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    Good to see somebody back in staff that might get shit done, 

    Good luck o7 

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      Thank you, Lewis. 

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    Call to Anya

    *Eli quickly yanks the radio back, holding down his push to talk* But you smiled at her, and only her, 2 mins after meeting her, and want to meet her specifically right? Nothing at all like that. If you wanted to get to know me, why just send this out to her. You only talked about her. *he releases his transmit button, tossing the radio back to her*
  3. Para

    Call to Anya

    *Eli quickly takes Anya's radio, holding down the push to talk* Yea... don't get to know me or anything, not like you met us both at the same time. Just the one with a vagina, right? *The sound of Anya struggling to get the radio back can be heard in the background as he releases the transmit button*
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    Good profile song good song

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    Flame baiting appeal

    I would like to add on to my previous post, seeing as there seemed to be a bit of emphasis on "keep in character in character." Even when in character, on the forums it's a perfectly natural thing to have an OOC reaction to what somebody is doing. What they did, in many people's eyes, is a pretty shitty thing to do in general. When somebody raids you camp whilst offline, your immediate reaction isn't a positive one. It's done in an unfair manner. When they then brag about it on the radio, well your reaction goes from a negative one to an even more negative one. That is all my reaction is, a slow clap in response to a shitty thing done in character. Could I have kept it in character? Sure. But to point there, in my eyes, is essentially saying i'm not allowed to have a negative opinion on somebody's IC actions. People react to other people's RP and actions OOCly all the time, it's an opinion on what they do.
  7. Eli was just your average kid growing up. He enjoyed sports like football, and would quite often go out cycling or swimming with his father. The two of them had a very close bond as he grew up, the future looking very strong for the pair of them. Eli, who looked a lot like his mother ironically, behaved a lot like his dad, sharing similar interests in hobbies. The two of them spent a long time bonding together whilst he was young, and being an only child there wasn't really anybody else for him to bond with other than his mother. Eli and his father would, quite often, spend weekends away on a trip to a national park or up to the highlands in Scotland to enjoy the mountain scenery. He was, in that respect, fairly fit for his age. His father, who was of Chernarussian blood, was used to the more natural aspects of things, coming from a more rural / less developed country. He loved the countryside, and when he moved to England fell in love with the beautiful scenery, he was glad his son shared that interest. Just before the outbreak, Eli and his father went home to Chernarus, finally getting an opportunity for Eli to meet his grandparents. The two of them were booked into a hotel for a month, a chance to explore the Chernarussian countryside together. This wasn't to last however, as the outbreak soon claimed their entire life encircling them like lions to prey. For the most part, things were going well. The two of them, being used to living outdoors and surviving on their own initiative at times, were capable of holding their own and playing it smart. However, after approximately 6-7 months, he returned to their little camp to see his father captive. He hid, but not being armed could not save his father from the horrors that awaited. A group of men, turned psychotic by the terror of this new world, had attacked, tortured, and not long after, murdered Eli's father. Eli spiraled into despair, decline, his mind fragmenting at the loss of the only person he had. Eli's mind remained blank for about another week. He only had basic instincts magnified many times. He became more dangerous, his body basically a husk containing a soul but no heart of mind. Eli was sat at a fire one evening, when he heard a voice call his name. It was soft, male sounding. At first he thought it was his father, which snapped him out into what was a cruel bit of hope, desperation. There was silence, before the voice repeated itself, calling him name again. Another pause, followed by the voice introducing itself as 'Andy'. Eli was frantically searching about, trying to find out if somebody was searching him. He couldn't figure it out, how would the voice in the distance know his name. After a lengthy delay the voice became fully fledged, speaking to him. Eli thought he was crazy at first, it took him another week to get used to the voice being in his head. Even when it wasn't speaking, it kept him up at night just panicking about what had happened to him, how horrible it was to be this 'crazy', to have a voice in his head. Not long after Eli began to accept the voice in his head, it seemed to calm him, bring him back to earth. It started to glue Eli back together where nobody else would / could, reforming the bond he lost with his father. When you think of Eli, you need to think of 2 people in one. After the traumatic experience with his parents, Eli developed Schizophrenia which gave him a voice in his head known as 'Andy'. Now, you might picture Eli as a dangerous kid, however this is not the case. Eli's schizophrenia was, in a sense, a way for his mind to be put to rest. The voice talks to him, nurtures him in a way his parents no longer could. Trapped in a lonely world, with nobody left this voice was his only company, and in many sense, what kept him sane. Eli is only kept sane by this voice in his head, an alternate personality of himself that keeps him from lashing out or acting irrationally. Eli is a kind hearted kid, nothing dangerous. He's kind to those he meets and generally sees the best in humanity. He, despite having a second voice, is usually a logical thinker. The second voice helps him discuss options in his head, and whilst he can be slow sometimes, he usually chooses the 'right' decision as a consequence. He's relatively sporty and hard working, but this often means he clashes with those who take things for granted too much. Eli would never voluntarily harm somebody, however without 'Andy' the lines start to blur. Eli retains a deep anger for those that killed his parents, and forgiveness isn't something he's used to giving. It's difficult for Eli to form a grudge, but once he has formed them it's almost impossible to shift it, especially with Andy's words of encouragement. ► Football. ► Swimming. ► Cycling. ► Logic ◄ Winter. ◄ Cheating. ◄ Being taken for granted. ◄ Idiocy. ◄ Murder. ◄ Being called crazy. ►'Andy' ► Anya Kuzma ◄N/A.
  8. Para

