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  1. Staff Feedback: Harvey

    Link to the situation: N/A. Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: To save me repeating the same feedback to numerous CHs, I will @ all those who apply. So, @Josei, @Harvey, @Eddie and @Raptor. Put simply, I'm liking what i am seeing. It has been a long time since i've seen the helpdesk have that orange colour regularly in it. You 4 are the ones that I have seen regularly manning the helpdesk and your response times are p good too. Small, positive feedback, but i'm glad to see there's some effort being put in from the orange branch. Keep it up guys, the helpdesk had a lack of orange for a very long time. Suggestions for improvement: N/A
    • Para
    • Rolle

    But... there was 1 accused PoV, it was her own report situation (ergo bias), there's no evidence brought forwards yet?

    How is this justified and valid?

    Any action taken should always be done by a neutral 3rd party that is impartial. Her R4'ing them in her own situation is just flat out corrupt and biased.

    1. Mexi


      There was no evidence supporting either side.

    2. Rolle


      Rule 4 is not bound by any restrictions lads. Every admin can use it as they see fit, the admins are trusted their judgement when using it. If the admin team disagrees, it will be fixed.

    3. Mexi


      Either way, evidence should have been put forward and the report should have been put forward before a decision like that was made.. Literally nothing holds that other than HER word.. And considering it's HER report that shouldn't have happened.

    4. Rolle


      As an admin, she is trusted with her judgement to make decisions like these on her own. That's the whole point of R4 - not having to follow standard procedures, wait on PoVs, evidence etc. Once other admins come online I'm sure they'll take a look.

    5. Mexi


      Those trusted currently who are able to give out such a hefty thing should probably be looked over after something like that.

    6. Para


      Whilst that might be true @Rolle, you're automatically biased if you are the judge in your own case. That in itself means your judgement and decision making capabilities are flawed and you cannot be trusted to make the decision here. Her decision is skewed due to her experience, and in these cases there should always be the opportunity for the accused to defend themselves fairly in the report. They were not given the chance, they were not given evidence against them, simply R4'd by a biased and unfair judge. 

      You can't be trusted to make decisions in your own cases, that is fact. Whilst I understand the idea behind R4, the logic itself is flawed. AFAIK they had very little recent warning history, and cases against them in the past turned out not guilty. We go from that, to one accusation of a false report against her and that apparently justifies her using R4? This is biased, she cannot be trusted to make her own decisions in a case she is involved in. That is basic fundamental fact. 

      I'll leave it there however, and I really hope the admins will at least allow the report to be carried out like a regular BadRP / Trolling report. 

    7. Rolle


      @Paraand those who make it up to admin and get to use the rule 4 are trusted and experienced enough to make correct decisions despite their own bias. So to me the use of R4 in your own report or situation in which you are directly involved or even a victim is nothing controversial or wrong, it's working as intended.

      Whether the punishment of this rule 4 call is adequate to their wrong doing, that remains to be decided when other admins look at it.

  2. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to the situation: (Use "N/A" if not appropriate.) Your report here. Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: (Here you post the main section of your feedback. Keep it respectful.) @Aiko I don't know what the fuck just happened to make you turn like that, but you cannot be the judge in your own report. You're an administrator, yes, but what you 100% should never do is play the judge in your own case. This, itself, is the very definition of bias. It's an aggressive action that should not have taken place. This is your report, you should never handle your own situation. If another administrator saw what happened in the report and deemed it worthy of an R4 that is different. What is shown in the screenshot above is you being accused of something in retaliation, a perfectly legitimate accusation until proven otherwise. You chose to permanently remove somebody from your own simply because they threw an accusation back at you? This is the contender for one of the most corrupt abuses of power I have ever seen. You have created a dictator's image, that anybody who challenges your authority will be hit with an R4. Never from what I have ever seen is an accusation of a false report ground for an R4 permanent removal. If they were guilty of trolling, they should've been hit with a trolling verdict. They definitely should not have been permed by you, and especially not before you have actually presented damning evidence against them. We, as the public, have nothing to gauge as to whether your claims, or his claims, were valid. You also state here in this reply that "I would rather help someone learn, and grow than simply shove it in their face and yell at them for making a mistake. I can scold them, yes, but it would mean more to them and I am sure others as well if I understand where they are coming from as well." Idk if this is a bad day for you, but this action you've taken in this report is directly contradictory to what you've said you'll do in the past. This does not make you seem approachable, this does not make you seem like a friendly person, it is quite the opposite. Suggestions for improvement: Undo the damage you have done. Take a step back to reflect on the mistake made here. Actually provide evidence before using your 'authority' in this case. There is not proof of what they have done.
    • Para
    • Aiko

