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  1. Muhammed Alasad

    A retired takistani air force pilot turned criminal. after years in the service i gained certain skills by my brother yusuf to help him in his criminal uprising and with not much pay coming in. i needed a new source of pay and it was better then nothing eventually it lead me to the outbreak zone we began to make our claim to the area and establish our name among the lands. after many hard up risings and fights against our people we had to flee for safety back to takistan. after time waiting we finally came back to take our land and avenge our brothers that have fallen in chernuas
  2. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: (In - Game Name) Evan Smith Country: U.s.a English skills: Born and raised English DayZ Mod Experience: 0 DayZ Standalone Experience: Somewhere around 200+ Roleplaying Experience: Heavy Have you been in any clan/group previously: Reapers V2, V3 a static Islamic group that never took off but there was a decent amount of us Additional notes: open to anything Best way to contact you: pm Backstory:
  3. New in town

    don't get shot.
  4. Returning from a long vacation

    The beach was lovely away from all the death and robbing
  5. DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    looking for anyone who would be willing to help me touch up my group its pretty bad
  6. Returning from a long vacation

    mosh people wont wasn't really on the forums as much kinda just stuck with the groups i had
  7. hey guys just saying hi getting back into it seeing if anyone i knew from before is still here
  8. Villages West of South Zagoria

    would help rp so much instead of everyone not knowing each other and from being from the same towns would make it flow so much smoother so +1 for this idea
  9. Groups: Looking for Survivors?

    +1 great idea for the new guys to find a group
  10. Message to the Reapers.

    *mysterious man answers the chatter* *laughs* cant we all get along like the children we all are *as quick as he tuned in he tunes out*
  11. The Reapers [Recruitment Open ]

    ya hunting so that's what you guys call it now a days
  12. The Reapers [Recruitment Open ]

    so glad there back as an ex reaper im glad to see the legacy continue
  13. S2 BadRP, No Care for Hostage, Gear over RP, BlackMail.

    I fixed the thread after I wrote it I relized that
  14. S2 BadRP, No Care for Hostage, Gear over RP, BlackMail.

    ok first I didn't terminate yoir acoout cuase I watched twice once when the report started and at the 700m find the only way someone may be banned is if there found guilty so if we reported you u would have had to do something wrong no number of reports shuts an account down
  15. S2 BadRP, No Care for Hostage, Gear over RP, BlackMail.

    that's no proof of the time when we engaged for all I know this is faked