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  1. Ellie

    • Ellie
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    1. Brady


      thats what ive been saying

    2. Ark


      More active then you meme. 

      Ellie, i keep saying its a late april fools joke. 

    3. Jamie


      stop overusing the same memes

    4. Brady


      When Jamie roasts u ?

  2. Ellie


    @Bunny I missed you


    1. bunny



    2. Oliv


      I was literally just thinking about Bunny today. Must be all this Easter stuff

    3. Brady


      This is flame

    4. bunny


      I have returned for easter @Oliv

  3. Ellie

    Interview with a Community Member: Ark!

    I'll end up murdering you Ark. You don't wanna live in a jail cell with me
  4. Ark

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    1. Aiko


      No!~Don't talk to my daughter!

    2. Kattica


      Leave my niece alone you fucking monster!!

    3. Ark


      Am I not allowed to say hi to Ellie now or are you just upset you two didn’t get one?

    4. Aiko


      No! You aren't allowed to look at her or even speak to her!

    5. Ark


      And why is that you witch?

    6. Kattica


      She's ouuuuuurssss

    7. Ark


      And are you that threatened that by me just saying hi I’m going to steal her away?

    8. Kattica


      Nobody is threatened. We're just worried you'll get your germs all over her. 

      *Swats him away.*

    9. Ark


      Everyone has germs kat.

    10. Aiko


      No, you have more than anyone! 

      *Shoos him away*

    11. Ark


      Aiko please you have the worse germs of them all. You’ve infected half the community with your nasty weeb germs.

    12. Kattica


      Oh... you know... I actually can't disagree with him there...

  5. Ellie

    Open Market - Freq 92.1

    After having a meeting with Anarchy in Lopatino, Andy picks up her radio and presses the PTT* We have decided that, we will also offer our merchandise in Lopatino from time to time. However, we will still cater to anyone, at any place any time. We still want to be known as more of a "deliver service" than anything else, we will remain as mobile as we can. So if anyone is interested, please feel free to contact us at any point. *She releases the PTT*
  6. Ellie

    The Damned (Active Recruitment)

    Whalecum errbody <3 It's lovely to have you all
  7. Ellie

    The Damned Media Thread

    Its blocked for me, me sad T_T
  8. Ellie

    The Railroad

    Yay Santa! Good luck peeps.
  9. Ellie

    Real life picture Thread

    I WANT SNAPS YA CUCK. pls and ty <3
  10. Ellie

    Open Market - Freq 92.1

    *Andy would cautiously listen to the man, making up her mind on where to meet. As she finally makes a decision, she presses the PTT* Alright.. it better be worth our while. Ill contact you soon through a secure frequency, with a precise location and any other details that may entail. Please stand-by with your radio on. *She releases the PTT*
  11. Kattica

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    • Ellie

    Have your 400th bean my love.. <3

    1. Ellie


      Why thank you <3

  12. Ellie

    Open Market - Freq 92.1

    *Andy would listen to the man, she would press the PTT to respond back* I have a bunch of Opioids, if that interests you. Whatcha got in return for us? *She would release the PTT*
  13. Ellie

    The Killers

    Have to agree with Tony here. @Refacture top notch RP man, really impressed. Cant wait to bump into you at some point.
  14. Ellie

