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  1. I recently got rejected because of the only reason that i did not explain the KoS revenge rule meaning I did not explain whether i can have revenge on someone else. So my question is, can i use my previous application and just edit the KoS part and this time make it correct??
  2. I haven't played on an RP server for some months now, and I wanted to leave all the hate of the PVP-K.O.S.ERS and come and join a ''peacefull'' world where people are actually friendly. So as the title says, is DayZRP only for standalone now or can i still play with the mod. (I have both games but standalone still suck in the aspect of performance and i just wanted to say that i will soon join with a friend. So if someone is kind enough to give me a link to the Whitelist and the IP and Port of the server on DayZ mod i would be quite thankfull. Thanks. (P.S: I think that DayZRP was a mod for DayZ Commander or am I wrong) Nick.