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  1. Para

    • Para
    • DrMax

    So we're literally resorting to stealing artwork now are we?

    Was hoping my first post back here would be positive but you do this all the time. She told you you couldn't use that artwork, I'd suggest you use your own work, or something the person who designed it said you could use.


    1. BanksRP



    2. Sleepyhead


      Sorry, but why would you post this? Why wouldn't you, or Clumsy the one who is upset about it, just send a PM to Max? What's the issue? 

      I hate to say it, but it's a picture of a famous person with some editing done to it. I'm not sure that anyone can "own" a picture of a public person. 

      Saying Max "does this all the time" is a pretty bold statement. 

      Not sure why you've come back just to publicly call someone out on the forums, but that's kind of shitty. A PM would have sufficed. 

    3. LukeRP


      I too like to roleplay starwars.

    4. G19RP


      @LukeRP Where do you RP that? I too would like to join in.

    5. LukeRP
    6. BanksRP



    7. Jamie


      We should bring back the meme thread, this is a cracker.

    8. DrMax


      Jesus what a lovely thing to wake up to! First off, welcome back! Second, she sent it me in a PM and I saved it 🤔

      I don’t see the issue. She could always PM me ya know if there was an issue?? @Sleepyhead, he did actually PM me as well, but maybe they just wanted to show the world I’m an art theif!

      Watch out! I’m going for the Mona Lisa next! 

    9. Roland


      There is no need to be sarcastic, Game Masters.

      That being said, I don't think using a picture as an avatar would be considered stealing. Especially if that picture is just an edit of a photograph of an actress. That's hardly an "artwork" belonging to the person who edited it.

    10. A Reformed BorisRP

      A Reformed BorisRP

      welcome back

    11. Solo


      Lol what? 

    12. Zero


      So.. where that Star Wars RP at?

  2. Para

    Farewell <3

    Stay in touch Lyca
  3. Para

    The bar is now part of the floor.

    Take care Elmo, DayZRP lost a good one today, Stay in touch bb xoxo
  4. Para

    Yeah..... no. Bye.

    Take care boris o7 hope you enjoy your time here You take care too You know I appreciate you Wish you the best of luck within staff, hope you can get your red back soon o7 Appreciate the kinds words, you take care here o/ Wish you the best sleepyhead o/
  5. Para

    Yeah..... no. Bye.

    o7 Some things are beyond a joke, my time here is done. Was gonna leave a long rant about how some disqualifications are a joke but that much has become obvious. If you want the reasons feel free to DM me, I've told a lot of you in the past why you're great and should keep your chins up.
  6. Para

    Abyss Corporation

    Oh shit good luck boys!
  7. Para

    Oooh, look who's back!

    Good to see you back @Cow o7
  8. Para

    Real life picture Thread

    Actually looks p lit tbh, should show us when it's healed
  9. Para

    how to not die of starvation every hour or so?

    This ^ If you just scavenge areas not constantly being scavenged you can easily find enough food and water to survive. The game makes food and water a requirement now, so it's actually vital and important, all you have to do is invest a little time collecting the stuff, just like you would in a zombie apocalypse. @Zero p much sums it up entirely.
  10. Para

    Hello Everyone

    Oh shit he's back! Good to see you back my dude, missed you n your antics!
  11. Para


    Server has been popping again at the moment, and if people are willing to pay 100-200 euros simple for cosmetics and TS channel perms people are willing to pay 25 to be able to play here again.
  12. Para


    I like this, got no criticisms. +1 @Roland
  13. Para

    How about some Optimism?

    Yeah i wrote my answer fairly quickly. General opinions posted like once was more what I was thinking of, but I am well aware people have been told to shut up or get out when all they post is negativity on the forums.
  14. Para

    How about some Optimism?

    If somebody doesn't enjoy the game or an aspect of it they have every right to post their feelings on a community revolving around that game.
  15. Para

    Make Dayzrp great again!

    No because huge bias, it'd become a popularity contest. @Roland and those he lets decide are the ones to lift the shackles or not.