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  1. RP with Rebirth today was interesting and i loved being there to see it. Sorry to @Cocomii @Phoenix and everybody else who was there as i didn't say much, it seemed like more of an internal thing when I was rolling with you.
  2. 5a2c7151e17ba82e619cdc669f487ed3.png

    oh my

    1. Boston
    2. Brady


      She likes my feet whats the issue

    3. Brayces


      NOOOOO, I DO NOT LIKE FEET. WHY! Stop ERPing with my feet while I'm NOT EVEN THERE!!

  3. [Game] Lame Super Powers

    Cool. You have no control over it though. You just travel randomly in time, forwards or backwards. I want the power of telekinesis .
  4. [Game] Lame Super Powers

    Okay. Strange but but aight. That's fine, but once you start you can't stop. I want the ability to be super strong.
  5. Ngl i actually shat myself when she suddenly called out "WHO'S THERE?! IDENTIFY YOURSELF!" @Idole ;-;
  6. @Ciecero that was a great RP session with you. Thanks for the great RP that you provided, was really fun to travel with you today.
  7. Leave my nan alone

    1. Para


      Where's your GM tag?


    2. Elmo


      Thanks for your support Moderators Para

  8. Oliver Fraser

  9. Lore wipe and maintenance time plan

    Might have to change the helpdesk channel name. Gonna be a struggle. Ngl though, kinda hyped for the upcoming changes lets hope it goes well.
  10. For all those people that like a cheeky bit of dubstep, this track is p awesome:


  11. </3 Sans made me sad, but so did Asriel.

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    2. Brayces



    3. Para


      I'd speak more... but if people were planning to play it and spoilers came in people would go ape shit ;-;

      people need to experience that shit raw

    4. Brayces



      That shit caught me OFF GUARD.

  12. Vac

    /closed as nothing new can be added to the thread. @Psi you are free to make a ban appeal when your VAC ban has expired.
  13. Delay the Lore Wipe

    That and I'm not sure we want 2 more weeks of the current DayZRP population actually IG. I've seen it at an all time low around peak times a lot recently.
  14. How does one notice somebody is a mute? 


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    2. Galaxy


      Well there's no other way of telling them on the RP server :ph34r:

    3. Para


      If they asked you to speak, you could shake your head or do sign language. If you're missing a tongue for example you could open your mouth etc. :P

      (it wasn't a malicious dig at you Galaxy <3 )

    4. Galaxy


      I know boo OOC hate is something I dont believe in to much as to stop it you dont read your monitor ;) Much love <3

  15. RP when the infection is fresh

    Start or lore wipe my character will only have a pistol to defend himself, and not a fully decked out FNX either. Something that i can realistically defend myself with when needed. I'm hoping many people will at least change the way the rp flows at the moment for a little while. It's a bit... unimaginable that everybody who actually is in SZ can use automatic weaponry like a god.