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  1. I think you touch on a very valid topic. 9.2 When your character dies you must continue your role play as if you were wounded in the situation that lead to your death. This rule exists, but nobody seems to actually rp out injuries sustained from fights at all. It's honestly one of the reasons I can't be bothered going in game. I see too many RPers who initiate very frequently and die in half of the fights, only to return and repeat within the space of a couple of hours. This rule is in place, but it's so hard to use against people who break it. To give some further in depth analysis / discussion: 1. I have seen this happen a few times. It's honestly rather strange when people suddenly have a fully functioning prosthetic arm capable of holding an assault rifle, and being able to shoot the thing at people. This in itself is concerning, let alone the fact I ask "where the fuck do you get a prosthetic arm from in Chernarus, it's not exactly a highly developed country is it?" 2. See point 1 for most reference, the first two are fairly linked. Only thing I can add to this is the fact that Chernarus wouldn't have anything other than a wooden one (most likely). But you're completely correct, prosthetic limbs wouldn't operate guns, nor would it really support them enough to shoot accurately or effectively. 3. Executions, in general, are a poor design for RP purposes within DayZRP itself. I believe that executions promote no purpose at all without a permadeath rule to follow. Now, the surrounding rules on this permadeath is an entirely different topic that I will not discuss here. That being said, without this type of rule, executing somebody is inconveniencing them OOC and that's about it. ICly, it makes no sense for you to execute somebody and then see them within the next month. People usually don't execute somebody 'nicely' do they? It's sprays of bullets, blunt trauma, wounding and many other forms of horrific punishment. The whole execution rights concept does not work, and half of the reason is that many people do not roleplay out their injuries. I wouldn't ask for much, a couple of days where your character is out of commision. 4. I think the idea with immortality comes from the "i choose when my character dies" idealogy. Now, within reason I am fine with having somebody choose when their character dies. However, I think if you actively attack somebody to the point where they have to kill you, you chose to kill that character as you chose to endanger it. You can't be a cunt to somebody else and then use 'rule armor' to protect your character from harm, it's unfair, unrealistic and bullshit. It's a problem I find with many people, especially as there is, again, no enforced permdeath rule. This immortality bullshit also means that people shrug off bullets and threats, and don't treat a danger post-apocalyptic world realistically. It kills RP for any other parties involved is horrible RP IMO. This 'my character loves to fight' idea is fine, but if he gets hurt why are you still following this idea. As you say, realistically you're out of commission for many months with some of the injuries sustained, and that would be if you'd had proper medical treatment to a good hospital's standard. Immortality is an issue that's been here for many months, and with it brings abysmal RP and this PvP over RP mindset. I understand PvP is a part of RP, i'm not saying it is not. But PvP is not RP when all you do is PvP with no consequence other than the inconvenience of losing your gear for a few hours at most. That is just PvP and is honestly another thing that kills my passion to get into RP. As i said in the quote, feel free to fire some discussion back at me, though for the most part i agree with you. That's my view on the whole immortality bullshit.
  2. Literally just downloaded it, logged in and 5 mins into spawning had to hard reset my pc due to a crash things are looking promising already. Bad omen.
  3. You need actual examples, proof.
  4. "2" is given a name to represent something, and basic laws of maths work because "2" + "2" does infact equal "4". Actually can't tell if you're trolling or not...
  5. You're fucking lost. "No need for proof"... since when have any accusations ever worked without direct proof?
  6. I'm sorry... whaaaaaaaat...? Those are some pretty wild accusations you're making there bud. If you want to make public claims like this actually using evidence and analysing it is advised. Also, if you have proof of bias or claims of metagaming etc, ranting about it publically on the forums is not the way to go about it. That's an issue you bring up with the admins.
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  7. If Radio's become an item you spawn with, which has been suggested to the devs, I'm all for this idea. I dislike the fact some people talk OOC all the time over radios despite being right next to each other, you're not RPing with each other if you do that. In game radios means people can actually hear you talking into your radio as well, something that adds so much more realism to situations. Radios also don't drain the battery in a radio too quickly either, provided it isn't left on 24/7. I like the idea, nice suggestion.
