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  1. @Eciek and I are still available to play.
  2. Sad to see you go @Marik; have really enjoyed getting to know you over the past 3-4 months! Thanks for teaching me the ropes.
  3. The video titled "Wagner" is my POV of the incident itself. Point of View Starting from the beginning: given that we had quite a few members online and in the server, @Marik decided that we should engage in some friendly role play at the Soup Kitchen. In total there were 9 people, including myself, who departed the base at approximately 21:00 GMT yesterday. We were later joined by @Vinegar Strokes, bringing our total to 10. This screenshot was taken as we left base: Our only intention yesterday was to engage in a helpful military-style role play. As seen in my video, w
  4. If you didn't know how many people were in the room, I'm not sure what would drive you to chance it, especially given the fact that two of your friends were in the room and being held hostage. Fair enough.
  5. @Marik was pursuing you up the stairway and @Mr Frosties was providing over watch. Myself, @Eciek, @Nugunz and @arttu were in the room with the hostage. That's 6 people in total, granted @Mr Frosties was out of your vision; either way, there is still 4 people in the room against you, with another 1 pursuing you up the stairway that you came from. What would make you think @God wasn't restrained? Why would you assume he wasn't? If you knew he was in the building and that we initiated on him, why wouldn't we restrain him? We did in fact have him restrained briefly, meaning the only way
  6. POV Myself, @Nugunz, @Mr Frostiesand @Eciek (later joined by @Marik) were at the base role-playing with a new addition to our group, @arttu. @Eciekand I heard a greeting from the front of our base, who we now understand to be @God. Approaching and questioning with caution, we ascertained that @God was from the soup kitchen and was offering us a trade. Shortly after us confronting @God, another person (identity unknown) came from behind him and was a stranger according to @God himself; naturally, this spooked us. We were on the roof of our building which, as of then, left the main par
  7. The last week I've been on the server for the first time in ages; my role play probably needs sharpened up, so I'm just trodding along and meeting new people. This group has been the highlight of my role play experience so far, they are brilliant role players and make the game 10x more interesting. They were generally hostile towards me, which was entirely warranted; yet, they're approach to RP left me craving more interactions with them.
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