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  1. Oliv


    Time to fire up some DayZ...


    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I'm back properly after 8 months. 😄

  2. Oliv

    Avoidance of RP

    I'm opening this report back up to ask some very specific questions. @VictusRP Why did you edit out the partial list of your allies? Who else was involved from your side? You say this is a real report yet you're already trying to edit and hide things, so let's not play these games.
  3. Oliv



    I'm going to bed, night folks

    1. Sleepyhead


      goodnight oliv!

    2. Lyca


      good night oliv <3

    3. Ender


      Nighty O'live

    4. Lucky1911


      Bye dad

    5. Banshee


      Make sure to do it on the server, or it won't happen!

  4. Oliv

    Heyo im new!

    Hey Scurvy, welcome!
  5. Oliv


    New mic, who dis?

    Playing a little Fear the Wolves on a Friday!


  6. Oliv


    ok, ok, so maybe it was over a day to get this done... Should be able to see it now, bottom of the list.
  7. Oliv

    • Oliv
    • Roland


    Happy birthday bud 🙂 

  8. Oliv


    Temporary channels are done and working, just finished them up today. Fuck me that took a lot to find the right plugin that did what I wanted it to do. The temp rooms are super easy, but instead of it being a password protected room, it's a locked room where you have to type some text commands to either unlock the room or add people to the already locked room. It's super easy and I've put up a list of commands pinned in the Temp-Channel-info channel at the bottom of discord. You simply join the Join to Create a Channel channel and it makes you a locked room, moves you into it, and makes you a text room as well where you can type to people or execute your commands. After 15 seconds of the room being empty, it deletes it automatically. Commands are listed here: If I can do that in fucking around for less than a day, I have no doubt Rolle can figure out everything else we need.
  9. Oliv


    I find that's more of an issue if you use the voice activation rather than PTT. Hopefully it's not like the rest of the internet and hates Australia.
  10. Oliv

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    I can't take the credit for it, I remember it being something @Roland discussed once long ago. Would be cool to see, and the land being as rundown as it is supports it. Now once we can control the loot and limit the amount of automatic weapons people are running around with so not everyone and their mother is rocking a kolishnakov we could make this happen.
  11. Oliv

    A Formal Apology

    Apology accepted?
  12. Oliv

    The Game

    You need a fucking hobby
  13. Oliv


    Going to put that new headset through it's paces


  14. Oliv

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    Wasn't my call to get rid of them. I already said I enjoyed having them around because it made some of my work easier. What are you on about? Lore outside of what is on the information > lore page was really just for fun. Yes, many lore updates were posted that helped people with creating characters, understanding the infection, etc, but what actual powergamming crap are you on about? I would address all lore questions you might have to the admins, like we used to do before.
  15. Oliv

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    You guys are making this into something that seems to affect you more than it actually does. That being said, the assistance the LMs gave with group feedback will be missed because it means more work for me and the rest of the admins. I enjoyed the time they freed up for me while still providing quality feedback.