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  1. APositivePara

    Testing a new map on S2

    I quite like the idea of being able to travel between two different maps. Might be a tad immersion breaking when switching servers instantly, but it would make more sense as to why a settlement is on S1 but not S2 or vice versa. Extends the field of play IMO.
  2. APositivePara

    Testing a new map on S2

    If lore and current timeline are similar across both servers / maps, islands gotta be located somewhere near SZ simply for ease of access and travel. Even if it goes against the current known maps, making our own fictitious island is better than having an island that would take a couple weeks to travel to by foot. My 2 cents
  3. APositivePara

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Having a giggle with you n legion atm. Enjoying the RP. Looking forwards to what's to come
  4. APositivePara


    Some heart-wrenching stuff when a police officer dies carrying out his duty. RIP Andrew Harper,

    Poor lad was married only 4 weeks before passing 😞 

  5. APositivePara

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    Except i can 3rd person if i simply put my gun in my bag, then whip it out again in like 0.5s bc of the draw time so it doesn't really eliminate this problem, only makes it more inconvenient to do so. Idea has ways of working around it so TPP is still possible during most parts of a fight. Doesn't seem too good of a solution to me and seems like a lot of hassle. Either go full FPP only or not at all.
  6. APositivePara

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    I legit had an initiation this week where I chose to peek and show myself instead of hiding over the wall. Guess what happened? He shot me because he could see me. I agree with @Squillium when he says a necessity to be within sight is too much. Even though it's a tad unorthodox in the RP, as long as it's clear WHO is initiating and WHO is being initiated on I don't care. Like "This is Legion, everybody put your hands up" etc. (Legion was the first group that came to mind).
  7. APositivePara

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    My issue with dex is for fights, shit's too powerful against those that don't have it. Could argue that's the point of the item but I personally don't think a huge advantage should be given simply due to having an item in game that the other side doesn't have and can sometimes be difficult to find. I'm fine with dex being in the game bc of the current stamina level don't get me wrong, it fixes a problem like you said. Guess my view is just remove the issue causing the problem in the first place and turn dex into more of a luxury rather than a necessity, if you see what I mean?
  8. APositivePara

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    Nerf amphetamines, Increase stamina to 2x so i'm not an asthmatic sea lion on a gravel driveway.
  9. APositivePara

    EliteRP series by Shanoby - How to RP

    Imagine being with somebody who routinely stops every 45 minutes to spend a full 2 minutes carrying out shaving bc of the game mechanics...
  10. APositivePara


    How does the same guy try to KOS us across two reports?

    What's going on here?

    1. Malet



    2. APositivePara


      I love you @Malet


    3. Strawberry


      cause ur famous

    4. Malet


      Thank you, I love you too 😘 

    5. Roman



  11. APositivePara

    Griefing Rule Clarification

    I'm telling you the way you would like the rules to be is not feasibly possible when trying to enforce aspects such as "fairness" and "fun". There is no one definition for a lot of principles people would like to uphold by following rules because it's not possible to do so. A rule being grey doesn't inherently mean it's unclear. As @Voodoo has solidly stated in his verdict: "the amount of damage you have done in terms of items left behind is disproportionate from the IC reason." They cast judgement based on the rule itself. The staff team did its job, deciphering what is or is not proportionate damage. You disagree with his definition of "proportionate." But "proportionate" is not a black and white topic. It's open to interpretation, as are many rules. Doesn't mean the rule is unclear, it just means if you have to stop and ask "hey, will i get banned for this" you probably shouldn't because it means you're teetering on the line. And whilst yes, I agree that we are here to have fun, your fun in this instance was at the expense of other people's work for a reason that was not proportionate to the damage you did. I agree with Voodoo's verdict. if a person has dyslexia or any form of learning difficulty they should take extra steps to make sure they don't break the rules and are not careless with it. If they make an honest mistake sure, it could be honest and I myself would drop reports for honest mistakes. But the mistake was still made at somebody else's expense so the best thing they can do is simply move on and not make the same mistake.
  12. APositivePara

    Griefing Rule Clarification

    Having an opinion on the rules and how they're being enforced are two very different things. It's not ridiculous just because you or a few other people disagree with said rule. At the end of the day you were called into two griefing reports wherein you were verbally warned for one and banned for another. For me, I would've found you guilty for griefing a camp over a single conflict that you started in the first place. Again, that's my opinion, and with different teams you get different results because the rules are a grey area. And as I've said previously, not all rules can be as simple as black and white. Lots of rules are circumstantial. As somebody who handled a LOT of circumstantial reports back when I was staff no two situations are the same. Change one fact and you can change a guilty verdict to not guilty and vice versa. The rule, to me, lays out a very clear foundation that requires you to have valid justification for the damage you inflicted. The fact he was involved in 2 separate griefing reports in such a small space of time is concerning. I have been raiding for a couple months now but haven't been reported & found guilty. The rule didn't confuse me at all as it was clear.
  13. APositivePara


    @Bishop @Watchman yo can we like make the AUG's default ADS higher than 25m pls. Gun's a beautiful machine but 25m is.. upsetting ❤️

    1. Watchman


      i did the AUG, so yes i can 😉

    2. APositivePara


      Love you man, i love this gun but 25m ADS is... like asking to die.

    3. Watchman


      Hmmm, im having issues with it, might take longer than expected, but ill figure it out

  14. APositivePara

    New Raiding bases rule

    Me: Builds a base but never initiates on anybody. Other party: can never raid my base. Hoarding becomes unstoppable, cannot be beaten. The amount of shit I see people hoarding but they rarely get around to using is crazy. I voted yes to your question.
  15. APositivePara

    Griefing Rule Clarification

    Appreciate the clarification firstoff, But for me the rule remains pretty clear as is. Do shit that's proportionate, makes sense IC, no OOC intent etc. I don't think extra clarification is needed as it's outlined in the rules anyway. Just further complicates an already grey rule. Edit: @Oscar Coates if you feel you had IC reasoning, the damage was proportionate and whatnot then what's the deal? You didn't break the rule IF that's the case. There's no need for further clarification. Either your damage done, being considered by staff, is proportionate to the hostility or it isn't. If it isn't it doesn't require further clarification you just gotta tone down your "griefing" so that it matches the previous hostility / damage done conducted by the other party. Edit: Not all rules are ever able to be black and white, because there's always circumstances that change. Simply, applicable, refined rules are needed in grey-area rulings. Adding further complication to them opens up more interpretation channels from my experience and makes them harder to understand.
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