    Open Market - Freq 92.1

    *Andy rolls around in bed, not being able to fall asleep. She tosses and turns for twenty minutes, finally giving up and deciding to get out of bed; trying not to disturb Francis. She notices a grumble coming from her stomach.. "I should probably get something to eat, probably some water too" she says under her breath. She goes outside, grabs an apple or two and makes her way towards the pump. Alex comes out, hearing the tap outside her house start running Not too long after Andy begins to use the pump, she would start to hear footsteps behind her. Not knowing who or what is coming towards her, she begins to draw out her gun. Alex laughs from behind, enjoying the fact that she scared the girl so easily. She smirked, "Jumpy are we? Scared I might bite? Trust me, Andy... I'm not here for seconds." Andy lets out a big sigh, a look a relief comes over her. "Can you not fucking do that..jesus" she says in a soft manner". Not wanting to awake the others. Alex purrs, "Oh and you told me I'm not scary". "I still stand by that", Andy says.. "But fuck.. anyone would be creep'd out by footsteps. Are you forgetting about those cannibals and shit out there?" Alex laughs and shakes her head, a smirk tugging at her lips the entire time. "Not forgetting. Partially part of the reason I said I wasn't looking to eat you". "Riiight".. Andy says. Still giving her a cautious look due to a past incident.. "What are you doing outside anyways? Can't sleep?" Alex shrugs, leaning against a nearby tree. "I was awake, heard a noise and thought it might prove to be interesting." She looks over the girl, a wolfish grin on her face when she spoke next. "So... What are you going to do to make this interesting for me?" Andy would study the girl, trying to figure her out. Quickly realizing that, that never leads anywhere. She would imitate the same lean on the opposite tree in front of Alex, crossing her arms. A stern look on her face: "Okay.. clearly you have something in mind, spill it out.." Alex would flash her pearly whites in a way that could be perceived as unnerving. Her arms were crossed over her chest when she shrugged nonchalantly. "You handled yourself around that coke pretty well a while ago. Makes a girl wonder how well you'd be at handling it in... A different capacity." Andy would cock her head questioningly, her stern look remains. "If you're talking about what I think you are, I've had my fair share of selling. I mean, it's not like it was hard for me, people flock over a pretty girl.. even more so if there's drugs involved." Alex laughed, more genuinely than the other girl had likely ever heard. She moved from the tree and approached the woman slowly, nodding knowingly. "Oh god... Don't I know it. Fucking pathetic really. People were desperate back then... How desperate do you think they are now..?" Andy raises her eyebrows in response to her laugh. An amused look with a sideways smirk comes over her. "One thing I know for sure, men don't change. They're all gullible and they have their weak points.. I'm sure with you by my side, we would be more than fine.. However.. she sighs Ivan.. would he have a problem?" Alex's face hardened for a moment, the cold returning to her voice when she spoke matter of factly. "Ivan doesn't HAVE nor is ever a PROBLEM." Her nose turned up at the last word, showing her distain for the use of problem. Her expression lightened momentarily, showing a more vulnerable side to her former co star than intentional. "I need something to do, to contribute. Besides, using my other talents is way beyond out of the question." She grinned cheekily at that last comment, shaking off any feeling with her dark sense of humor. Andy's eyes widen at the sudden turn of events. She shakes it off, as usual. "Just Alex being Alex", she said in her head, she shrugs it off. Her expression goes back to normal, briefly. "I need something to do too, all this drama just.." she turns quiet for a moment, gathering her thoughts "I'm tired of it.." She grabs her radio, not breaking eye sight of Alex, making sure they're both on the same page with what's about to be said.* *Andy puts on a very tone down, dark sultry voice. She presses her PTT* Hello, people of South Zagoria. Who I am isn't really relevant, so don't bother asking. I am however presenting you all with something you might not want to miss out on. We all know this whole place has gone to shit, so might as well make the best of it, right? Maybe you need something to let yourself loose? Maybe something to keep you busy, distracted, possibly more focused? Or do you just need something that completely fucks you up for a night? Well tonight's your lucky night, we have in our disposal, my partner and I that is..many recreational drugs. Anything from coke, weed, meth, ecstasy, painkillers and more. You name it.. we probably have it. Payments can vary anywhere from guns, cars and more. Negotiations can be made, case by case, so long as its worth our while.. she pauses, trying to think of anything else to add.. Alex smiles, takes advantage of the quiet, and takes the radio from Andy, speaking in a low and sultry voice. It was inviting, and playful as she formed her words, "Life's fucked up, I think we can all admit that. So... Why don't we all have a little bit of fun, hmm?" * Andy takes her radio back from Alex, shaking her head at her, slight smirk across her face. "So.. What'll be your poison? Let us know.. we'll be waiting." *She releases the PTT, content with the broadcast made.*
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      pls..no. bad idea

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