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  1. Joseph grew up in a upper middle-class family, his childhood was a quiet one and he mostly stuck to himself. He educated himself to become a journalist and after a tour to the middle-east he decided to become a freelance war correspondent. He covered several different war zones during his career and that is how he ended up in Chernarus, he was just supposed to travel through the country, but he declined to fly and instead opted to drive through, planning on getting some coverage and some good shots and perhaps a side story or two. But, as life would have it the world decided to end when Joseph was trying to navigate some side-road in the middle of nowhere, leaving him stranded and walking through the forests aimlessly for several days. Once he emerged from the forest he came into a different world, but a world that he was still familiar with.. This was a war zone, the final one perhaps, and covering the end of the world seemed like a viable alternative to just going insane and giving up.
  2. A failed news reporter turned wildlife photographer after he had a breakdown on the air. No real family or friends to speak of, he lost contact with his family long before the apocalypse happened, his friends were just shallow acquaintances whom he would project his anxiety on whenever they invited him over. So he went on living in his own depressive monotone monochrome bubble, till he decided travel to Chernarus to get away from his own self-destructive machinations, living oh so close to that edge where you just want to jump in front of every buss you pass on the street. His life was calmer, a sense of purpose had perhaps started to slowly manifest itself in him, the solitude and the open landscapes had filled him with a sense of tranquility, then the apocalypse decided it was time to happen...
  3. LeSuiken


    My Swedish accent is 101% on point! I try to do different accents and I can do the russian accent to a degree where I only cringe half of the time. It's fun to do accents, but I find it isn't always what makes a character stand out, as I like to experiment with my voice I've learnt that a odd voice, be it ominous or innocent, often has a larger impact on the reception I get from people, rather than an accent.
  4. “I had no particular desire to enlighten them, but I had some difficulty in restraining myself from laughing in their faces, so full of stupid importance.” 
    Joseph ConradHeart of Darkness

    I see Mr. Marlow had to deal with whitenames too in his day.

    1. Hellspawn

      It would seem that way.

  5.  "I knew exactly what to do, but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do."

  6. Joseph Englund's POV: Me and Duncan were heading towards the tents in Stary Sobor when we heard voices in the distance, shortly after we heard screaming and panic and gunshots, I started running away from the location as I didn't want to get pulled into a gunfight / another mass KOS. I was shot down shortly after this and died. I have no idea who the attackers were or what I had done, other than running from the scene, to warrant getting killed.
  7. LeSuiken

    A new home.. Camp Endeavour. [OPEN]

    Joseph listens to the back and forth that his radio babbles at him, his head tilting to the side slowly as a wry grin shows up on his lips, completely uninvited. He waits for some silence, not wanting to intrude or cut someone short, before he pushes the PTT button down to speak, his accent is undeniably Scandinavian for those who can recognize such. "Endeavour.. Endeavour.. Your name is Endeavour is it? Oh how I love you people, and you especially sir.. Do tell me did you name the camp after yourself due to some narcissistic compulsion, or are you simply that infantile? My money is on narcissism, since you also spew 'poetry', oh how inspired I feel.. I believe you missed the irony of your own musings however, the dangers of a man who dreams during the day.. Aren't you just that, building a camp for the future, for YOUR future Mr.Western, a glorious thing it must be in your head.. Oh, Oh.." He laughs, but it is short and rather joyless "What a sadist you must be to wish for children in this joyless bleak little dot we call home, truly, I would love to see your new mecca, I will come in pilgrimage to watch history in the making.." He releases the PTT for a moment, letting the silence wash over him before he pushes the button down again "If OUR history has taught us anything, that being the history of the apocalyptic chernarus, then it is this: Men who build camps and name them after themselves will never succeed.." He pauses for a moment, shaking his head slowly, too many conflicting thoughts in his mind.. He finishes his rant with a short and somewhat abrupt: "I wish you luck, of course, Mr. Western.."
  8. LeSuiken


