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  1. Damian Codan

    Damian lived a generic regular life, growing up in the suburbs of Portsmouth, nothing was interesting, there was no edgy tale, no deaths in the family or bullying, or previous military experience, he was just your regular lad. Damian was working in Tesco as a supervisor, he met a guy named Mick and they worked the shop floor together whilst occasionally going out the back to hit the bong, together they got high as shit and lived life like it was a game, not showing any regard for much because they literally didn't like people. Damian found out about a psychedelic rave going on in Chernarus and him and Mick decided to save up and fly out to try out some DMT and LSD. Then the zombie attack happened, the duo then lived on to get high and chill.
  2. New website issues

    Well this is fancy,
  3. What do you listen to ?

  4. *Vasily holds down the PTT button, speaking in a slow thick Russian accent.* "Do not recommend sitting in Green Mountain stranger, the amount of people who have died for that empty tower is staggering, your suicide though.. Oh and as for the man with a pen? Sock him in the jaw or put a bullet between his eyes, problem solved, da?" *He chuckles before ending the transmission.*
  5. To those assholes that shot my people...

    *Vasily sits in his military compound, listening to one of his men play guitar whilst clutching the radio in his left hand, listening to the frequency. He uses his right hand to clutch his knife casually taking stabs at his cooked chicken breast, evidently having no appetite. A thick Russian accent is heard along with the gentle hum of a guitar in the background.* "So much for peaceful. Listening to this frequency is rather entertaining, I thank you all. Now a little bit of shameless self-advertisement here, if any of you require some men capable of fighting, just tune into 75.8Hz and we can negotiate a good price for our assistance. Anyway, do svidaniya ladies and gentlemen." *The radio clicks off.*
  6. Kabanino Isn't safe (open Freq.)

    *Vasily listens into the radio, he chuckles listening to some of the responses before pushing down the PTT button, speaking in a thick Russian Accent.* "Congratulations, really, I applaud you for telling us this valuable information." *The radio clicks off.*
  7. Looking for 101 [Open Frequency]

    *Vasily responds to the voice, he perks his eyebrow somewhat annoyed by the static.* "These comms are not secure, therefore I will not be giving out any important information, however, you may switch to my open frequency at 75.8Hz when you're ready, we will be waiting. I expect to hear from you soon. Do svidaniya, stranger." *The radio clicks off.*
  8. Looking for 101 [Open Frequency]

    *Vasily hears the radio chatter after casually tweaking through random frequencies, he chuckles to himself as he listens to the voices before speaking. A thick Russian accent is heard as the stranger speaks.* "Interesting talk gentlemen, interesting talk. How about instead of begging over the fucking radio for help, you go out and do something productive? It's people who cry and whine that irritate me this day and age. Food and water are some of the easiest things to come by. Fuck can even grow your own food, ah? If you're interested in making yourself useful and growing a set of balls, respond to this message and perhaps we can give you a task and in return, you'll EARN your keep in this world." *The radio clicks off.*
  9. Cerna Ceta [Active] [Recruiting]

    Interesting stuff, good luck with this.
  10. The Cereal Box Compass!

    Ate a box of cereal and got one randomly, had never seen it before after 1000 hours of play time.
  11. Server 1: GearRP, BadRP @ VMC, 17:45

    Vasily Krechov POV: I was standing in VMC minding my own business, I hear Elmo call out over the radio that he is being held up, myself & Erik proceed to run towards the creek in desperate search of the man holding up our boy, I fail to find him, I hear a series of gunshots, turns out Erik found and took down the guy before he could make his escape.
  12. S1: NVFL in Stary Sobor - 14-11-2016, 15:40

    My game frequently crashes and causes my computer to white screen, you can probably see this by looking at all of my connection/disconnection logs. Shortly after this incident, my computer white screened and I rebooted, made this report and then hopped back in-game. It's an issue I'm looking to fix however I'm not sure of the cause right now.
  13. Server and location: Server One - Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14-11-2016, 15:40 Your in game name: Vasily Krechov Names of allies involved: Michael Sargont (Gibby8023), Maxwell Tanni (Elmo) Name of suspect/s: Martin Stewart Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [video=youtube] Detailed description of the events: My group decided to initiate on an individual who was residing in the Stary Sobor church, our intent was to interrogate him for information and spread the message of our group. After a small conversation, we decided to leave the guy, I decided I'd be nice and return his pistol as I didn't want to completely strip him of his equipment. After making our instructions clear, the guy proceeded to sprint out of the church after counting down, desperately firing at the building we were watching from, luckily I ran out of the back door and managed to drop him before he could harm Gibby. I find this to be no value for life, as there was three of with assault rifles, we evidently had eyes on him seeing as he knew exactly where to run.
  14. [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/582947f33c493.mp3[/mp3] Member list and ranking structure: If you would like to apply for Black Regiment, you must submit the following application to me through the PM system. I will consider your application and discuss it with fellow group members and if like what we see, we will invite you to roleplay with us for a brief period of time. If you find you like how we operate and we deem you to be capable of being in the group, you will be offered a place. Title: IGN - Black Regiment Application [u]Character name:[/u] [u]Time Zone:[/u] [u]OOC Age:[/u] [u]Roleplaying Experience:[/u] [u]Why would you like to join the us?[/u] [u]Are you willing to use a Russian character?[/u] [u]Character backstory:[/u]
  15. Lonely Boy

    Amazing buddy! Nice to see Stiles back in action!