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  1. IGN: C. Elliot Friday Age:32 Country: Texas (Republic of) English skills: I recon dey purdy good. I speak some mescan too. DayZ Mod Experience: 2 years or so.... DayZ Standalone Experience: RELEASE Roleplaying Experience: minimal but I can adapt well What kind of In Game role best describes you: Stealthy gatherer, silent unseen recon Have you been in any clan/group previously: Does AA count? If not, then no. Additional notes: Old school "Professional" stoner and part time survival instructor Best way to contact you: Smoke signal or Steam message Backstory: C. Elliot Friday is the worlds most wealthy ice mining tycoon, well he was before SHTF. Now he is no longer interested in gathering wealth. His only goal is to make his way to the far away land of Namalsk to check on his investments in the ice mining industry. He must do all he can to ensure the discovery of the brain enhancement drug seefty-sake, which will in turn open the market and free distribution of the drug Mertz. The only pill strong enough to cure the kind of headache only it can give you. Have you snapped with Mertz? Haha, well that's one of the features folks like most about Mertz. The tiny brain shaped tablet from Fridall that makes up your mind. Regular users who decide to read the back of the tin soon discover the unique abilities of this truely two way tablet. Every brain shaped Mertz snaps in two. Right lobe for cognitive assistance, left lobe for spiritual resolution. Or take Mertz whole for a healthy decisiveness in all you affairs. When you have a decision to make, snap into Mertz! M.E.R.T.Z. Mertz makes up both sides of your mind and they go further. Buy Mertz anywhere. Now in the giant backpack, classic six tin or economy plunger. Make up your mind to Mertz! Take only as directed. Having lived for several years on Howland Island, Friday is himself shrouded in mystery.
  2. Yes, I am from Texas! Glad to find like minded players who believe Dayz should be played as immersive as possible. Welcome me or not, I'm here! Current gameplay has me limited to lone survival, which I would like to change. Any groups looking for a professional stoner and part time survival instructor?