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  1. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    So why, in the radio chatter, did you say "Didn't I see...?", and why only bring up the other people now?
  2. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    Please do not bump reports, the staff team will handle the report when they have the time available.
  3. Should Donators Have More Variety Options When It Comes To Their Backgrounds?

    I like, very nice Edit: @Rolle! This is discrimination against staff >:I
  4. Para

    Kinda wanna find a smite partner for next season's ranked. any volunteers? ^^ 

    1. Dan


      carry me

    2. Para


      Silver III lad, stuck at this rank. Probably is a bit low for you :P 

    3. Clumsy



  5. [GAME] Name Mixup

    I'd go with WhitePara but that sounds too much like White power and i'm not racist
  6. S1 : Invalid Kill in Stary - 4/15/2018 - 19:00

    Verdict: @NateRP [Invalid Kill - Roleplayed] Guilty @Anthony_Kriss [BadRP (Unnecessary OOC)] Guilty Explanation: First of all, we will address why we have chosen to keep this report open. The reason we have is because we do not wish to see the behaviour (explained below) go unpunished. The kill in this case was a ridiculous kill, one that we do not wish to see on our servers at any time. @NateRP in this situation your group had taken somebody hostage. As can happen, real life circumstances meant the OP of the report needed a little time to go AFK, his reasoning being a fairly urgent one. He explained to your group he needed a little time, as is shown in the chat logs and Anarchy acknowledges that. This is shown here in the logs: 21:55:11 | Chat("Anthony Kriss": // i got TO GO AFK 21:55:13 | Chat("Anthony Kriss": 30 SEC 21:55:24 | Chat("Hondo Hunt": //hURRY Knowing full well the OP is AFK, you chose to make a demand against him that would force him to either move or die. This is shown at 04:12 of the OPs video. Now, your side argues that the reasoning for this was because "we were in a tense situation," and " this guy just stops in the middle of the fucking field leaving us with no cover". As can be seen in the video, merely 5 meters away was a bush line, still within VOIP distance of the OP; An easy source of cover. The fighting is also happening elsewhere, and the OP on a hillside, restricting the field of view the situation could be seen from. You were not in any immediate danger thus you yourself were not in any form of tense situation yet you killed the OP hastily whilst knowing he was AFK. This is an unfair kill, and as explained previously, the kind of kill we do not wish to see on the servers. The kill cut off any form of RP that could've been had. Because of this, you have been found guilty of an Invalid kill. We have also chosen to aggravate the punishment for the blatant misrepresentation of facts, and the blatantly unfair reasoning to kill him. Lastly we will address the unnecessary OOC posed by the OP. @Anthony_Kriss throughout the situation you have littered the logs with OOC. A fair amount of this is unnecessary, some of it is difficult to decipher just what was about or why you posted it. I refer you to the following rule: 5.4 OOC communication can be done only through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. You may not speak OOC using ingame voice. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication. The logs are shown in the spoiler below: As is stated in the rule, OOC must be used when absolutely necessary. Being in gamer is not the time to be sorting out TS perms or discussing reasons to murder, that can take place out of game in and OOC discussion. Because of this, you have been found guilty of BadRP. Outcome: @NateRP [Invalid Kill - Roleplayed] aggravated punishment (5 ban days, 10 warning points). @Anthony_Kriss [BadRP (Unnecessary OOC)] punishment (5 ban days, 10 warning points). Verdict by @Para, @Harvey, @Brayces and @Spartan.
  7. Ciao

    Damn, another good one gone take care dude o7
  8. Cya

    ;-; ElmoRP come back to us soon, i miss you already bb xoxoxo :* <3
  9. S1 : Invalid Kill in Stary - 4/15/2018 - 19:00

    @Mr.Panda thank you for your PoV, your temporary ban has been lifted. Please keep an eye on the report in case we have any further questions.
  10. Para

    Damn, you gotta love DayZ.

    Running to Novy, find a camp. Realised camp has VERY RECENTLY been looted, DayZ crashes in the camp. Now you're like... shiiiiiiit i'm gonna get blamed for this camp being raided aren't i?

  11. S1: KoS in Cherno - 04/14/2018 ~19:25-19:30

    Verdict: @VictusRP [Invalid Kill - Firefight] Guilty. Explanation: First we'll recap the situation. This situation took place during the event involving pilots who had to be taken to various checkpoints, one of them being Kamenka. @yasen400 and his party had acquired the two pilots and were making there way to Kamenka (the first checkpoint). As they get there, it seems a firefight has broken out. They push on, before Yasen400 bumps into an unknown man, asking him if he is CDF (part of the event mission). The man, @VictusRP, turns and guns Yasen400 down. @VictusRP in this situation you try to justify the kill on yasen by saying he had a white arm band and was with the coalition. However, in this situation normal server rules applied. He was not apart of the people you had been fighting and there were no special rules regarding KoS. Yes he wore an arm band and was siding with the coalition, but the coalition is a larger group of people collaborating together not an official group (therefore group shared kill rights do not apply here). Here you gun him down after he tries to identify you, but instead of figuring out if he is actually in the group of the people you are fighting, you choose to simply kill him. @yasen400 was not in the group you were fighting, therefore he gained no kill rights on any of anarchy during the fighting and you gained no kill rights on his party. We understand, yes he was with the coalition, but what you argue essentially means that 1 person from the coalition initiating gives you kill rights on the whole of the coalition. This is simply not the case, and would be very unfair. As is stated here in the rules: He tried to identify you, you failed to properly identify him, therefore we have found you guilty of invalid kill - firefight. The kill is regarded as a firefight KoS instead of regular KoS due to the firefight that had actually broken out in the area. That being said, we also understand that in this situation there were a lot of circumstances that added to the confusion. He was wearing a white arm band and knew a fight had broken out, he was identifying as part of the coalition who you were currently fighting. Because of this reasoning, we have chosen to give you a verbal warning instead. Outcome: @VictusRP [Invalid Kill - Firefight] Verbal Warning. Verdict by @Para, @Stagsview and @Brady.
  12. Can we kill radio chatter yet

    I think the key argument you guys always raise is: Deal with it in game, it's RP.
  13. War rule.

    As much as we disagree a lot, you actually raise a very valid point here. Personally, I don't see the rule working out at all. As the largest group, you and your boys almost never have to comply as you know you could handle the fight. This is often, IMHO, why people try to avoid conflict with anarchy. They can't take you captive and know their chances of winning are going to be slim thus we, as the other side, don't engage in conflict with the largest group of the best PvPers. So a war rule would, potentially, allow people to strike back against anarchy. That being said, i think your point conpletely negates the benefit to the situation above (if people were at war with you). You run a hotspot, people both in and out of your group don't want there to be constant sniper shots fired at the town just for the sake of a few kills. It would breed salt as nobody really wants to just be randomly killed. So nobody is really going to declare war on you because they're nowhere near equal in capability, and i doubt you'd accept a war knowing you could just be killed randomly in your hotspot 4 times a day.
  14. Para

    I wanna die

    1. Elmo



    2. Samaritan


      Please don't.

    3. Genji


      what a mood

  15. S1: KoS in Cherno - 04/14/2018 ~19:25-19:30

    Calling in @Major and @Spartan for their PoVs.