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  1. Hello @SovietPj, A team of staff members have reviewed the ban given to you by @Voodoo and have reached a decision regarding it. Your conduct was not acceptable at all. You are not portraying a realistic and in-depth mental health disorder, you're trolling. There is no other way to put it. Screeching in game as you run around, being a general nuisance, insisting on constantly disrupting RP by making irritating noises. There is no other way to describe this than trolling. If this is your character it's time to make a new one, as character flaws / traits are never an excuse to behave in such a manner. Frankly, this portrayal was just disrespectful to those that actually have the condition. Your ban and warning points will be aggravated to 7 and 15 respectively, the standard for a trolling punishment. Take this time to reflect on your conduct as to not make this mistake again. Outcome: Punishment aggravated to 7 days and 15 warning points. Signed: @Para, @Peril, @Eddie and @Inferno.
  2. @BravoActual thank you for your input, your temporary ban has been lifted. Please keep an eye on the report for any future questions the staff team may have.
  3. @BravoActual has been temporarily banned until further notice.
  4. Background: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Injuries: Skills / what he's shit at: (WIP, made the character to save the progress. Photos are temporary.)
  5. I am ready to get beaned tonight Looking forwards to it all gamers
  6. They let you into staff ho li shet 😂

    (Jk welcome to the team 😄 )

    1. Drbeans



  7. Verdict: @burRP - [Invalid Kill (Roleplayed)] - Inconclusive. @Challenger - [Invalid Kill (Roleplayed)] - Inconclusive. Explanation: The staff team has looked over this report and has deemed it impossible to cast a judgement on either side. With a lack of video evidence present in this report it is difficult to say what actually happened and we cannot take one side's POV over the other. The OP, @IntenseGeek, claims to have not been given enough time to comply whereas @burRP claims he was non-compliant. Similarly, @Aldebaran claims he was not one who actually initiated on @Challenger and @Jackfish whereas @Challenger claims all 3 initiated. Due to the conflicting POVs in this situation we have no choice but to find this report inconclusive. @IntenseGeek it is strongly recommended either you or your allies download a recording software so that future reports may yield more results for you. With that said, Outcome: @burRP - [Invalid Kill (Roleplayed)] - No Action Taken. @Challenger - [Invalid Kill (Roleplayed)] - No Action Taken. Signed by: @Para & @Job
  8. Ngl i haven't done the prep work for another event, fortunately @Truemonkh has you guys covered and we have the KOS event still. Will be working on them in the future still.

    1. Fae


      Lazy bastard 

  9. Verdict: @Aron73 - [Powergaming, Metagaming & NVFL] - Guilty. Explanation: To explain briefly, SGRU find @Aron73 in a field and proceed to question him about his arms. As civilians were banned from having automatic weaponry by SGRU, and Aron73 has previously been caught twice for breaking this IC rule, they frisk him. Upon finding magazines they tie him up and search him fully only to find an automatic weapon. After some interrogation and distaste expressed by the Russian Military, @Roman is killed by @ShockedShots shots who had logged back in. ShockedShots is then killed by SGRU before Aron73 is taken into a barn where some fist fights occur, Aron is shot before challenging another SGRU member to a fist fight wherein he is killed. @Aron73 your actions in this situation were not great. When frisked for items you must disclose everything that you have. You cannot hide the fact you have an automatic weapon if they're frisking for weapons, this is the same for any item like, for example, being frisked for radios. Failing to disclose this in an attempt to deceive your enemies is classed as powergaming. You cannot make your weapons "not be found" when people are searching for them. Furthermore, when you were bound up (therefore unable to use a radio) you asked for help twice. You had previously been told to ask for help if you needed it by one of your allies. Whilst bound up you cannot request aid from allies via any out-of-game source. Stream chats, Discord, Teamspeak or any other medium count towards this, as when you're bound up you are unable to use a radio. Lastly, your actions in the barn at the end of the VOD were a clear disregard for your life. You challenge them to a fight and get knocked down, injuring your character. You then proceed to continue talking back to your captors resulting in your leg being shot. At this point you've got bad injuries yet you decide to challenge your captors to another fist fight resulting in you dying. Your defence for this is "you were going to die anyway". People threaten death on individuals all the time, it is appropriate hostile roleplay at times. The fear that they may follow through with this threat does not give you the right to discard your life. You still need to try and maintain / value your life at all times. If you wish to permanently kill your character, inform your captors so that the roleplay can give him a memorable death. Due to the explanation above, you will be found guilty of Powergaming, Metagaming and No Value for Life. The extent of these rulebreaks will see it aggravated to 5 days instead of the standard 3. We strongly recommend that you take this time to reflect on your behavior so that this does not happen again. As well as this, due to one of the rulebreak being No Value For Life, your character will also be permanently killed. This is a consequence of your IC actions. @ShockedShots due to you failing to answer a simple question when asked to, you will remain temporarily banned. You will need to make a ban appeal, including your full and detailed POV as well as answers to any questions you've been asked in this report. Make it clear that you're answering questions. Until then you will be unable to play on our servers. Outcome: @Aron73 - [Powergaming, Metagaming & NVFL] - Aggravated Punishment (5 days, 10 warning points) + Character Reset and Permanently Killed. Signed by: @Para, @Eddie & @Job.
  10. @ShockedShots please provide the name of your friend so that we may pull the relevant logs and call them in for their POV. Thank you.
  11. Hello @Shroud, Firstly we would like to apologise for this taking a few days. The appeal has been thoroughly discussed by staff members and we have reached a decision regarding it. Whilst your post about the IRA was true 100 years ago, today it is not. Today the IRA splinter groups that claimed origins from the Old IRA have been designated as terrorists from multiple countries. The IRA has also been a long-banned topic on the forums, group concepts being disallowed if they revolve around the theme. DayZRP is simply not the place to be discussing such heavy topics, this should be kept to DMs and private discords. Your claims about them, whilst correct, do not supersede the fact it is a banned topic. With that said, we have looked at the entirety of your post and, though it was against our rules, we have chosen to reduce the punishment to 5 points instead of 10. Your post was not an extremely bad post, just one about a subject unfit to be on the community services. In future please keep such comments to yourself as these can stir a lot of tension among individuals. This includes both on the forums and on our discord. Outcome: Appeal partially accepted - Points reduced to 5. Signed: @Para, @Eddie & @Elmo.
  12. @ShockedShots You still haven't answered my question. Gonna temp ban you again until you answer my question. If you don't answer in the next 24 hours this report will continue without your input and you will have to make a ban appeal in order to play here again. Edit: Please also answer the following questions: If you were scoping in on the situation, why did you then choose to open fire on a large group of people? The video shows you can see a minimum of 5 people in your view, and as you are heard on stream, you know there's multiple people walking around the situation. You comment this yourself.
  13. @ShockedShots i assume that's you talking at the end of the video provided by @Aron73? (The person who talks about "Jeff being tied up in a field, we can log back in and just shoot right?") If not, could you please provide the name of that individual. Thank you.
  14. DayZRP is not the place to be talking about "facts" around genocide, especially as a "meme": I could write a paragraph explaining why you're "not right in the head" for choosing to meme about genocide, but I have a feeling you'll see nothing wrong with that. Instead we'll just leave you with the discord ban and hope you see sense in future. This decision cannot be further appealed. Your only ticket back into discord will be at admin discretion should you choose to be more positive in your contributions to our community. Outcome: Appeal Denied - Take your "facts" elsewhere. Signed by: @Para, @Peril & @Saunders.
  15. I don't play rust often

