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  1. As your VAC ban is over 365 days old or system has not automatically flagged it, so you should be fine. If it does ever get flagged, do as the others have already suggested and create a ban appeal.
  2. Welcome Marko
  3. We've already had a group named The Minutemen before. Do you have permission to use the group name from the previous group owner?
  4. I was asked by @Stradic in a PM to give him some thoughts on what I feel about this. The more I typed, the more I thought I should post them here as well. We've always been of the mindset that we will never force anyone to perma their characters. And although that is not what you are asking about, it is part of the issue. The issue with this is simple. Our rules, or lack there of, are the problem in a sense. Our rules do not control anything in this situation. We leave it up to people to actually RP it out properly. People should be RPing their injuries on their own, which should be a step in the right direction in regards to this kind of shit. We shouldn't have to make a rule to prevent this kind of crap, it's an RP server, the roleplay itself should take this into account and stop it from being as big a problem as it is. Even if we did have something in regards to people having to perma their characters, people would just sidestep the rule and create a new character and remain in the same group. You'd see a flood of peoples brothers coming to Chernarus so they would share traits, possibly even know everything their brother knew because of some magical sibling connection or a radio message or a journal, etc. There wouldn't really be an end to it unless we kept layering rule upon rule upon rule, and no one wants that shit. I've seen one suggestion brought up that might actually work for this, and that was the suggestion of a declaration of war, similar to what was on the LiF server. I don't know how to make that work yet though, but it's the best thing I've been able to wrap my head around that could help in this situation that doesn't result in a bunch of OOC rules having to make up for the fact that we have people that simply don't want to RP out that they have taken a fucking L in a factitious make believe land.
  5. So I figured out why my back has been hurting the past few days. I threw a rib out of place... again...

    Thank God for chiropractor neighbors.

    1. Spartan
    2. Hebee


      from all that "plumbing" no doubt 

    3. Oliv


      I think that did it in, but was hurting for days before that. At least I can take a deep breath without a sharp pain anymore :D

  6. Your new avatar is legit scary as fuck.

    1. Oliv


      Nothing scary about stroking a thick shaft

  7. This week we have decided to interview @Zilly1337! The interview with a community member is designed to bring us closer together as community members through knowledge and openness. ~ Tell us something unique about yourself - ~ Which section in the forums are you most interested in and why? - ~ How did you find out about DayZRP? - ~ Have you made any friends during your time in this community? - ~ What do you feel is missing from our community? - ~ What are some of your most memorable DayZRP experiences, both IC and OOC? - ~ Do you have a video of your favourite roleplay moment you would like to share with us? - ~ Do you have a video of your favourite funny moment in game you would like to share with us? - ~ If you could meet one roleplay character you have met in game in real life, who would it be and why? - ~ In your opinion, what are the best and worst parts of our community? - ~ Is there anything you regret IC or OOC that has happened since you have joined DayZRP (if yes, what and why?) - ~ What advice would you give to new members joining our community? - ~ What do you think we, as community members, can do to make the community a better place? - ~ If you had to choose someone else’s character to be in game, who would it be and why? - ~ Who or what would you say was the biggest influence on your role-play? - ~ Do you think any questions could be added to the interview formula and, if so, what and why? - ~ If you could choose one person to KOS and bullshit the logs to make it look like someone else did it, who would you KOS? Who would you blame it on? - Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you Zilly! Keep an eye on the inbox for a PM, maybe we'll be learning more about YOU next week!
  8. Today I get to go roleplay as a plumber


    I don't expect it to be anything like this.

    Probably not even like this...


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Oliv


      yeah, nothign crazy, I just have to go install a dishwasher

      and I would look fucking HOT in that dress

    3. Lucius


      this status earns my beanz

    4. Oliv


      plumbing lead to electrical, but now a dishwasher and washer/dryer are installed. Think I fucked my shoulder though....

    • Oliv
    • Bunny



    1. Bunny


      Omg I dont know if I am ready for this kind of attention!

  9. Wanted to get on RP tonight, but only have about an hour and that just is not enough time to dedicate to a good RP session. Still, come watch me blow off some steam in battlegrounds or come join in if you'd like.


  10. I am digging that profile pic Oliv, although I always thought you were a little more, uh handsome with that ban hammer? :D 

    1. Western

      we need to hide

    2. Oliv


      The hammer gets it's power from the blood. Sometimes, you just need to feed the beast.

  11. I meant the lore itself, being the fake story. Wasn't sure if that was confused for anything else since I wasn't clear.