    A big part of my character is having multiple identities that he uses between encounters with people, to be able to fit in better and get on their good sides quickly. So for me lying and pretending to be someone else is the core of my character. I am in a grey-zone when it comes to impersonation, if you pretend to be part of another faction to get out of a bad situation and then as soon as the situation has ended the lie ends. I think that is fine. It's very risky and can turn on you quickly. Such lies I find to be ok since it makes sense that you should be able to use your wits and in-character knowledge. The thing I dislike is if you actively spend your time pretending to be someone and keep slandering and ruining their reputation/trust. This is because at the end of the day this is a game and what people think of you out of character matters. There could be forum posts about "Damn group X keeps robbing me" and if that's not true then it puts a negative light on a group that is innocent, which in turn leads to it having less respect in the eyes of the community, which can lead to further hostile action taken against them and giving them a hard time to recruit and grow. I find that active negative impersonation is just going to cause a lot of drama out of character and that is why I do not think it should be allowed.
  9. LeSuiken

    Your best voice

    Me when I try to do an accent. [video=youtube] But that aside, I think I have a pretty nice Swedish accent.
  10. There has already been a lot of thorough information given, but here's my POV. We initated on Ricky in Electro, we brought him up into the woods and began interogating him. I was on overwatch so I was not fully focused on what was going on in the woods, but AJ got in contact with Brodie and they began bargaining for Ricky's release. The server stared acting up and we had to switch. After the server switch we moved down to Electro and kept Ricky in an apartment building, it was during this time that we also took Michael Reach captive. I am unsure how Michael found our exact location seeing as we had taken Ricky's radio, and the fact that his intention was to find Ricky at that specific location, but I do not know all the details around why this is so, our location could have been given to Ricky's allies during this time, I was mostly muted on TS during this whole ordeal. I have now been told that we gave our location to Ricky's allies, so I retract this statement fully. We moved Ricky and Michael to the school building and it was on our way there that Ricky started to act disrepsectful towards our party, throwing around insults and such. He was given several verbal warnings to stop and his character was physically punished for his behaviour, but he kept going with the disrespectful attitude. Once inside the school building this continued till the point where he called my character autistic, at this point he had already had several warnings so my character proceeded to execute him. In my opinion he showed little care for the situation and had a small interest in keeping himself alive. After Ricky was killed we proceeded to interrogate Michael and AJ kept negotiating with Michael's allies for his release. At one point we cut up Ricky and threatened to feed him to Michael, though he did not seem to mind those threats and we then proceeded to feed his recently murdered friend to him, something he found to be less than stressful as he commented that he liked the taste. It was shortly after this that the shooting started outside, but as I was not there and I was muted on TS I can't give any information about what went on outside. Me and Duncan decided to move Michael, to throw off his allies, if they had somehow managed to figure out his location. We moved him to the second floor and I kept interrogating him to find out how many allies he had, and if we were really going to get what we were bargaining for. This continued for a few minutes before Brodie was detected on the roof. At no point did I see him try to comply to the demands given, and going into a situation agains several heavily armed hostiles with only a pistol shows little regard for you own life. He ignored the commands given to him and he kept aiming straight at the window to the room where we were keeping Michael, trying to get an angle to shoot me. How he knew we had moved Michael up to the second floor, and that he knew exactly where to look, is quite suspicious to me and I felt through the entire situation that they never fully broke coms. But this isn't anything I can prove. We kill Brodie and essentialy Michael has lost all value by this point, as his negotiators decided to attack us instead of complying to our demands. Thus Michael is executed by Duncan and we move away from the school building. I have video of us shooting Brodie and the execution, I am uploading it right now and will post it ASAP.
  11. I'll post my POV when I wake up, been up all night, want it to be coherent
  12. You only told me WHAT I should do once you let me go, you never specifically asked me to leave, and the instructions given were conflicting between you and your friend as you kept changing your minds. What you DID do was keep talking with me up to the point where the gunfight started, so there was no clear demand for me to leave. As i lied down on the ground and your friend got shot about ten seconds passed before you killed me, I do feel like you shooting me was more a stressed response to the situation than a well calculated risk-elimination tactic. To be honest, I had no idea my gun was on the ground and you had taken my rifle off me and moved it somewhere else. My character would not have started wiggling, taken the gun off the floor and started shooting even if he knew where the gun was. That would simply be no value for life when you have a hostile man with a fully automatic rifle sitting a meter away from you. I was never a threat to you.