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  1. Para Cringe

    Para Cringe

    "We do not believe"


    "We, as the GMs, have a more important opinion on the facts of the matter than you."

    This is becoming too frequently used ngl

    1. Queerios



    2. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      bad take

    3. Whitename


      I think in this case the points were unwarranted but there does come a point where the staff have to interpret things rather than look solely at what’s there. Such as posts about Brazil making fun of a specific community member as FB. 
      Should staff make assumptions and guess at shit 24/7? Hell no. And it’s waaaaay too common currently. But I think there’s a point where making reasonable interpretations that go beyond a doubt is required

    4. Para Cringe

      Para Cringe

      @Whitename sure, some grevious bollocks should be acted on but it's being used far too frequently and it's quite literally the GMs going "Yeah it's our word vs yours and we're right." This is just way too frequently used as justification in appeals at the moment. 

    5. Whitename


      Exactly, I agree 100%. It needs to be toned way down, R4 exists for a reason and that’s when the admins need to use their authority to step in and make assumptions. But when assumptions don’t NEED to be made what the hell is the point of making them? 

    6. Inferno


      If there is an issue with what the GMs have done the person who is affected by the decision is free to get an admin to overlook their decision. 🙂

    7. Para Cringe

      Para Cringe

      @Inferno feel free to relay this feedback on to the admin team then. If my public status update wasn't clear enough that some people are getting tired of GMs working off assumption in a word vs word scenario then I will state it plainly: People don't like GMs frequently basing their verdicts off "We think so."

    8. Whitename


      @InfernoDodging a general complaint about staff procedure with “If you feel something isn’t right feel free to report it :)” Especially with the smiley face is unproductive and comes off sarcastic. This relates to recent staff behaviour not just the recent appeal. 

    9. Whitename


      You should be proactive in this type of stuff. 

    10. Inferno


      @Whitename Para and I just finished a nice, long, and productive conversation about this issue as well as some other topics. Not all points may have been talked through but still has been done. It’ll only be considered dodging if I ignored his message or sent him to another admin. The smiley may feel sarcastic and you are fine to think that. To me it represents a friendly face who’s open and there to help. Thank you for your feedback on this, I genuinely appreciate it.

    11. Whitename



    12. Inferno



    13. AndreyQ


      just make me GM, problem fixed


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