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  1. gord_canadianflag.jpg

    Done and done, night accomplished, if I had a wish, I’d wish for more of this


    Rest in peace Gord

  2. Now I gotta read shit? .... I guess it's ok
  3. Why I Was Black listed

    Winter, We've taken some time to review this appeal. What we have come to for a decision is to not accept your appeal. You were blacklisted in July due to your steam account being suspicious. Your blacklist was clear, In August, you posted a question and asked for clarification on what this blacklist meant and you were given several answers and assistance as to what to do and how to proceed. On Saturday you created a new account, Andrew Lockheart, and asked how to desync your steam account from one forum account and link it to another. You already knew how to proceed and what you should have done, instead what you have tried to do is circumvent your blacklist. These are the reasons why we are denying your appeal. Both your accounts will also be banned. We wish you luck elsewhere. Outcome: Appeal Denied.
  4. Why I Was Black listed

    And what were you trying to achieve with this other account?
  5. An interview with Rolle

    When it comes down to something like that @Rory and @Beni I'm leaving Rolle to correct that if he feels it should be. For all I know, it's worded the way he wants it. But I'm sure he appreciates the period read either way
  6. An interview with Rolle

    Nice little interview, well done. Thanks for posting it here
  7. Lil PUBG with @Para and @Lyca


    1. Para


      We need a 4th, that @Para guy's pretty heavy to carry.

    2. Shane


      someone say 4th

    3. Samaritan
    4. Method


      damn it why do I have to do this work thing.

  8. Why I Was Black listed

    Well, you were denied and blacklisted as suspicious in July, so since so much can change in the last 3 months pin pointing the exact reason why you were blacklisted might be a little difficult. There is a multitude of reasons as to why you might have been blacklisted. While we are at it though, do you know who this is? https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/30224-andrews-lockheart/
  9. When you happen across yourself being mentioned in something on reddit


    I messaged Oliv on twitter and he blocked me aswell.

    If you guys ever get permabanned 6 times, apparently my personal twitter is the next appeals section.

    1. Lyca


      *Hands over a cup of coffee* Here you go! <3

  10. Gonna go live for some PUBG soon


  11. [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    You guys are disappointing me
  12. The Forsaken

    We approved the group based on the quality of the thread. We reviewed activity and noticed about half of the squad had been in game, it just turns out none of them had actually been active with the group. We will archive the group now.
  13. Minor rule changes - 2017-10-12

    I can understand that. I'll use the example you gave here briefly. How many attackers? What's their position in accordance to you? Do they have weapons out? What kind of weapons? Are there like 6 people all intently focused on you? Is one person watching you, doing a poor job of it, and everyone else is occupied with something else? That's 6 questions I just asked that could change the outcome very drastically. That's just a bit of the things we look at when it comes to something like this.