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  1. "Hello again friends, this is 98.6 Incognito Radio coming at you live from the lovely, dilapidated, Altar Radio Towers. Just West of the quaint and quiet Gorka. Before we get things rolling, I'd like to send a special, and very sincere, thank you out to the anonymous listener who radioed in with kind words and good vibes, after our previous broadcast. Incognito Radio is always happy to hear from our listeners; keep letting us know you're alive! Now, on to the news! Have you heard of 'Jamestown'? Don't bother checking your map, you won't find it there, at least not yet. It is a town you likely know, and it is on your map (though under a different name), in fact you've probably passed right on through during your many travels. Any guesses? It's Northwest of Stary Sobor, and Southeast of Vybor. Take a moment to think, check your map again, and look closely. Still don't see? Well try looking under the name Kabanino. That's right, Kabanino - to some - is Jamestown. This is the first we've heard of a town 'Coming back to life', and we figured it might be the first you've heard of it as well, so naturally we did our best to get the scoop. In 'Jamestown' you will find your chaotic freedoms restricted - for better or worse - by the laws set in place. The laws promote good trade, and safety, but at what cost? A weekly tax, of which there is no set price, meaning those collecting the tax decide how much you have to give, or not give, depending on there mood. If you refuse you might get off with a warning, and an expectation to pay double the next time you visit, or you might find yourself the next thing on the menu. (We'll explain)! As to who runs the town, our information is spotty, but what we know is this. They are in some distant way, connected to the Kingdom, at least as far as to say they have a sort of treaty with them. And - unlike the rest of Chernarus - are quite welcoming to Clowns; likely do to the fact that there are several Clowns high up in the group that runs the town. 'The Boss Lady', who to the best of our knowledge is second in charge of the group, is in fact herself a clown, best identified by her prosthetic arm. There is also a man - 'The Minister' - who goes by whatever name he chooses at the time, who is as well, a Clown. They seem peaceful, but controlling over 'there' town. The big man in charge, who we have had no contact with, nor could get any information on, is known as 'The Boss Man'. He is the top of... whatever group this is, that has claimed Kabanino and dubbed it 'Jamestown.' The only known name of the group - which may or may not be its official name - is 'Dark Carnival', the name likely having to do with there ties to the Clowns. So there you have it friends, that's the information as it has come to us. How do you feel about it? Should anyone hold rights to a town? Is this just another attempt to bring law and order to the chaotic world we live in, or something else? And what of the ties to the Clowns, is that discomforting, or has a bad name been given to a misunderstood group? We'd love to know what you think. Thanks for listening, once again, to 98.6 Incognito Radio! Stay safe travelers!
  2. "Greetings friends, and welcome to Incognito Radio, your number one source for news and stories! We're currently broadcasting to you from atop a little hill you all know and love, Green Mountain, Haha! Now all you bandits, murderers, cannibals and clowns that might be thinking about paying us a visit, don't waste your time; by the end of our broadcast we'll be long gone. So to you, and everyone else listening, just sit on down, grab yourself a pipsi, and have a listen! Today for you I have a tragic and yet - possibly eye opening - story to tell, detailing the recent happenings of a most unfortunate event. So, without any further ado, or gilding of the lily, I give you, the story of the Kabanino Suicide. Right from the start, as I first entered Kabanino, I could tell the day was off. It could have been the echo of gunfire in the distance - a sound I always find unsettling - but I think it might have been something more, something I couldn't hear or see, but rather feel. Whatever the case though, the point was, I knew something bad would surly happen that day in Kabanino. I walked slowly through the town, staying close to the edge of the road. I stopped at a well, filled a bottle, and to my surprise met a fellow traveler, quite a nice fellow, sane of mind and happy - at least as far as I could tell. We talked only for a moment - while I collected water - and then parted ways. It was, for the most part, a quite normal and uneventful meeting; I had no curios thoughts, as there was nothing to insight such, and all in all I thought little about the man... Until later, that is. I had left Kabanino, and the man I'd met, behind me on the road and entered Stary Sobor in search of writing supplies - I often find myself running out of paper and pens at the worst of times and try to keep a good stock of them - when a man came running up to me. He was out of breath, sweaty, and armed with a pistol that he carried in his right hand. "Have you seen a man in a black tracksuit jacket?" he asked in a winded - distressed - sort of way. He gestured in the direction he expected the