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  1. APositivePara

    Tougher and roaming infected

    P sure a variety of infected types is being worked on and +1 to that. Roaming infected? Make a few hordes roam the woods like wolf packs. Huge ones, like 50 zombies. Would be p cool to see tbh if possible.
  2. APositivePara

    Racism in game.

    Eh... you make some good points. Quantity isn't always quality and I get that. I just personally think it has a very good chance of putting off a lot of enthusiastic newcomers from the surprise factor. It would heavily depend on which streamers came in IF any, and I've actively disagreed and disliked some streamers in the past so fair point. in terms of banning the RP altogether, I mean it's kinda a decision for the owners to make as to whether allowing it is worth the downsides. It does have some pretty horrendous downsides for the more external areas of DayZRP. For us we've all accepted its existence, hell you can see I was in Cerna Liska when they got group of the year. I think my reason for disliking it is that it feels very quick, sometimes done trolly or just the pool of groups has recently been too full of the more "nationalistic" areas. If the same topic if being beaten constantly, like a drum, it's going to get old and disappointing fast and "nationalism" (which i know sometimes isn't fully racism but it has racial undertones) is definitely being flogged like a dead horse.
  3. APositivePara

    Racism in game.

    When A) People take it seriously as a whole B) it's not used for memes C) it's banned bc it actively makes people not want to play here. Everybody here is currently accepting of it, fair, but if you want public attention, bringing people in, streamers etc. you gotta stop the shit that makes them not wanna stream like extreme profanity. It's the way it works. As a whole I see a lot of newer players seem baffled by the fact we can actively use such hostile words, so for the greater benefit of the community it should be banned. Dismissing this as "another one of those threads" is just pointless and demeaning. Like as a community our objective should be to be welcoming, inclusive not a "If you don't like it you can leave" perspective. All that results in is alienation all because your fictitious character "needs" his freedom of speech. You wanna play a gangster, people can actively play characters without the more extreme languages it's proven elsewhere in other communities. I ask why you need to use the sort of vocab? Language doesn't offend me but I'd prefer to have a thriving community that feels welcoming that put a load of people off because 20 or so people NEED to use that vocab for their characters, especially when it gets thrown around so loosely.
  4. APositivePara

    Racism in game.

    Racism is used as a meme by a lot, it being allowed probably puts off a lot of people in terms of PR, streamers etc. Blanket ban seems appropriate tbh.
  5. APositivePara


    But that's the point, we're on the same page and I'm saying you have the tool available to prevent that abuse / executions happening too soon: Ruleplay. The fix isn't to completely uno-reverse-card it and make it so that no executions can happen for a hostage lying constantly. Hostages have to behave realistically, yes, but if I killed him for not behaving realistically, under the current ruling, what you have is one case of NVFL and one case of IK-Roleplayed. It's not the solution.
  6. APositivePara


    And if the torture RP still leads to "Don't know what you're talking about?" You're talking like executions happen at first instance. Executions should always be the last resort. Always.
  7. APositivePara

    Combat Logging addendum

    If you're not in the server when initiation drops you shouldn't have kill rights, nor should you be able to log in within a certain distance. We have position logs bring back the old rule that prevented people having a squad of like 10 people logged out. Defending a base is fine, but as a general rule.
  8. APositivePara


    You already had the necessary tools available: Ruleplay. If i give up 5 accurate names but not anymore yet i'm executed for not giving up every single name... you had a rule in place to stop RP abruptly ending the roleplay. Use it. Right now you've gone WAY too far in the other direction. We're slowly narrowing the tools available to all roleplayers, not just those that focus more on hostile themes. Think about it, the conversation is as follows: "Okay, X we know you're with group Y I want names." "I don't know what you're on about, I just got to South Zagoria" The result to the above: cyclical conversation that gets nowhere. The RP is halted, we cannot progress our characters stories, the hostage can get away with acting like a dumbass. Even through torture, even through bodily harm and us showing 'Hey, we know you're lying, give us something to work with and you'll easily survive this,' they can completely ignore than and cannot be punished for it. I get it, you want to prevent abuse of it. But you should be targeting the abuse of the rule and the liberal interpretation that focuses more on killing than roleplay. What you should not be doing is casting out bizarre new verdicts that destroy ALL RP for all types of roleplayers. Imagine if @RiZ took me hostage, knowing full well who I am. "Radek we know you took Ellie, where is she? We want her back." "Who?" "Ellie... the person you kidnapped?" "Who? I don't know who you are." Please tell me you see this dead end to the roleplay @Rover
  9. APositivePara


