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  3. General Overview Valentina is a retired middle-aged woman, who is generally known to be introvert, she keeps herself quiet and tends to stay back from people to work them out from a distance. Her previous position of employment has taught her many things in regards to the way society works. Mingling with people or starting a situation that isn't required isn't how she operates, she doesn't like to draw too much attention and tries to remain under the radar, her life has completely changed in the last three years, after a case she had buried came back to haunt her, a vicious cartel had gained information on Valentina, they had figured out that she was the detective who had worked the case. Rodriguez was put into witness security by the federal government for her own safety, she now resides in Vice City with a new identity, a clear and fresh slate with no connections to her old life. A simple news article stating that she had died during a vehicular pursuit. Quick notice: I'm really not that great at creative writing, therefore the story you'll see below isn't perfect and I can't promise that it'll be exciting to read, however for the purpose of character development, documentation and the fact that some people may be interested in the character I'll be portraying, I'll be working on getting chapters of her life written. Chapter 1: Growing up in San Antonio. Valentina Rodriguez was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas with a family of four, her, her brother and both parents. Life in San Antonio was relatively cliché and basic, she went through the stages of education like anyone else, she found herself to be the quiet type of girl at school. She liked to put her mind towards listening to her tutors and getting her work completed, she strived to meet deadlines, studied for exams and passed through high school successfully. Being a bit of boffin resulted in her having a select few friends, she often didn't go out to a party, drink or do drugs, instead, she educated herself, focused her mind on developing as a person. She attended a weekly self-defence class in the art of mixed martial arts, she strived to become a female UFC fighter. Her brother was much like her, rather than messing about with his school life, he dedicated to being successful, he strived to do well, his intention was to become a law enforcement officer. After finishing high school, her brother went on to get a job at a local Wal-Mart. On a cold November night in the year of 1996, her brother would be met with the barrel of a gun, he was walking home, a local thug decided he would snatch his phone and wallet, however, what he didn't know, is that he'd also take a life that night. Rodriguez was distraught, put into a deep and dark depression after finding out the news, her only brother was murdered in cold blood and for what? He wasn't a gang banger, he didn't make trouble, nor did he mingle with the wrong crowd. He had always strived to do good and still he lost his life to the rough streets of San Antonio. This changed her, she became bitter and withdrawn from the people around her. She found herself looking at people differently, a growing hatred for those who tried to become a part of the street life. She decided that she would become a cop, just as her brother had wanted to do. She would use his death as motivation to stop this from happening. Chapter 2: San Antonio Police Academy. At the age of twenty-two, Rodriguez was working a dead-beat restaurant job, the pay wasn't spectacular and the people she encountered on a daily basis weren't polite. She figured she would rather go into something more fulfilling, however, nothing popped up, however, something had caught her eye, an occasional poster or another form of advertisement. It was the San Antonio Police Department Recruitment Drive. She spoke with her parents about it, her father completely supporting the idea, her mother completely against it, she didn't want to lost her final and only child to the rough streets. She headed down to the head quarters, she picked up the recruitment application and sat in the lobby for a solid hour, completing her application. After a week had passed, she anxiously waited for a reply, she received a letter in the mail with an interview date, two days later, she found herself sat in front of Sergeant Bobby Highmore, he asked her questions, why was she applying to become a police officer? What did she have that other did not? How well did she work within a team environment? She answered each question with honesty and integrity before being sent away, another anxious wait entailed until she finally received a letter explaining that she was accepted to recruitment drive thirty-seven. She was overwhelmed with joy, the realisation that she could soon be an actual law enforcement officer. September 3rd, twenty-one weeks of hard work, dedication and training later, Rodriguez found herself stood up on a podium with Chief of Police William McManus , he handed her a plaque with her name engraved along with a badge. She was now a fully fledged law enforcement officer, she had passed the recruitment scheme and was now following the legacy