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  1. Server and location: S2, Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident: 13:20, 2/22/16 Your in game name: James Hitchcock Name of allies involved: N/A Name of suspects: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved: N/A Additional evidence: N/A Detailed description of events: I was walking down the road south bound from Sosnovka towards Zelenogorsk. I saw a police car at the gas station and went towards it to see if I could find a glock, close to 30m away I saw another player beat me to the police car who was walking north bound. I confronted the player and for the first few moments he was unaware of where I was. After speaking to each other about my vehicle we were standing in front of the gas station concession structure. He looked away and pulled out a mp5 with a 15 round magazine, it was at this moment that I knew I was gonna be held up. he turned around and tolled me to "get the fuck inside the gas station right now". I followed his orders and walked into the gas station concession stand. He told me to "sit down and don't say a word" I sat down(f3) and didn't speak. He followed up with restraining me with handcuffs and began going through my belongings. Moments later well he was going through my bag, a hand grenade appeared in his hands(probably the one from my bag), he pulled the pin and crouched walked closer to me where we both exploded.
  2. I'm currently 16 because when I made my twitch account I was 15 and due to my birth date being the 22nd of july I'm 16 now. And the only way I can submit to the proper appeal for the under age blacklist is using a very old school gocard because I haven't purchased a new go card since grade 8, 3 years ago. Thats right. So I'm going to follow the instructions and do what is necessary but my latest photo I.D is once again 3 years old.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-GM-Bad-Robbery-Killing-of-Compliant-Hostage Why the verdict is not fair:[/b][/color] I was not on the forum for a day or two Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So because this appeal is about me not making a PoV in time i am going to assume this is where I'm suppose to put it so here it goes. Me and 2 other guys (Viktor Williams, Ryan Hall) decided to go retrieve a man at green mountain for killing his brother or something like that( this did happen like 5 days ago so please expect my memory to have faded) and we went in there to go retrieve him and the people at GM made the other 2 guys leave but they didn't know I was involved with them so they let me stay. And I waited helped the other 2 guys get withing the fence(not the wall) and they went and set up at cracks in the wall and I told the people to get on the ground and those who ran and got tagged and so we made everybody go drop their bags in the cubby hole in the side of the jail and I took there weapons and dropped them in the bedroom of the jail and placed there ammunition separate from the weapons. And we eventually herded them into the guard station where we did stuff and I took the food that belonged to them and placed it in there with them for their survival and eventually we got shot at and we left with the main target, So yeah thats what my faded memory tells me of what happened. And later I'm going to link a video of the entire event but I still need to compress it and upload. And for alot of before hand footage I will link my stream: http://www.twitch.tv/sirquit/v/10708553 Youtube video: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my temp ban removed What could you have done better?: though out what to do with the hostages well we were doing stuff to the main target.
  4. I was running around chernaurus and the silence was killing me so I joined a ts channel with a bunch of guys in it and they didn't have a problem with me being in there so I stayed. And so I was at the town east of green mountain and was making my way up there and the other guys in the channel were talking about robbing people and stuff and my ears were getting overwhelmed so I muted my ts and continued on my way up green mountain. Thats why I was in the ts. And I did know I was entering a combat area because well I was in the woods I encountered a man that told me not to go in there because theres people getting robbed or something like that. Anyways he got killed and when the shooting stopped for a minute I walked in there. And because I knew there was combat in there I took a left turn instead of just walking straight in. Anyways me and the men that killed me have spoken about the event and i have agreed to close the report.
  5. Server and Location: S1 GREEN MOUNTAIN Approximate time and date: 6:55 8/13/15 Day or night time: Day Your in game name: Shaheel faheer Name of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspects: N/A Suspects weapon: Ak varient Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved: N/A Additional evidence: N/A Detailed description of the event: I walked into green mountain and turned left after passing the concrete wall. And ran along the wall untill I almost made it to the barrack behind the tower where I saw a man crawling adn a man in the bottom of a fallen down pine tree. I said something like Hey, whats going on. And the man in the bottom of the pine tree hit me with a axe of some sort. Then the other man that was crawling towards the space between the barrack and the fallen tree turned around and unloaded into me, then I died.
  6. User was warned for this post. Dont post in ban appeals- Terra
  7. Scorpion_king

    Ask the admins

    Q1 Why was my application to be whitelsited accpeted within half an hour then 3 days later removed. And when I went into the whitelist part of the site it told me what i need to fix on my application. But why the hell was I accepted if something was wrong with the application? A /Rampage- it is possible that sometimes we make mistakes on whitelist applications and we go back and see the app was incorrect and correct it.
  8. Scorpion_king

    RP Masterclass - Learn And Improve Roleplay

    Awesome idea man, if I weren't experienced I would so join up
  9. Sadly this has happend many times to be as well
  10. The rifle that I personally prefer is the akm due to its relative availability and wide range of accessories but the rifle that I more then likely will use is dependent on my character.
  11. Thanks man, and once again, he encountered the wookies after eating some mushrooms he found under a log. What I am trying to get across is that he was tripping balls
  12. I hope this is just a joke. It is, When you continue reading I ate some shrooms that I found under a log