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  1. Para

    Public Frequency (To the Dead Batteries)

    *Radek would burst out laughing at Ryker's demands. Picking up his radio, he held down his transmit button, looking back towards the Radio station. He would still be laughing loudly as he held down the transmit button.* ........... You're so weak, pathetic. Your little "example" cast on Seb cost you 5 people that day. I know, because I helped him kill them. You're nothing without your roaming "death" squad. *another laugh is heard before he continues* "If you try to attack any of my friends" blah blah blah.... you should know Ryker, it's a matter of when, not if. I'm coming for your head, have a spike ready for me for when I find you next time. Your people need to learn not to fuck with the raiders. Dokud se znovu nestretneme, děvko. *Radek pops his radio back into its pouch, heading away from the station for todays deeds*
  2. Para

    S1: BLACK LAKE - No time to Comply / KOS

    Still in game finishing RP, we will all respond ASAP. Edit: My Pov is as follows: I was our overwatch, giving intel about their numbers. We saw one disappeared, who turned out to be Ryker our main target, and then we ran over and initiated to spring our ambush. I'm ngl, I didn't fully see what happened as i was re-scoping in once the shots had dropped. There's little I can say on the matter so I apologise for that. The only one individual that I shot at had died by the time I had shot at him and that was the last one to die (whom had begun to aim his weapon at us).
  3. Para


    Anybody own Halo Wars 2 on PC and fancy a few games? hmu if you do

  4. Para


    There's nothing more upsetting than a 45 minute RTS game in which you've massacred over 300 units resulting in a crash out of nowhere ;( 

    1. Jadeboat


      u big nerd ❤️ 

  5. Para

    Twitch staff Q&A questions

    Question you'd like to ask: Do we have any people applying to staff with prior experience, and if yes, are you planning on taking some in?
  6. Para

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    Fuck no. Actually fuck no. If Zombies were consistent, sure. But i can clobber one in like 3 punches with a ninja takedown and still have the vicinity aggro on my ass.
  7. Para

    False Report?

    I said nothing about shaming you, so simmer down. I'm saying your perspective is, whilst valid, completely wrong if you want to actually pursue high quality hostile situations instead of PvP montages.
  8. Para

    False Report?

    Yeah I expect him not to shoot me? Guess why? It's a R O L E P L A Y server. This was hostility that could've been used to fuel further RP. It was a single punch. Dusty, evidently, was not trying to kill Scar but simply further the hostility and the trigger finger was INSTANTLY used. There was no hesitation, just straight shooting him. Idk how much more clear you can be to using kill rights simply because you have them, not because it's for the benefit of RP. We should be pushing to push out verdicts that further the quality of roleplay, not make it easier to gas anybody who i feel like. It's a report verdict that is so backwards for what a roleplay community should strive for.
  9. Para

    False Report?

    Lmao what heavy memery is this report verdict? (4 GMS signed off on this verdict? The actual fuck is going on?!) He punches a guy once, a light punch, and gets gassed for it. That's straight ruleplay if ever I've seen it, but to hit him for false report? Also where the fuck did this new precedent come out where 1 punch resulted in NVFL just because he was carrying a rifle? Also fyi Dusty was literally being followed, and then when he reacts he's killed? How backwards is this verdict holy hell...
  10. Para

    The Chernarus Space Program Wasn't For Me

    Oh my lord, I remember when @Elmo put on his jetpack after exiting a car, but this is... LOL
  11. Para

    Roleplay and you

    I've not ready through every reply on this thread But c'mon dude it doesn't take a genius to realise when you put yourself on a podium and say everybody else is the problem, people are gonna start asking what they contribute. New player, aight, but telling everybody else "you all need to make better characters" isn't going to sit well with a lot of people.
  12. Para

    Roleplay and you

    Lmao what elitism bollocks is this. What's actually "original" about your character then? Seems like a generic survivor to me just based on the backstory. You're literally telling people "be creative" when right now we have nationalists, crazy characters, Raiders, people setting up camps for others, mercenaries, the lot. We already have such a variety of shit, and you're sat here with a bland ass survivor character telling others to get creative. Lmao what. Right now very few of my RP situations IG have been bland / boring. Yeah I hold people up a lot, but we do it through various methods bc we're raiders. Man this level of elitism is cancer.
  13. Para

    Group cap

    There's literally no point in this. The workaround will literally just be to have two groups with similar goals working together in the same comms anyway. I don't like supergroups, for the record, but this doesn't fix the supergroup problem. This is like applying a plaster for a gash wound. It doesn't fit the problem.
  14. Para

    Review group recruits

    The tone that comes off with this is that we don't trust group leader's to manage their own members, which doesn't sit well for community tension. There's no need, all group leaders are capable of managing their own members. Whilst yes, it baffles me that some people pretend to be anarchists for a while etc. It's still their choice to do that with their characters. Memes or not, if the RP quality is good that's all that matters. And if it isn't, well then you can write feedback or report. Basically we got all the systems we need in place already, no need for a new one.
  15. Para



  16. Para

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Glad you enjoyed the RP, the internal conflict in the group entertaining i hope. Appreciate you complying too
  17. Para

    Increase Thirst and Hunger Rates.

    I'd rather not have things go back to the pre-beta experimental patches where i can starve to death travelling between towns. In other words, i run around a lot and I'd rather not have to be constantly eating / hydrating. Make food a lil rarer, sure, but I personally think the spawn rates on zombies should be lowered whereas the spawn rates in buildings should be increased. Rn the only way I find food properly is to walk into a city, fire a shot and gas every infected that comes towards me. Guaranteed a full meal plus food for the whole session of RP if i want to carry it.
  18. Para


    *teabags man bc he's a hostage. Dies laughing bc MemeRP*

    Hostage begins roleplaying

    Another man: "What's happening have we got a roleplayer?" 

    Lmao what a pile of bollocks

    1. Elmo


      Got some roleplay. Its hostile.


  19. Para

    Make the AK more common again.

    I just... don't really care. If i have a gun, i'm game. Hell i got held up whilst having a mosin earlier lmao like, If i got a gun i'm happy it's that simple. The make, type etc. Really don't matter that much to me.
  20. Para

    To the Dead Batteries

    *Would proceed to piss on the ashes to put the embers out*
  21. Para


    Halo wars 2 isn't that bad now that i've gone back to it.


    1. Elmo


      get in game more

    2. Para


      @Elmo nope, i'll hope in sometimes but that's about it

    3. Elmo


      top meme

    4. Smixxa


      Teach me the way of the GTARP pls Para

  22. Para

    Adding back the Izh43 Shotgun

    I loved whipping out a sawed off for that lone bandit who thinks i'm complying. +juan
  23. Para

    Medical Item Suggestions

    Make it replace the mask slot aye ;D Would be a nice addition.
  24. Para

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    Tbh I quite liked the patch where the makarov was OP. Meant finding a small gun meant you could win a fight with some ease. Maybe not go to that extreme again, but with guns being a scarcity i'd like more to be actually useful. +1
  25. Para

    Death = PK

    I'd prefer to not have to make a character after most of my DayZ sessions, cookie cutter will be used. -1 from me
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