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  1. Chadalize admin now


  2. Sweet looking concept, look forwards to seeing this in game. -1 though because the A isn't capitalised and it's triggering to look at
  3. zzz arbitrary rules zzz

    1. Elmo Cringe

      Elmo Cringe

      who got pointed

    2. Stagsview


      Beanz where lost in the firefight.

  4. This looks epic tbh, looking forwards to seeing how this interacts with everyone! Good luck!
  5. The map has more than enough room lmao The amount of free terrain with stuff actually in it is amazing. Look at the map, there's loads of free room outside the main city. It's a well polished map that has lots to do in it and less random useless terrain. Love to see iut.
  6. You put Bohemia to shame man. The map quality is actually insane.

  7. until

    If there isn't a plane crash i can be the only survivor of -1
  8. Is it bad that I kinda hope new map deletes military weaponry from existence and we all have to make do with whatever crappy rifle we can find? 😂

    1. Bear


      No, it's not bad, it's cool.

      I think that would be pretty sick, it'd be the end of '308' gaming shouts and other stuff, making do with little is the way forward imo, fingers crossed.

    2. Stagsview


      100% agree fella make it happen

    3. Jade


      pls god I want to suffer


    4. Stagsview


      stfu lesbian @Jade

  9. @Elmo Cringeis like an oracle i swear. Hubs become boring because people don't leave them / don't use them for their intended purpose. People not leaving the hubs means those roaming / looking for dynamic encounters cannot find any which turns into people attacking settlements out of boredom more frequently. Both are issues and I'm not blaming either more than the other. If hubs became somewhere people visited rather than resided we'd likely see fewer compaints from all sides of the spectrum.
  10. Gonna be real, not giving details is the absolute worst thing you can do. If there's a mistake we made in the summer of last year it was providing 0 hype, 0 information and nothing for the community to build hype off. The Deer Isle project was received awfully and nobody gave a shit (understandably). People have gotta be given ideas gradually so they can come up with their own concepts and (hopefully) get excited for it.
  11. tenor.gif?itemid=4249112

    1. Elrod



  12. about time tbh we'd been discussing how silly the kill rights rule is for months when I was admin. Love all these changes coming
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