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  1. Kinda agree with taking it out. I think the discovery of human meat on somebody should be the giveaway they're a cannibal, not a stupid laugh.
  2. Yikes, tougher bears and wolves. DayZPVE? Tbh i'm not too fussed. As long as I don't get wolves spawned on top of me again that is
  3. /locked Glad we could help you out with your issue!
  4. Go into your settings, make sure your in game name is IDENTICAL to your character name. No spelling mistakes, no extra spaces etc. Example below Your current active character is "Daniel Boone" meaning your in game name there should be the same.
  5. Are you using the separate DayZSA launcher or the one that comes with steam?
  6. *Riley picks up his radio and holds down his PTT* "Mate this is fantastic news, glad that filth is gone from the lands. Good work lads." *Riley releases his PTT*
  7. Livonia rains a ton more. The change of scenery is nice but one thing i personally feel is that the map has a lot of repetition with some towns being almost copied, pasted and re-arranged. I love some of the new building styles and the river being the main spawn location means it's easy to know where you are / easily locate a town. Zombies are also more common in livonia, it's actually quite hard to survive early on if you're not careful. I also see a lot more wandering hordes on the edges of towns.
  8. if you want to play on the map Livonia, yes. if you want to play Chernarus, no.
  9. Will admit my activity is more sporadic, but i still do play from time to time.
  10. Voted nay my "camp" turns out to just be a sleepign bag i've placed next to the biggest military base so I can instantly regear. Seems too easy to abuse and would be P OP when used for gear purposes rather than RP.
  11. Honestly if other games are running fine it's more than likely a software issue. Try verifying game files first. If that doesn't work you could potentially try re-installing the game. If it's not DayZ itself it could potentially be a mod with poor files so you could try verifying the mods we use on DayZRP through the DayZSA launcher. If none of those work, I'd check to make sure your mods and DayZ are installed onto the same drive to help it run smoothly.
  12. Might sound like a dumb question, Is there a possibility anything has broken recently? And are you on a laptop or PC?
  13. You love to see that, Lets go boys and girls. Time to save Livonia from this plague of banditry
  14. Oh yes I can see all the lore @Stagsview n the other LMs would use this for. I love this idea tbh.
  15. I actually quite like zombies the way they are rn. SOmetimes they're glitchy which is annoying AF (I mean i got killed inside a building whilst they were outside which sucked) but if I don't have a reliable source of ammo or a high place to get to and I act like a loon then I'm going to get dropped. IMO that's the way it should be. They actively force you to use ammo now and, given its abundance, this is a good thing.
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