    If a hostage gives me even one stash location i'm usually satisfied and will not press on constantly, nor will i execute him for only giving me 1 stash location. They gave me something to work with. Bases are difficult. If we're talking base codes for something like Wolfpack why shouldn't I be able to get codes from him? It could be a sneaky way into their settlement if we're shut out, a way for us to raid a group we're hostile with that isn't attrition. Names? Yeah sure. I never execute somebody for failing to give me every single member of their group, but if you give me 6 names I've never heard AT ALL of I'm going to question the validity of your "information". Ultimately you can interrogate everything out of your hostage, the thing that should matter is the roleplay that follows after getting that information. Does having base codes mean i'm going to dogbrain a camp? No. It means I have an in. In means I have a way in should I need or want to attack. Does failing to give up all group members mean you should be executed? Of course not. Ultimately if you give me something to work with I will always be satisfied. The problem here lies with the fact a hostage "can" lie constantly and give me nothing but bullshit throughout, which i know is bullshit, and with Roland's verdict i physically cannot do anything to stop him. It's a dead end to hostile RP. You've made hostages invulnerable because they do not "have" to give anything remotely useful up. It's over-protection of hostages.
  10. APositivePara


    If I know somebody is lying about shit but they continue to give me "I literally got to this region like 2 hours ago" why shouldn't I execute them? They're not valuing their lives, I've made it clear I know he's lying, I've made it clear I know he's making it up and he's choosing to actively not give in to the RP at all. There are genuinely some people who you can torture relentlessly and will still give 0 information at all. There are some people that actively opt to have as little input in the RP as possible because they do not like the party who has taken them. Bottom line, you get caught lying repeatedly you face the consequences. If you're consistently lying to me and I know you are how are you being compliant to my demand of "give me factual and accurate information." The answer: You're not. If you choose to lie constantly and I know you're making it up, you're not complying with my demand ergo I will execute you for it if you keep it up. I completely value the roleplay at hand and I will never execute a hostage who gives me stellar roleplay and actively engages with the storyline. But if you choose to be a lying sack of shit, not comply with my demand of "give me factual information" then you deserve the bullet coming your way. As a side note, I get it sometimes hostages may not know the answer to a question but we have always worked with hostages and worked around that. We have never executed for somebody not knowing an answer and will always give the benefit of the doubt until further notice. I'm sure @Franny, @Scarlettand @RedSky can all attest that we give the benefit of the doubt at first.
  11. APositivePara

    • APositivePara
    • APositiveElmo

    Hello friend how are you doing today?

  12. APositivePara

    Declaration of War

    I think hardly any groups are ever going to willingly agree to a war with a group like Anarchy, hence the system is flawed.
  13. APositivePara

    Allow [WIP] groups in the "Group Idea" Forum.

    With no ability to save the thread a group should be given a couple days to be WIP (outside of roster) IMO. I personally think a group shouldn't even be going up until 5 members. If your group doesn't have 5 members at incarnation it's not a group concept and finding members OOC seems a bit eh. Tl;dr: allow WIP for graphics, lore etc.
  14. APositivePara

    Suggestion: implement scarcity to game

    No You limit where items spawn you limit where people actually go on the map for one. You also limit how much i'm actually going to enjoy this game, bc fuck looting for like 20 hours to find a handgun and all the magazines for every other handgun bc "scarcity". I genuinely hate this game when weapons etc. are scarce af. Don't mind food being a scarcity, but all other items should be accessible.
  15. APositivePara

    (rule change) Runs in to active fire fighting

    I mean i'm of the opinion if you log in you don't have rights, and have to actually be in the server at the point of initiation to gain rights but that's my 2 cents.
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