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  1. Do I need to change anything to log into the Dayzrp server since I'm on a new computer? P.S. It's been a while how is everyone?
  2. Quick update my first application did not get accepted Fear not in 16 hours as of writing this I shall try again!
  3. Thank you for the links, so far this is looking to be a great community and shall be plenty of fun.
  4. As someone who lives in Tennessee ... ouch. aaaannnnnndddddd now I feel bad sorry http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_rVU61QcT0og/TTbOS-JBmZI/AAAAAAAAANo/JWKuZbz9LrQ/s320/too-complicated-002.jpg[/img]
  5. Gurl are you from Tennessee because you're like a 6
  6. Roses are red, violets are blue I'm bad at poetry Get in the van
  7. >Heavily Geared >With Friend (we'll call Mario) >Mario was waving from second story window >Wave Back >Mario falls out of window >mfw I Got Goomba'd
  8. Thank you guys, and Davos I love your banner.
  9. I'm new here and hope to be white listed soon. Any questions you can find a way to reach me I'm sure. Play on friends