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  1. *static* "Rick... If you can hear me, this is your brother, Mick. I heard of your dumbass idea to take a vacation in Chernarus, and I came out here to take you home. But now it seems that we are both stuck here. Nice work, bro. Why did you pick this place to vacation in anyways? It's not exactly your kind of place. Anyways I haven't heard from you in over a week and I'm starting to get worried. I found the camp that you were staying at. I've met the locals. They seem like a good batch of people. I'm starting to get concerned for your safety, bro. So if you can hear me, meet me at the camp west of Solnichniy, tonight. I'll bring the Raspitun Kvass and plenty of food. *cracks a Raspitin* If you don't show up, I'm going to start REALLY worrying about you. I can't make it out here without you bro. I need you. We need each other. Brothers gotta stick together. So I'm really hoping you show up tonight. *static*
  2. Oh maaaan... I'm having so much fun on these servers. I've met so many awesome people already. Much more enjoyable than regular servers. Just wanted to pop in and say this is the way DayZ should be played. See you in Chernarus. KrookedSaint.