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  1. Oliv


    I got some time, getting in some RP. Come hang out with your favourite Uncle Dad who spell favourite with a U like it's supposed to be.


    1. Brayces


      All hail Uncle Dad!

  2. Cid

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    • Oliv

    There can only be one Uncle Dad... and that's me.  I'm watching you.

    @NishiUrban come home pls. ;_;

  3. Sleepyhead

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    • Oliv

    We miss you lots Uncle Dad ;o;

  4. Ark

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    We miss you more than that weeb witch @Aiko

    1. Aiko


      Jog On

  5. Brayces

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    We miss you Uncle Dad. 

  6. Ark

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    Uncle dad!

  7. Oliv

    Time to comply

    I'm still not wrong, you touched on part of it with your post right after. "Apocalypse" or not there are still rules to follow. If it were a real apocalypse who knows, maybe I'd be right there beside you raping and pillaging like a Hun. But alas, it's a game, and there are rules to play by. There's way more to what I said.
  8. Oliv

    Time to comply

    The biggest mistake people make in giving people time to comply, especially when reviewing footage, is in the delivery of the demands themselves.Here's a pretty basic initiation that'll do for this. "Put your hands up right now! If you turn around I swear to God I'll fucking kill you!" An initiation like that will take about 2 seconds to get out fully, maybe longer with the VOIP delay. The time to comply does not start at the beginning when you drop the first word, that's fucking impossible to know exactly what someone's demand is going to be at that point, you have to start it decently past the last word. I don't have a ton of time to write something up here as I'm about to head off to work, but there are ways you can help ensure you don't get shot when complying. I usually like to respond in VOIP right away, letting the initiator know I've at least heard what they've said, but that's me and I find it helps a lot. Now, the onus has never been on the person being initiated on to let them know the initiation was heard. WTF are you going to do when you initiate on a panicked text RPer who could take up to 10 seconds to write back something to you? You're the initiator, the onus is on you to ensure you've given enough time. Putting a number on what "enough time" actually is, that doesn't matter because it varies on the situation, but you need to make sure you have the right to shoot someone based on ALL the rules, including if it's something you even should do, because dead players can't help further the roleplay. Try not to ignore what I've written here and go back to arguing this whole 10 second thing, because it's a useless argument. I'm right, happy Friday.
  9. Oliv


    Chernarus IS an island. The island from Lost to be more specific.




    1. Sleepyhead


      lmao oh no

    2. Spartan


      shit he found out. Time to send in the assassins squirrels

    3. Brayces


      They ... they don't despawn yet OKAY

    4. Bobandy


      I think you might be on to something


  10. Oliv

    The Game

    Enough tricks, more treats Terra
  11. NotMartha

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    • Oliv

    ur mom gay (hi)

    1. Oliv



  12. Oliv


    Getting some SOMA in before dinner time



  13. Oliv


    I don't know where I've been but I just discovered this cover and I'm in love with it


  14. Oliv

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Sounds about right
  15. Oliv

    Amnesty Grace

    You don't negotiate a contract after both parties have already signed it. There's a large portion of the community that doesn't want to see any of them come back, you fucked up enough already before to have been gone, why should you come back sort of deal. Now I personally don't give a shit, this isn't my sand box and I'm apathetic to it all cause I really don't have the time to waste worrying about people I haven't talked to in that amount of time, but maybe those should just be happy enough they are back at all? And maybe write up an apology to those people you talked shit about on the way out? My inbox is open for apologies 24/7.