man he was looking for to have come from and asked again. I told him once more I hadn't seen any such man, and with that he left. Now, being curious as I am - and always needing a good story - I followed after him in hopes of learning more. As he jogged down the road, and I followed, I began to notice more people coming along from the same direction he had. At first I thought it might have been a coincidence, but I realized it wasn't when I saw his green arm band, the same green arm band worn by all - 5 in total if I remember correctly - other people who had also come along down the road. None of them were eager to talk to me, and some even threatened me, but still I stayed. by following along I was able to gather that the man they were hunting had given a gun, loaded with a single round, to their friend in Kabanino. The very friend that they all knew - and claimed the man they were looking for had known - to be suicidal. As you can likely figure, with a loaded gun, and a troubled soul, their friend - like too many others before him - ended his time upon this earth with one violent BANG! I can only imagine the man felt lost, or alone, and was greatly disturbed by the nature of how we live now in this broken and sick world, but I know with certainty - beyond imagination - regardless of how he felt, he was loved. Never have a seen people grieve so emotionally for the loss of a friend as I did that day. I can't help but wounder if the man I had met in Kabanino was the same who had killed himself. Though I wonder more, if the man - whoever he was - would have still done what he did if he had known just how much he was loved... The world is tough friends, but we are all loved, all needed, even if we don't know it. Thanks for listening Chernarus, be safe, and remember to check back often for more stories and news. That's all for now, from atop Green Mountain, this has been Incognito Radio!"
  3. Thanks for showing me this, I never saw it when it was first posted. I read over the report, the conversation had about the report, and watched the video. I wasn't involved in this situation what-so-ever, so I'm not sure how my name was brought up, but I suppose that is beside the point. What's more important (I assume) is finding some way of proving that this wasn't me, which seeing as I have no substantial evidence that proves my innocence, like video, or the names of other characters that might remember me I feel as though I'm in a bit of a pickle. I can plead my case in the ban appeal forum with the proper ban appeal format if you'd like, that's perfectly fine with me, but all I can say is I don't remember this encounter - I would think if I was there I would remember it - and that, frankly, I lack the skills to kill someone in this game (I don't think I've ever killed someone in Dayz) not to mention even being able to find a cool gun and ammo to kill someone with. Honestly, what I'm saying is I really am not that good at this game, in fact that's part of the reason I decided to try and join DayzRP in the first place (I get killed constantly on other servers). I do like to play by the rules too, I'm not the sort of guy to break rules, especially rules that I truly believe are for the better. All that being said, however, I still don't have any viable proof, just my word, which I give truthfully (for what it's worth). If you don't - or feel that you can't for the sake of fairness to the other players who brought me into question - take me at my word, I understand. In which case I'll gladly serve the 7 day ban required for a KOS, and ask that I am forgiven for not seeing the above mentioned report at the time that it was originally posted. Thank you for the help and consideration, -Chris Wyman In Game Name: James Miller
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I don't have one, I was never contacted about any ban (I've checked a few times just to make sure I didn't miss something). Why the verdict is not fair: I don't know if it is or isn't, all I know is I'm Temp-banned... Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Well, first off, I haven't broken any rules as far as I can see, and I have checked the rules over again to make sure of this. Secondly, I haven't gotten any sort message or such explaining a possible ban or accusation. I was just recently re-whitelisted (I was white listed once before, several months ago, but had to take a break for a little while, when I tried to play again it appeared I was no longer whitelisted) but when I try to log onto the server I get a message that says, "You were kicked off the game. (BattleEye: Admin Ban (Chris P Wyman-TempBan))". I don't know why this is, but hopefully we can clear this up, I'm guessing there is just some kind of mistake or something. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Well, If I did break a rule (which I am 99.9% sure I did not), I would hope to understand what rule I broke, serve the punishment, and then get into the game and play. Assuming however this is just a mistake - I'm almost certain it is - I should hope we can resolve it and then I can play the game. What could you have done better?: If I did break a rule, I suppose I should have read over the rules better, to avoid breaking rules I don't know, but I'm pretty sure this is just a mistake.