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  1. jzoid8

    What junk do you pick up?

    Shirts...lots of shirts *shudders*
  2. Alrighty then ! Thank you to both of you guys for the quick response and clearing this matter up. Appreciate it!
  3. Yes and no, would this be breaking any rules or give reason to be banned? Oh and thank you for replying!
  4. Is respawning forbidden? For example, should a person be knocked out for an extremely long period of time, are they allowed to just call it quits and respawn? Would that be a violation of any rules or is it just bad role playing manners lol
  5. I think certain historical outfits would be cool as it would allow more creative role play character to come to life. For example, a role play character that decided to avenge his/her family and wore there traditional armor which was passed down from generation to generation. Like a ninja or samurai in modern times that only wore the armor to show respect for their culture and perhaps because it seemed practical at the time. (Hey armor is armor). lol its kind of an out there wish I know but I guy can dream ok lol.
  6. i have just returned to Dayzrp and I can say without a doubt that i feel completely renewed, this game is amazing and the RP factor only makes this sweeter. I can't wait to meet you in-game one day!