    Flame baiting appeal

    Now given little context I understand the question, might sound odd, but the following can be verified by @Roach if needs be. As a mafia, the whole point when I first joined up was we were supposed to be more mysterious. Consequently, one of the things we are told when we join is no radio threads, largely due to it being a big dicking contest a lot of the time. A piece that helps verify this is the group page, just beneath the logo.You want us, you get our frequency and contact us in TS. The idea was to be something inaccessible on the forums, recruitment and radio were to be done in game / in ts in an IC manner. Again, might sound odd but it was one of the ground rules set in place to try and create a more mysterious vibe. The very reason we stay out of radio threads, was due to big dicking existing, which of course lead to my reaction OOC, which was more like a "congratulations" than anything. It's a teensy bit frustrating when people raid your shit whilst offline and brag about it on the forums. The only person who broke this rule AFAIK was @Gallo, who basically chose to do what he wants (no offence Gallo lylt). Hopefully this explains the context to the first part of my status update.
  9. Para

    Chernarus Insurgent Brigade (IC Recruitment)

    I like the roster, although I feel it could be neater and smaller, it occupies most of the page. Other than that, most of your goals seem to revolve around torture / recruitment, which doesn't really seem like a goal. They also seem very ... easy to complete as you can just torture a survivor, put a radio broadcast out and it's done. Last thing, the general lore about the group seems very short, without much description on how the group formed, why the group formed etc. My first glance feedback.
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    *gets blocked*

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      Is this the next "onomah son" lmao

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      Yes it is.

  11. Jasper wasn't like ordinary kids. He came to realise very quickly that life revolves around serving those who already have too much, and so life became more or less meaningless to him. A big part of this came from the fact his father co-owned a rather large business back in England, and consequently had very little time for any sort of family life. His mother, practically drank herself through depression. Her fling with a big business owner on a night out sounded like a good idea at first, but the fruit of their love making held a permanent weight on her heart and life. Jasper, born a nuisance in a world where he wasn't particularly wanted, lost his mother at the age of 13. She died of liver failure (surprise, surprise), leaving his father with a child he had to 'take care of' and by that I mean throw money at it until it goes away. He had everything he could've wanted in terms of possession, but lacked any form of emotional connectivity. Due to his upbringing, Jasper lacked the capability to form any meaningful bonds with those around him. He was physically incapable of harboring any form of emotional connection with practically everybody. Growing up he lacked any kind of drive or motive towards any goal in life. Call it bleak, but he seemed to just drift. His grades were as average as one could expect from somebody who put little effort in, all except for one class: Psychology. Being a sociopath, Jasper had a unique understanding of how humans worked. He was constantly assessing those around him during adolescence, trying to find out deeper things about people, twisting conversations to get snippets of details. However this also lead to him becoming a bit... difficult. His activities and hobbies weren't exactly normal. If he got a thrill out of it, he did it, giving little regard for the lives of those around him. At 15 there was a horrific accident involving a fire which cost his 'friend' his life, something that would phase an average person, but not Jasper. It was an excitement and shit happened. He shrugged it off, concealing any of his involvement and moving on with his life. Using some of the excess money he'd been given by his father, Jasper ended up heading to Italy on what was to be a binge holiday. With zero fucks to give and a life that he couldn't give one about, he booked himself a ticket, a hotel and headed out there. He partied most nights, got drunk almost every evening just to pass the time. It wouldn't be a surprise if his liver was strangling itself by this point either, but being 30 years younger than his mother, his was still youthful and healthy. The first few weeks were fairly dull, until he met this one woman called Melody. Cracking lass, great body and a few shots later he was laying on his back, barely an idea what the fuck was going on with this beautiful girl on top of him. It was a usual fling on the first night, the two of them going their separate ways. A few nights down the road, he went back to the same bar he'd met melody. He could barely remember her from that night, though that night was one of his heaviest binge drinks, the hangover lasted a full day. Heading over to the bar, there she was, the same girl sitting on the same bar stool he'd approached her on last time. He plucked up his usual charm, approaching the fine young lady, trying to find out if she remembered him. To his surprise, she did remember him. The two of them started conversing again, though he was more interested in her this time so gave the drinks less of a hit that night. She ended up inviting him back to her hotel, which was surprising to him being as she'd disappeared that previous morning. From then on the two of them spent quite a few nights together, meeting up almost every day. They'd lounge around their hotel pools during the day, go out partying during the evening and wind up at one or the other's hotels for the night. At this point it was still just a fling, an extended one. He was interested in what he could do with her at first, what he could get her to do. She seemed very easy to control during her manic phase, at least that's what he thought. He was, of course, completely unaware she was bipolar, nor was she aware of him being a sociopath. It lasted a couple of weeks like this, he thought the two of them clicked very well. However this was all a farce as she was in her manic state, excited, hyper and ready to keep up with him. Once her hyperactivity settled down, she started to realise he was more dangerous that she thought. He went too far one night, and she re-evaluated whether he was worth it. He caught on fairly quickly and before long the two were in a blazing argument and had gone their separate ways. Until people started biting one another and the whole world went to shit..
  12. Para