    But when i do, it consumes my life

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  16. @Comrade Icy, @Comrade Reaper. You can very clearly be heard having a conversation with him in the video at 5:00 and you don't seem insane enough to be talking to yourself. The following statement is very clearly false: As can be heard at 5:17, and numerous times in chat, the OP's video records him holding down his push-to-talk (discord audio) key in response to your questions. You then ask further questions such as "Do you want me to try and gun them now or wait for them to send you away?" Had he told you to shut up, as your own POV claims, you wouldn't be asking further questions. This is very clearly false, as you were plotting to open fire on the OP's captors. You were not getting no info. With the above said, would you like to rethink anything on your POV regarding this situation? It is best you both be completely honest about what happened.] Also could you both please explain your IC reasoning why you chose to run towards the gunfire "without your guns out"?
  17. AS @Hofer is already handling horde style events I remade it with a new idea added, please vote again! ❤️ sorry gamers


    1. Elmo


      40v40 open field shovels only @lil beefy

  18. Deer isle in it's more or less finished state looks fucking sweet. Looks like a real nice map that'll be easy to navigate around and has some unique features to it. Definitely a plus 1.
  19. -Snip- Wrong poll now

    1. Chewy


      le voted

    2. Millie


      Waves of the infected cover Chernarus, surging in from Miroslavl. Spawn in hordes, zombie tanks, wolves, bears, maybe zombie bears, on all players on the map during the event, moving in a wave from West to East. Wherever players are is where they'll be attacked, so if they hunker down in a defensible location they'll have a much better chance than if they're just blindly wandering around out in the open. Rewards organization and teamwork, and provides an incentive to prepare for the growing waves of the Miroslavl mega-horde.


    3. Burak


      Voted 🎉

    4. Hofer


      I am already doing that on the live servers tho @Millie

    5. Millie
  20. A huge thank you to everyone who took part tonight. It was great and I hope to do at least one more event before the lore wipe! If you have any fun ideas please DM me them, concepts need to be relatively simple to carry out and I do not mind creating a prefab to support it.

    1. TurkRP


      now gimme a kiss

  21. On a more ... irritating note, @Eciek will not be able to take part in future events due to playing w/o being registered and deciding he was special enough to have 2 lives. @Crim will also be barred from the next event due to deciding he wanted a second life too.
  22. With an absolute bloodbath to end out the staff team witnessed: @groovy cali & @groovy clarence put up a solid fight, taking on @RiZ & @duxpredator. DuxPredator claimed victory. In the final 5, sitting on the edge of the zone were @Knight & @Basko when duxpredator came up behind them, killing them both but dying to his injuries. (They traded). The final 1v1, @AndreyQ and @KohlSkaal resulted in AndreyQ taking a swift victory, relishing in @Stagsview being eaten by a bear from his new Jeep. Was an absolute blast to run, we hope all enjoyed. Full logs are being pulled by @Conor as we speak, stay tuned! Team @SquirtleKitty's Mom Fan Club Takes the W!
  23. @GMAK and @OxeN will replace @Hunter & @Ratatosk. Place will be updated on the list shortly.
  24. Para

    [Battle Royale] Livonia


  25. Para

    [Battle Royale] Livonia


    Please make sure when logging in you load with your forum name! Thanking you all
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