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  1. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Happened just earlier Spawned into a private server with a group of friends, i was in novo i believe, i spawned in a house upstairs and walked downstairs and into a kitchen type room to find a group of three players, needless to say they shot me an unnecessary amount. I spawn in back into novo and return to find a pile of bones and numerous human steaks covering the floor of this kitchen, of course being the twisted person i am, i ate them... food is food, right?
  2. Any three things of you could add to DayZ right now?

    1) Dogs - wild and domestic, id love to have a dog that would follow you round and maybe growl or something to warn you of nearby dangers, also wild packs of dogs that you have to fight off. 2) Camps - more developed bases, tents is OK but something that you can customise, so like a tent that can support attachments such as extra rooms or even furniture. 3) Optimisation - possibly the most needed thing in DayZ right now, you'd of thought they'd of at least sorted this before adding vehicles...