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  1. Elexio

    DayZRP 3rd anniversary

    Happy Birthday RP Community!! Let's toast for many more years to come! =)
  2. It's getting dark with the last rays of light barely stretching over the hills to the southwest as Elex ambushes two zombies that appear to have caught an animal of sorts. It's too far gone to know what it was, but the smell is horrible. Elex jumps from the bushes and with a single swing he chops the the first zombie's head clean off. Quickly spinning the axe around for a second swing, he grazes the second zombie on the head. A piece of the head falls off yet not enough to take it out. Elex steps back to gain momentum when the static on his radio is broken and a voice is calling out for help in Novy. Slightly distracted Elex let's the zombie lash out, barely avoiding it's clawing hands as he ends up behind the zombie and quickly finishes the job. He checks the surroundings for safety and retreats in the bushes to pick up his radio and then pushes the talk button. "Whoever is calling out for help in Novy, I am not far away. I will try to find you and assist with care and protection till more help arrives. I will contact you on this frequency when i have eyes on novy. Hang in there, help is on it's way!" Elex let's the button go. Quickly does a routine check on his gear and inventory and heads out towards the direction of Novy.
  3. IGN: Lt. Elex Starke Age:30 Country:The Netherlands English skills: English, Dutch, Spanish, German. DayZ Mod Experience: About a year on and off playing on public servers. DayZ Standalone Experience: Since it came live. Roleplaying Experience: WoW and a few other online games. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Officer(Leader/Combatant),Scavenger,Knight of Righteousness stuff. Have you been in any clan/group previously:No Additional notes: I like twinkies! Haven't found a single twinkie since the world went to sh*t! Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: Dutch Royal Airforce Officer visiting Chernarus on official business. During his stay he wakes up in the middle of the night from screams in the city. Barely manages to escape the chaos with just a few civilian clothes on him. On the run ever since, using all of his military knowledge as best as he can to survive..
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys! I passed the application and i can now be found ingame! Hope to meet you all soon! Already met a few nice people on teamspeak! =)
  5. I resubmitted my application! Fingers crossed! =)
  6. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! It certainly gives me the motivation to keep trying to become a part of this community! =)
  7. Unfortunately my application has been rejected because i think i missed a few rules in my explaination. I was under the impression i had to sum it up in my own words till i hit the 500 words and stopped at that point.. I will reapply and make it less brief with everything included within 22 hours so hopefully i can meet you all this weekend!
  8. Thank you for the warm welcome! I just applied and i am now awaiting acceptance for a whitelist approval. Great to see a fellow countrymember here! =) Fijne avond, Raul ps. Are you on the European or the US server?
  9. Hello everyone, I've been playing Dayz on and off for a year now and i'm very curious about the depth of play this game can offer. What better way to explore this then in a role playing server where i actually have a chance to meet people who don't shoot on sight! I'm 30 years old in real life and just quit the airforce to persue another career.. I live in the Netherlands and as you might have guessed; gaming is my hobby. I've always enjoyed teamsports and solving problems. I also enjoy riding my bike (Yamaha Fazer) when the weather is decent enough. I'm hoping you guys will give me a chance in your community and hopefully see you ingame! Ciao, Raul