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  1. Oliv

  2. Oliv

    Love me like your momma doesn't hate me

  3. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    What don't you recall? You can't remember anything? I'm not going to spell your POV out for you, but there has to be something you can either confirm or deny from the situation. I appreciate that. We will update the logs as soon as we can so we can try and verify this.
  4. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    Alright, calling in @VictusRP and @Mr.Panda. Please provide us with a POV, in as much detail as possible, please enlighten us on the situation where you were all informed on the death by zombie that occurred. Please let us know who told you and when it might have occurred.
  5. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    Around what time did this happen at? Who else was there from your allies that these civilians told this information to? Please list them.
    • JoffreyRP
    • Oliv

    Do you walk up to, and pulse check, and or ask everyones name who talks to you in a hotspot? :P Not sure that is a thing.

    1. Oliv


      I'm not the one handing out licenses, I'm sure they already have the names. 

    2. JoffreyRP


      Sure, I think they have a list, but like.. 1 person in the group maybe 2 ever has looked at it, yanno? It's not like every member has a list of every person on that list memorized.. or even close to it. The list is an RP tool, not a database for keeping track of everyone in a hotspot 24/7.

    3. Oliv


      I still gotta ask the questions. 

    4. JoffreyRP



    5. Oliv


      Thank god, I wasn't sure I actually was rite, but now I know. Phew. 😁

    6. JoffreyRP


      Yikes.. rude

  6. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    I'd like to know this one too. This is staff asking you a question.
  7. combatlogger ?! - dayz sa

    Seems like some rough luck
    • Oliv

    Image result for bring it back gif

    1. Oliv



  8. Ciao

    Best of luck Hebi, with both the exams and what ever Arma thing you be working on. Take care of yourself man
  9. [PRO TIP] - Tabbing Out of Game

    Someone had brought this issue up once before here, but in this current patch this is important information.
  10. Oliv

    Gonna jump in to some sweet sweet DayZ RP

    Come watch the shenanigans over at twitch.tv/olivgaming1985

    • Elmo
    • Oliv

    I had the most disturbing realisation today that you remind me of Alan from two and a half men

    1. Oliv


      is it cause I live in @Rolle's basement sleeping on a pullout couch?

    2. Elmo


      No its the rage evident beneath a veneer of calm neuroticism 

    3. Pussy


      That... IS disturbing. Disturbingly accurate.

    4. Oliv


      Enjoy this random gif


  11. Dog names

    Will "Sparky Noballs" fit on a dog tag?
  12. Add subforum under DayZ Groups

    Is there an issue with making a google doc, sending it to a few trusted people you appreciate feedback from, perhaps an LM and other staff members?