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  1. Para Cringe

    Para Cringe

    A lore event team executed a hostage that was fully compliant, yikes. 

    Perhaps its best we don't change to "no pulling punches". @AndreyQ that whole video is a yikes.

    1. Final Banksyy

      Final Banksyy

      man icl kinda makes me not wanna get involved with events if its gonna be people who don't care about actually roleplaying and more so 'lol we have rights shoot'.  @Duke Maybe next event you can pick random players who actually want to roleplay and join in instead of asking your friends to 'roleplay' with you in the event.

    2. ShroudKN


      Yeah that was kinda nasty 🤢 

    3. Rover


      tbh, I would like that to be reported.

    4. Para Cringe

      Para Cringe

      @Rover that's over to @AndreyQ. The man doesn't like to report folks but he's been blasted (IMO invalidly) twice in 2 events. 

    5. Whitename


      Reports are whatever, shouldn’t even happen in the first place. Can’t skirt around the issue of bad volunteers for lore events with “just report it”

      Take charge, don’t place the burden on Andrey to report or otherwise try to fix a problem that exists in how we get volunteers for events. Points and a ban aren’t the solution — kick the people who did this crap out of the events Discord, say sorry, move on with better event volunteers

      That ^ isn’t specifically to you Rover, rather the person orchestrating the events

    6. AndreyQ


      @Rover kill is technically valid which is why I won't report.

    7. Hofer


      This will be looked thoroughly into and handled.

    8. DukeLR


      I always send out a ping through the event Discord with 50+ people in it. Anyone is free to volunteer at any point. @Banksyy

    9. Roleplayer


      I should lead the volunteer roleplay team. 

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