    Don't think i've seen you report somebody for a LONG time... must be serious :thinking_emoji:

    1. Elmo


      No Para, it wasn't serious, that's exactly why it was reported. Smh, learn2readkid

  3. Para

    When you think you've failed an exam but end up with a 2:1, get in!

  4. Para

    When you're geared up to take down the heli on Rust, but you partner @Methias has gone awol.


    1. Jasper


      I did the same thing to Honeybee earlier except we're bad at rust so we were struggling to get our house going without being murdered by marauders that wanted to kill us and steal our home. 

    2. Chewy


      Nobody asks me to play roost..

    3. Para


      Well come get your ass on then @Chewy

      @Jasper since i've been playing vanilla only i've been enjoying the game so much more. No scumbags with Daddy's credit card to raid my base twice a day because daily C4.

    4. BostonRP


      is rust actually worth playing

    5. Para


      it's a great game, just 90% of the servers are full of twats. 

    6. BostonRP


      do you still need a huge ass group in order to get anywehre

    7. Para


      Depends how big the server is, what rules are enforced etc. Like the server I play on at peak time has like 40 players and a max pvp group of 3, so you can hold your own playing solo. I roll solo 90% of the time when i'm playing and I rarely die.

    8. BostonRP


      looks like we're playing together buddieee

    9. Jasper


      Weawwww Boston, I told you to hop on with me and Honeybee and Alexis earlier, and all you said was 

      "I dislike people over the weight of 233 lbs" and left the channel.

    10. Para



    11. BostonRP


      para better than jasper

    12. Jasper


      You're not wrong. But it still hurts <\3

    13. Methias


      Um .. H-h-ello?

    • Para
    • Chewy

    The fuck have you done...

    1. Chewy


      Jim is fucking with us HELP ME

    2. Para


      Never mind you returned

    3. SweetJoe


      is jim being a good guy again?


      ::thumbs up::

    • Para
    • Ellie

    It took me nearly 3 years to realise this:

    d171ec9a5f2e42f1a5c450132a57faa0.png   550aebf2050ce09c6d0701411ffe8be7.png

    We joined the same day :D

    1. Ellie


      HOLY FUCK.. we're twinsies. 

  5. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Sorry to all of you, but it no longer makes sense for Havel to be in this group <3 too much has happened and him staying in the family would be wrong. Thank you all for the great RP opportunities <3
  6. All this sounds like to me is a complaint about gear. Gear != roleplay, nor should the quality of roleplay be associated with gear. This server isn't disappointing becuase you lost a couple of tents, you can get them back. If you're really bothered about losing shit, the roof of a building in a city is an awful spot to place a tent.
  7. Farewell

    Seems a bit... pointless to leave because of this. I read the report, and the appeal, would've been better to just take it on the chin @DeRoccya but up to you i guess. Better luck elsewhere.
    • Elmo
    • Para

    lmao what the fuck is this profile picture

    1. Mass


      It's from an Undertale fan comic called Reminiscence. Cringy af dialogue but genuinely good art.

    • Para
    • Eddie

    Eyy congrats dood

    1. Eddie



    • Para
    • Josei

    I demand you become "Lady in Orange". Name doesn't fit anymore. :trolle:

    (Grats Btw)

    1. Josei


      Thank you. :D

      My OCD is triggering rn because of it..

  8. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Tell me, would you want to run a hotspot if you and your small group of survivors running it could be attacked and forced out for as little as 'disrespecting' the hostile group? Would you want to run a hotspot where a large group would come in and enforce their own rules instead of yours every time? Even after knowing there's a very big chance you'll be seen as 'disrespectful' and the group will get hostile with you for simply requesting they follow your camps' rules? Just a couple thoughts your band of friends do with people that generally causes them to not want to set up hot spots.