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  1. 100,000th user on DayZRP

    The trolling is real, nah I'll try my best not to get banned lol. And I didn't get the instant whitelist... I failed it... :c and thanks for the welcums guys
  2. Hello friends!

    My bad forgot my steam link isn't anywhere on this site lol, http://steamcommunity.com/id/acideagle
  3. Hello friends!

    Hey guys! I just registered for this site because it looks pretty awesome and I f***ing love to role play and I hope i can make a load of friends and have fun on the site, I also got lucky enough to get the 100,000th person to register so that's epic as hell. I would love if you guys add me on steam and stuff and strike up a conversation if you'd like. Cheers m80's.