of her brother. She smiled proudly as she donned the uniform, standing as a part of the thin blue line. Her parents were proud, they felt content and satisfaction, seeing their child progressing through life. Chapter 3: The first kill. It was a late, quiet October night, two months after she had graduated as a law enforcement officer. She was on a partnered patrol, under the call sign of 01-ADAM-05. A loud desperate voice boomed through the radio, breaking the silence between the two officers within the patrol car. It was another ADAM unit, he yelled over the radio that shots were being fired, he screamed that his partner was down at that he required urgent assistance. Rodriguez felt her heart sink, a horrible feeling swept over to her as the patrol car set into motion, code three, the P71 engine roaring loudly through the San Antonio streets. The radio fell silent for a brief moment before dispatch burst into life, demanding all units to respond to the location. 01-ADAM-05 was already on it, only two clicks out from the last known location of the squad car. Rodriguez unlocked the weapon rack between her and her partner, she spoke quietly with him. After what felt like forever, the patrol car pulled up onto a street, red and blue lights flashed ahead and two bodies lay sprawled out in the street. Rodriguez knew already that they were her colleagues, a gut wrenching feeling fell over her as they slowly proceeded to drive toward the scene, her partner calling in for EMS through radio, she proceeded to hop out of the patrol car, drawing her Glock 17, flicking on the tactical torch attachment. Scanning the street cautiously, she approached one of the down officers, quickly taking a knee beside him, nothing, he was dead, several gunshot wounds visible upon his torso, she gritted her teeth, feeling bitter and angry, she let her training take lead and began to move up on the bullet-ridden patrol car. That's when it happened, a young Latino boy, no older than the age of eighteen sprawled into action, darting out into the open, pistol in hand. He fired a singular round toward Rodriguez, the bullet nearly hitting her in the head, she quickly raised the Glock toward him and squeezing the trigger rapidly, firing a total of eight rounds. He dropped to the ground rapidly, screaming in pain before twitching about in a pool of his own blood. This didn't make her stop, she continued to act upon her training, moving up on the individual methodically, proceeding to disarm and cuff him, despite him gurgling and whimpering. She showed this shit head no remorse. That night Rodriguez changed, she had experienced taking a life. Rather than feeling remorse or depression, she felt satisfaction, the feeling of removing a scum-bag from the streets permanently sat with her nicely, the idea of getting revenge upon someone was enjoyable. She received a medal for her actions, recognition for her bravery and the ability to stick to protocol, despite being under intense pressure. Chapter 4: Putting away the Juarez Cartel. July 3rd, 2008, at this point Rodriguez had gone through her fair share of experiences, responding to calls and handling different situations. After racking up a kill count, multiple medals and duty time, she finally begins to feel ready to step up in the department. She decided to apply for the Detective Bureau, she passed her stages as intern successfuly in early 2009 and went on to tackle her first case. She spent months adjusting, rather than being all action, she sat back and observed, she found this line of work more fitting, taking down bad guys who really pulled the strings of the criminal underworld. She was involved in the investigation and takedown of a big time Cartel, operating in the United States and most importantly, her city, San Antonio. She aided the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in putting key members of the cartel behind bars. Life investigating the cartel was risky, she was tasked with monitoring them from a distance, using means of surveillance and monitoring to keep tabs on their activities. Rodriguez found herself living with a weight on her shoulder, the constant feeling of being watched, knowing that if the cartel were to find out about her actions, she'd be green lit.. It made her feel sick to her stomach, the feeling of going from your regular street to suddenly a potentially marked target. It didn't settle right with her, yet at the same time, the satisfaction of knowing she could take the bastards was enough to keep her at it. Chapter 5: Joining the SWAT team. After spending a couple of years working as a detective, she decided it was a time for change. She dropped out of the division and decided to apply for the department tactical team. Instead of patrolling the streets, she figured she’d become a full-time SWAT operative, in which she was successful. She swept through her probationary stage with relative ease, members of the team quickly getting used to her as an individual. She worked well in a team and was competent, able to listen to demands and orders. After her first couple of operations, she quickly began to get the hang of things, learning to cope with the intense pressure, training and dependency put upon