  8. No matter how often this gets brought up, the quality of RP always comes into context when it comes to new players. In all honesty, it works fine the way it is. The Admins are clearly able to see when somebody is struggling to grasp the rules. The OP seems to claim that quality of RP is linked to the new people quite heavily. I would somewhat disagree with this. The quality of RP isn't drastically changed at all by those that you would deem not worthy to be here. Why? Because they're usually banned within a few weeks, or end up getting their whitelist revoked. Going back to the Admins, the Admins can see how many attempts they've used and many of them use quite a few to even get whitelisted the first time. In addition to this, quality of RP does not correlate to how new you are to the community or how difficult the whitelist system is. @Terra sums it up very nicely. I had this conversation with Terra when I was first in staff, and she changed my view on making the whitelist harder. I meet a lot of people in the Helpdesk that have previous experience with other RP communities or areas etc. Some of those people also struggled with the whitelist. A perfect example of this person would be somebody called Jinx. She actually brought up a perfect example of a way to improve a question within the whitelist as she was struggling with it and she has also been in several other RP communities. Another issue to bring up with difficulty is that right now we don't have a PR team, nor do we really have any streamers playing here consistently. With that we get fewer people trying to join in the first place. Admittedly, a lot of the bad RP does come from the fans of streamers, people that want a quick way in to meet their idol however with few people, you have to weigh up how difficult your whitelist is. Make it too hard or too lengthy few people will try to join because it's tedious and not worth their time. I personally think that the whitelist system is hard enough as it is. From personal experience, it's really obvious when somebody will fail their whitelist a few times, like when they come into helpdesk and ask a Support member "which member of staff should i go to if I need help?" (Yes, this happens quite a few times when you're Support). On top of that, you have to take into account the rules passphrase section can be pretty lengthy to go through as well. Even back in 2015 when i joined, I thought I had read through every single rule thoroughly about 4 times and yet still I couldn't find it until my 5th reading. Many of you can argue "should've read it more carefully" but subjectively, and like with most people who actually try, we are trying more carefully. All in all, the whitelist system is easier than it was before. However, I think the whitelist system does it's job. It finds potential candidates for DayZRP, enough people apply to keep the admins busy and we get enough new players actually joined. It also sifts out the really bad from being able to play here, that much is really obvious. Even if people do get through who clearly shouldn't, the report system and the ability to revoke whitelists means that those who shouldn't be here are removed fairly quickly. Some people make mistakes, and thus they come back and usually improve somewhat. Making the whitelist harder is a bad choice IMO. Keep it the way it is.
  9. The attitude presented here is not helping the situation either. This isn't the first negative post you've made either so quit it. @Marcoooz, @JAMMIELAD, @IvIercenary and @TheMatt924 telling the op to 'jog on' or that he shouldn't attempt is not the right way to go about this situation. The sarcastic comments or abusive behavior are something that will not be tolerated in future. If the OP posts a question, the idea is to be constructive and support the person. If their attitude is poor enough then staff will handle it properly, it does not require you to tell them to get lost or to not attempt to whitelist. @Marlo Buffet you've received numerous answers to your questions, some being more helpful than others. If you need assistance with your whitelist feel free to PM any staff member on the forums or alternatively come to teamspeak and ask for verbal help from a staff member. We will be locking this thread as it seems to have run its course and the OP is fully informed on how to improve. With that said /locked.
  10. I think instead of rushing ahead and doing another attempt, you should go through all the content we supply for you to pass the whitelist, thoroughly. If you are getting things wrong, learn from it and read the lore + the rules carefully. If you put effort into trying to learn them you will succeed easily with the whitelist.
  11. One way to think is that not every character is from Chernarus and thus won't know it's history entirely. As Phoenix stated we're nearly 3 years into this mess so many people could have travelled here after long periods of time. That being said you still need to know it OOC.
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  12. Pretty sure he's talking about the ability to kill hostages at will, which isn't exactly dissimilar to what i was talking about. And even with this, that would mean 90% of people would not comply simply due to people always being able to execute them. I know for a fact that people wouldn't comply if they were 100% going to die anyway. It opens up a whole bunch of issues in terms of NVFL, RDM etc. Edit: Didn't say this was a suggestion thread, but he's suggestion an idea.
  13. You say people are tense, but a lot of people wouldn't kill for the sake of killing whereas 99% of the dayz community kills on sight. You want to argue realism in a game where there is very little in the first place. This isn't a good idea at all, and my opinion will remain the same throughout all of these suggestion threads that suggest similar ideas. If you want to find a way to get tension, KoS is not the way. KoS is the way you make people leave a roleplay community and the fear of being KoS simply because OOC some guy decided he wanted to is not good.