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  1. Accents

    My Swedish accent is 101% on point! I try to do different accents and I can do the russian accent to a degree where I only cringe half of the time. It's fun to do accents, but I find it isn't always what makes a character stand out, as I like to experiment with my voice I've learnt that a odd voice, be it ominous or innocent, often has a larger impact on the reception I get from people, rather than an accent.
  2. “I had no particular desire to enlighten them, but I had some difficulty in restraining myself from laughing in their faces, so full of stupid importance.” 
    Joseph ConradHeart of Darkness

    I see Mr. Marlow had to deal with whitenames too in his day.

    1. Hellspawnceri


      It would seem that way.

  3.  "I knew exactly what to do, but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do."

  4. A new home.. Camp Endeavour. [OPEN]

    Joseph listens to the back and forth that his radio babbles at him, his head tilting to the side slowly as a wry grin shows up on his lips, completely uninvited. He waits for some silence, not wanting to intrude or cut someone short, before he pushes the PTT button down to speak, his accent is undeniably Scandinavian for those who can recognize such. "Endeavour.. Endeavour.. Your name is Endeavour is it? Oh how I love you people, and you especially sir.. Do tell me did you name the camp after yourself due to some narcissistic compulsion, or are you simply that infantile? My money is on narcissism, since you also spew 'poetry', oh how inspired I feel.. I believe you missed the irony of your own musings however, the dangers of a man who dreams during the day.. Aren't you just that, building a camp for the future, for YOUR future Mr.Western, a glorious thing it must be in your head.. Oh, Oh.." He laughs, but it is short and rather joyless "What a sadist you must be to wish for children in this joyless bleak little dot we call home, truly, I would love to see your new mecca, I will come in pilgrimage to watch history in the making.." He releases the PTT for a moment, letting the silence wash over him before he pushes the button down again "If OUR history has taught us anything, that being the history of the apocalyptic chernarus, then it is this: Men who build camps and name them after themselves will never succeed.." He pauses for a moment, shaking his head slowly, too many conflicting thoughts in his mind.. He finishes his rant with a short and somewhat abrupt: "I wish you luck, of course, Mr. Western.."