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  1. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: (In - Game Name) Evan Smith Country: U.s.a English skills: Born and raised English DayZ Mod Experience: 0 DayZ Standalone Experience: Somewhere around 200+ Roleplaying Experience: Heavy Have you been in any clan/group previously: Reapers V2, V3 a static Islamic group that never took off but there was a decent amount of us Additional notes: open to anything Best way to contact you: pm Backstory:
  2. New in town

    don't get shot.
  3. Returning from a long vacation

    The beach was lovely away from all the death and robbing
  4. DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    looking for anyone who would be willing to help me touch up my group its pretty bad
  5. Returning from a long vacation

    mosh people wont wasn't really on the forums as much kinda just stuck with the groups i had
  6. hey guys just saying hi getting back into it seeing if anyone i knew from before is still here