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  1. APositivePara


    One of the most memorable days of RP i've had in a very, very long time.

    Thank you to all of my raider friends for this situation, especially @Otto, @APositiveElmo, @Kordruga, @AndreyQ and @RedSky. Hunting him was definitely worth all the effort we put in, Elmo with the eagle vision to finally spot him. I almost lost him before doubling back to realise i'd overtaken him. Shoutouts to new VOIP shouting.

    Secondly a thank you to @StagsviewRB and any other LMs / GMs in the promotion of this new lore. It has been thrilling to get involved with and to have an active part in. Thoroughly enjoyed the character growth and struggles. Shoutouts to those that volunteered to die as a demonstration of guns blazing tactics. Immersive firefights are breathtaking.

    To all those that played a part leading up to the demise of Jason D'pres, whom i got my information from and gave top notch RP to us as i followed the trail of clues, thank you.

    Really good shit from everybody, very enjoyable experience and i look forwards to what becomes of the death of RedSky's character.


    1. APositiveElmo


      Ty to @StagsviewRB for the ambush at the end. This sort of pro-active event-making is exactly what the LM team should be doing.

    2. APositivePara


      Completely agree. A spontaneous firefight was both thrilling and terrifying. I'd take a b ullet to the vest and a hail of gunshots in the air every day for events like this.

    3. StagsviewRB


      Once again, I hold the cards..

    4. Mugin


      I'm still worried Radek will get a cold sore...

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