it in a way that does not replicate a staff warning, or simply report the posts and staff can step in and handle it. Outcome: Appeal Denied; Warning points hold
  8. Blacklist Ban Appeal

    Randy, We have no reason to not believe what you are telling us. We hope that you realize that there are consequences for things like this, when someone copies or provides someone with outside help for their whitelist. We do not believe you had any malicious intent when you were trying to assist a friend, but in the future you are better off directing them to contact staff for assistance to avoid things like this. Outcome: Appeal Accepted; whitelist reinstated.
  9. Unjustified Warning Points. @Method

    I'm confused, can you please further explain why the warning points you received are unjust? Were you or were you not trying to replicate a staff warning?
  10. Oliv

    Wasn't planning on starting this late, but gonna go live with a stream real soon, lil PUBG probably. Myself, @Stagsview and who ever else wants to join our misery.


  11. Blacklist Ban Appeal

    Let's not start this journey off together with lies. There is an over 50% match between your story and a friend of yours story. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
  12. Staff Feedback: Oliv

    Hello, This is a place for all feedback regarding your second favourite Admin, Oliv. Things to know about your second favourite Admin... All feedback is appreciated, no matter how big or how small. Make sure your feedback follows the feedback thread rules and the template below. Rules: Template: If you have something you wish to bring up but do not feel like doing it publicly, please feel free to PM me. If it's nudes you're after, definitely PM me. I remind you all again, when posting feedback Posts that do not adhere to the staff feedback rules WILL result in 5 warning points per post. If your post will not fit the rules, PM me.
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    I find you 50% more attractive now

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      hey, it only puts you at like 25%, I don't know if that's enough for first base

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      @Oliv you're a dog you'll go after anything with a pulse and femininity, don't deny it

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    I heard you like Anime


  13. Oliv

    Happy Valentines day people


    1. Josei


      Happy Valentines!


    2. Sleepyhead


      Happy Valentine's day, Oliv! Sorry I couldn't make it earlier. :c Maybe next time.

    3. Oliv


      All good Sleepyhead, there will be another time :) 

  14. Disallow stealth radio usage: Rule 11.5

    The in game radio is a 2-way radio and it is not capable of sending and receiving signals at the same time. No work around needed, it'd be considered metagaming if you did this and both sent and received in game info. I do not think the rule needs editing. The initiating party needs risk involved, we should not be removing too much of that risk.
  15. Oliv

    Short stream of a lil PUBG with Jamie and possibly Sleepyhead!


  16. Black List

    Sm1ley, I want to apologize for how long this is taking. We are aware of how long it's been, but we are digging through our archive trying to determine a few things first. If you recall what your previous forum name was when you tried to sign up before, it would likely assist us. Until then, we will do our best to keep looking for the information ourselves.
  17. Oliv

    Weekly footy game soon. My fat ass is gonna be so outta breath

  18. Community Opinions and the Sort

    I can't tell if I'm supposed to take you seriously or not. My hours in game are not a measure of my dedication to this place. My hours of sleep lost, my wife yelling at me that I spend too much time here, my sweat I put into this place should be. I love @Jamie, he should know that. I'm not discussing appeals that have already been handled. You aren't happy with my work, talk to @Rolle about it. Lastly, the reason I'm not sure if I should take you seriously or not, is the fact that SMART goals have already been cleared up. We've made an announcement about it. Anymore shit you wanna say about me or we good?
  19. Oliv

    Lil old northern flavour


    I remember when this guy Rochester won a radio contest for MCs ages ago. Man, that was some cool shit.

  20. Oliv

    Going live for a lil DayZ RolePlay, gearing up the comedian after he had an unfortunate run in with a bunch of firefighter infected. I tried to throw money at them, but these fellas were not strippers in disguise.


  21. BeanZ WAR

  22. BeanZ WAR