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  1. tumblr_odda3yk9s71vfhvz8o1_1280.gif

    🙂 sending them your way frens

  2. I see your point but if we're enforcing the effects of the radiation zone, they'd be dead straight up. Or dead shortly after so their actions would, if we follow the correct lore, cause their death. That was my thinking.
  3. COuld easily be thought of in terms of NVFL, BadRP etc. If somebody is in there and RP's out no injury despite lack of proper equipment I could see it being BadRP, or if done intentionally NVFL. But that's my thoughts on it.
  4. Ty for the answers btw, a thought that had just crossed my mind o7
  5. Might sound like an odd question, but lets say my group of 3 lads all have the needed protective gear to go into kamensk, but we have a hostage. If we want to expose him to that radioactive harm, is that fine and if so, what would they be required to actually RP out? (Think this would relate to powergaming IF a rulebreak, a thought that crossed my mind).
  6. Don't think there's ever quite been a news story that's pissed me off like this. How can she claim "have sympathy on me" -_-

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    2. Para


      @GMAK difficulty is she's contending it bc we can't leave her stateless. Our end says she's got Bangladeshi routes, but she's claiming she doesn't so there's contention if we can even actually boot her. 


    3. Solo


      Shamima Begum, more like Shamima Begone. 

    4. Roland


      Build a wall around EU IMO

      Also #SWEXIT

  7. This, plus @ScarletRose and whoever else was with her, unfortunately I do not know who they are OOC but I enjoyed your rp!
  8. This. Smoother; hostages can move more freely. Easy enough to carry out just gotta be efficient at taking their radio and that's about it.
  9. Paragraph 1: I'd gas him too, i mis-stated what I meant. I was saying if he steals my shit and knows it's mine he's got no room to cry if he gets blasted for it. Paragraph 2: I misunderstood then in that case, Paragraph 3: If we're going to bring back settlement rights then they need to be an officially documented thing on the forums, something that persists for a long time and related to official groups IMO to rain some control on them. I could see, with rigid control, the props of being able to shoot people breaking into your settlement.
  10. I'm going to politely disagree, but only with explaining why and what I think the best alternative is. I think there is a huge difference between committing a hostile action against a player for his belongings, and cracking something open to try and find supplies. The big difference here is how personal the "attack" is. It's not very personal to target a potential camp or stash. Now, i'm not saying this should be risk free. Personally, I udnerstood it that the knowledge you are committing a theft is key. I.e.: lets say we fist fight but i steal your bag when you're down. You've active stolen a bag from me, it is personal. If somebody is cracking into your stash, and you go "stop, hey this is my stash" and he continues, this is where it becomes personal. The person now has knowledge, for 100%, he is committing a theft against another person who is alive and well. If they don't stop, this is where you would be able to gas them without initiating. My personal take, i disagree with your methodology, but if somebody was knowingly stealing from me personally, once i've told him he's stealing i'd gas him if he didn't stop.
  11. @Elmo makes me wear it, but funnily enough (through RP means mind you) we actually got to test the ballistic helmet that I wear and it took him 3 headshots to kill me. The more you know
  12. But for real they just added 2 things back into the game, hardly a revelation when you realise they went from removing 75% of the weapons that existed before beta, to now like 70% of them.
  13. That is... the most hungover i've been in a while...

    my whole body is a YIKES rn

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    2. Para
    3. Stagsview


      Aw yes.... My holidays begin today.... 

    4. Simatho


      Nothing like some RP to cure a nasty hangover

  14. I've never actually been properly lost in DayZ. Was looking for vybor and was lost 100m away from it. REEE
  15. Link to the situation: Example 1, Example 2. Any supporting evidence or notes: See the above, I'll also make reference to your interview recently. Feedback: Hello Jim, hope you're doing well. I've looked at your methodology and your reasoning and I actually think, especially when you have a lot of old reports, your methodology is better. I've seen it elsewhere too, but the staff team is viewed to be making correct and unbiased decisions. These quick reports, where video evidence is present, should be handled quickly and efficiently like you did. You saw video evidence, you saw the facts and handled it accordingly. So this is partially good feedback for you, partially feedback for the staff team. Suggestions for improvement: Personally, the only thing I think we should be doing slightly differently is similar to how Administrators have handled appeals in the past. It's a slight mention to "the thread notes" which indicates that despite you solving this alone, you've made reference that there are several whom agree with the verdict. It basically combines both the validity that comes from a group decision and a quick and decisive verdict like you've done here. I personally think we should be pushing for this style of verdict that you've done. Quick, makes reference to a video present. There is no waffle, and the person is still free to appeal to other administrators if they feel they don't understand why they're banned. You mentioned in your recent interview this is how you feel staff members (GMs+) should be handling things, I'm curious has this been pushed for before or? Either way good job
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