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  1. APositivePara

    Staff Feedback: Samti

    Link to the situation: This verdict. Any supporting evidence or notes: Will make reference to this later. Feedback: Aight, I get it. You want to write snappy, simple verdicts that aren't essays and I respect that. I spent too long writing lengthy essays in my time in staff. But your verdict here misses one crucial thing: Explanation. You legit wrote a verdict that is more preamble / pleasantry than actual verdict. As can be seen from the other verdict I linked, done by @Derek Steel, though not as lengthy as I'd personally like to see, it does at least include an explanation as to why that verdict was reached. Slapping a "No rules were broken /closed" does absolutely nothing to deliver judgement. You're not explaining why the accusing side was mistaken, or hypothetically, why the accused were guilty. Another issue that rises because of this is that if this style of verdict is reached with 0 explanation people cannot actually find anything to counter argue in the appeals. This applies for both guilty and not guilty verdicts. How can i argue why my side is write to the appeals, and why yours is wrong, if you don't explain your view as a GM? Suggestions for improvement: Not write verdicts that appear superficial and lazily written.
  2. APositivePara



  3. APositivePara

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Those haven't begun yet.
  4. APositivePara

    Killing Ellie Hoste. [Open Frequency]

    *Radek picks up his radio, having chuckled listening to the conversation take place quite a lot. He holds down his PTT* "She worked for her father by the way, for all those interested. She's lucky to be alive after we found all that out yesterday." "Be seeing you soon Lucy. I won't be so forgiving next time." *He releases his PTT*
  5. APositivePara

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I wasn't even expecting to perma him today, I just needed Ellie to believe she'd murdered somebody lmao. Your character fit the bill p well, but top kudos to you for perma'ing him off. Thoroughly enjoyed the effort you put in today. Didn't enjoy the RP today with @Brayces at all though.
  6. APositivePara

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Just wanna say thank you to New Dawn, @DrMax, @Ouromov, @Dino, anybody else I missed. As well I'd like to say thank you to @KingRP for the Rp today, was thoroughly enjoyable and I look forwards to the development this story will bring. Was an intense double bluff
  7. APositivePara


    Don't think i've ever seen a lad get so many warned posts on a single page 😂

  8. APositivePara


    People got issues man i swear

    1. APositiveElmo


      I got 99 problems but my pp ain't one

    2. Itsmez


      Its surprising how littleminded some people are, one thing i cant understand in this world

  9. APositivePara



    This is the definition of a feelsbadman

  10. APositivePara


    Okay i think it's working... maybe. Let me know if you got any feedback.


    1. OxeN



    2. APositivePara


      @OxeN shhh!! I realised my stream key ain't working 😟

    3. APositivePara


      Aight should be working 😄 

    4. APositiveElmo


      I'll be there midlands boy

    5. APositivePara


      @APositiveElmo tryna get my voice to record, it's a faff atm

    6. Fae


      Feedback: needs 100% less para

    7. APositivePara


      @Fae never load my stream xo

    8. Fae



  11. APositivePara

    Child RP

    Can't deny @Brayces played a young character who's RP i actually enjoyed. She's young and naive, but at 16 isn't behaving like an innocent 8 year old, which is low key like "wtf" bc it's an apocalyptic scenario. So props to her. Either way, if you're playing an 8 year old play an 8 year old, as... dangerous as that would be.
  12. APositivePara

    Suggestion: Add military loot-spawns in expected locations.

    1: Votes yes. Just because i feel rather than having a few central locations full of shits loads of loot it should be spread out a lil more. 2: Voted no. Isn't needed, hangar sites probably wouldn't house shit loads of guns anyway and it spawns elsewhere. Places with hangars alrready have loads of loot. 3: Voted yes. Again why not, larger variety of areas.
  13. APositivePara

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    Man you are actually a top lad, love this development!
  14. APositivePara


    No. Just think of all the roleplay you can have looking for the supplies you lost again. Besides, being like "nobody can take my clothing" is going to be a piss take for reports. So much confusion. What if multiple people go into your base to steal shit all across the night, how are we to tell who stole what? This is where it gets too nitpicky and confusing. You chose to store shit in a base, your risk if you leave it there overnight.
  15. APositivePara

    Tale of Two Cities EVENT

    If this can not be cherno v elektro so my frames can survive i'd be down, otherwise gl. 60 people in cherno / elektro (given how big cherno and elektro actually are) would be too crazy
  16. APositivePara


    I do m iss these days ngl, recognising myself in the picture was an ego boost
  17. APositivePara

    Lore wipe and map change?

    or this ^^^ Change of scenery would be fuckin' beautiful at this point. An actual feeling of progression.
  18. APositivePara

    Lore wipe and map change?

    2 weeks into a lore wipe everything is basically the same as it was. Nah.
  19. APositivePara

    Change to Rule 3.6

    No, macros = you can forever bypass this rule.
  20. APositivePara

    Metagaming changes 3 week poll

    I like the idea of actually having to have a radio item on you in order to use IC comms, that makes sense, it's provable from the victims side sometimes. i.e.: if you kill somebody during a fight and are recording, you can actively go and see if they had a radio or not. As for double mic'ing, it's unfortunately causing more issues than its fixing. I'd rather reports have clarity and evidence consistently than a rule that people try to get around by stopping uploading evidence.
  21. APositivePara

    DayZRP 19.7.1

    At least there's logs for this shit now so that when I inevitably get yoinked by a landmine I know i can report the twatblast that placed it.
  22. APositivePara

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Shagged This poor lad ended his whole career with this play.
  23. APositivePara

    Zucchini party

    What a lootwhore, ScarL 2 m249s jfc @Fae
  24. APositivePara

    Bring back teamspeak?

    I miss group channels on TS for negotiations etc. +1
  25. APositivePara

    Option to RP out forced PKs.

    There are actions that are NVFL where you survived due to sheer luck. Would i perm a character over it? No. Sometimes people get lucky and that's how the cards fall. Edit: I voted no. Reason: fuck scripted endings. I get it that we all want to have the ending of our dreams, and most of the time we get that, but an outright scripted ending isn't natural RP. I'm fine with influencing your characters ending so you're satisfied, but outright getting to choose the ending is like... meh.
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