her to safe guard her fellow operative’s lives. She trained even when off-duty and socialized with her team members. She became good at her craft, being promoted to full operative. Despite being on a handful of operations, she always found that the ride in the bearcat was always the worst part. Looking at your team members sitting around you, knowing that one of them might not make it out. It was a crushing, defeating feeling. Back at HQ, it was fun and games; they would joke about the idea of getting killed during an operation, albeit a very real possibility. When it actually came down to operating though, Valentina found she was surrounded by men whom were trained and ready to do their jobs. Stacking up on the door was the moment the adrenaline kicked in, the excitement and the fear, what was going to happen in the next thirty seconds? All that went through your head is doing your job, following the order you had been given, or following basic protocol. She had practiced this hundreds of times. Breaching, going in, the bang of the flash bang, followed by a short silence as the team swept through the property, or the burst of gunfire as a target came into sight. It was always a guessing game. Chapter 6: Fate. Valentina was sitting in a local café with a cup of coffee; it was one of her days off, a little time to herself. She sat in the front window and watched the busy populace; it was funny how the world went around. No-matter what, people always moved onwards. People with different problems, goals and aspirations, she was transfixed by passing cars, completely lost in thought. The bell chimed as the café door was pushed open, this was enough to break her transfixion, she must’ve been staring for a solid fifteen minutes, shaking her head slowly, she exhaled to herself and peeked over her shoulder to inspect the patrons within. Right away she noticed the dark blue uniform; she couldn’t miss it from a mile away. It was a cop, not just any cop, her old partner, only this time he looked different, he looked worn and scarred and somewhat bitter, his face was wrinkled and his hair was dying, it was evident he had seen some shit and it had made him a veteran of the streets. After observing him for a brief while and some quick time decision making, she decided to interact, scooping up her coffee and trailing over to his table. She slumped down before him and presented a half smile before speaking softly. “Wow, it’s been a while..” He looked at her with an empty stare before presenting a smile of acknowledgement. “Tina! How’s it going?!” They exchanged numbers and conversed for a little while, after finishing up, he returned to his patrol duties and she walked out of the café, feeling content and happy that she had met an old friend. It was refreshing, learning about his experiences and catching up. He had recently gone through divorce and was recovering, alongside that, he had recently lost a colleague. She would occasionally text him, checking up on his wellbeing. Chapter 6: Demons. Spending your days kicking down doors and taking out baddies sounds good, but in the long run, it really isn’t. It takes a toll on the people who have to do it. Valentina found herself sinking into something dark, a nasty depression that she just couldn’t shake. It was the fact that she had grown into something she wasn’t. Becoming a cop was something she did for her brother, she wanted to help people and get rid of those who did bad but this was something more, she was a killer, a legal trained killer.. And she didn’t know how to control it. She turned to painkillers and alcohol as a method of relaxation; it helped her feel distanced from emotional pain, not realizing that she would develop a nasty habit. People around her began to notice the change in her. She was battling demons.
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  6. Good to hear you finally found one. I saw one earlier on S1 in Vybor Military Compound, was tempted to scoop it up for you.
  7. Video turned out pretty dope, good job. Let's make this shit happen boys.
  8. @OxeN For the great hostage roleplay, especially liked the part when he whispered into my ear that he'd cut out my heart and drink my blood whilst clutching a machete. True warlord material right there. The Kabanino groups, the Green Dragons and the District. Both created a hostile atmosphere but maintained an element of fun, they weren't overly trigger happy and actually gave people a chance providing they didn't do anything stupid. @xSaBre For introducing me back to the server with a decent bang. Yesterday was my first time playing again since the latest DayZ updates, the experience was fruitful and enjoyed every moment, right until our final stand in a church.
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    *Vasily holds down the PTT button, speaking in a slow thick Russian accent.* "Do not recommend sitting in Green Mountain stranger, the amount of people who have died for that empty tower is staggering, your suicide though.. Oh and as for the man with a pen? Sock him in the jaw or put a bullet between his eyes, problem solved, da?" *He chuckles before ending the transmission.*
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