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    o7 group, was fun whilst it lasted. Special thanks to @Roach, @Dank Mems, @Clumsy, @Sam Fields, @Dakotaen and errybody else who regularly RP'd with me. It was a pleasure. Don't be a stranger.
  13. Para


    Really wish they'd stop fucking with the Heirloom rifle on Realm Royale, thing is so hard to get used to when it's constantly changing.

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      Yep, I felt the same way when I got pointed for that. I knew things were strict these days, but i'm hoping to lord gaben himself that sarcasm isn't prohibited.

  15. Para

    Flame baiting appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://i.gyazo.com/6141cbb4534c2bfa854295bfeb94330f.png Why the verdict is not fair: Here is the radio chatter that I will use for reference. Now this radio chatter contained the usual big dicking over the radio. They came in, stole some shit whilst we were offline, bragged about it on the radio. The kind of thing you get tired of hearing, and the kind of thing that OOCly kinda makes you go "Well... how about you do it whilst online instead of hiding behind a radio" even OOCly. There's nothing you can do ICly even if it's your settlement. Now, my status update was my reaction to seeing that somebody had big dicked again on the radio. It is sarcastic in nature, I'll give you that, but this is still my reaction to seeing somebody had big dicked me over the radio. But this is a sarcastic reaction, which respectively isn't really that bad at all. Like, everybody is sarcastic from time to time. Pointing that is essentially saying that we're not allowed to react negatively at all OOCly, which is just... well, silly. If something as simple as sarcasm, which a group of individuals arguably provoked out of me, is seen as flame baiting them to me this is just ridiculous. Like, it's sarcasm in response to something. I don't see how this warrants points for flame baiting, respectively this is something very, very small. Like, it's a slow clap and if a slow clap warrants point then i don't even know any more. The status update was about my reaction, and if a slow clap is enough to be points then Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Now first thing I will say is if the people my status update targeted reported this, disregard what I say below. What I said above still stands. Now I looked at my warning message, and I spoke to @Whitename, and both use the word 'could'. Example A. From what I understand, we're pointing me because they 'could' react negatively. My post was sarcastic, you're pointing me on a possibility that they could react negatively, not that they have sought to have me punished for 'provoking' them. Whether or not somebody sees something as flame baiting is entirely different to what could happen. My status update had targets, if those people did not react negatively, then how is it possible for my post to be flame baiting? The very people my status update was about did not react negatively, so how can I be flame baiting them? Flame baiting is very much a personal thing, and why we're pointing on behalf of somebody else I don't know. I did discuss the similarity with flaming, but in most cases flaming is pretty obvious. It consists of insults and is an actual attack on the individual so I don't seen this as similar. Again, disregard my comment if the people involved reported it. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points What could you have done better?: Err, maybe not reacted a bit negatively in the first place.