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  1. I said I only heard shots, I had no idea what was going on inside the town, as I was on the outskirts of the town, near the military tents. I couldn't see what was happening or see anyone inside the town. And I was never sneaking around, I wasn't prone or crouched or aiming my guns into town, just walking past it. You took a good look at me before you shot me, I never raised my weapon, reloaded my weapon or anything that would show me as a hostile, and I was jogging past the red two story, not sprinting after exiting the shed to try and find anything lootable towards the end of stary, as it was in the way of the path I was taking. I had no reason to fear that I was going to get immediatly shot, as no one initiated on me via voice or text communications. I also had my gun out because as a trader, I carry two sets of guns on me when I find a good tradeable weapons. One in my hands and the other on my back to trade, not to display hostilities. You gave me no warning to stop or put my hands up in chat or text, you just shot me. I didn't even know where you were until you started shooting me. Also how was I supposed to know that there was a man in the hills shooting your allies? You could have just said that there's someone shooting people instead of having an edgy trigger finger. I was just passing along till you shot at me. I tried to scream at you to stop when you shot me in the leg first but you finished me before I even got to get anything across
  2. I was not in any Team Speak, Skype, Video or Text form of Communications with @Soapysoap or any allies of his. I was playing by myself that day.
  3. I did not fail to leave out any information. Everything I put is 100% accurate. I did in fact hang out with Jeramiah for some time, but an encounter with the Arkaisia quickly changed my tastes for him. I no longer hang out with Jeramiah or anyone he also hangs out with. I only associate myself with @Soapysoap other character, Jerry Hunt, who IS in the Undaunted. To sum my relations with Jeramiah, I no longer wish to see or hang out with him after the hold up with the Arkasia that resulted in my death. I also didn't even know he was in the town, so it does not make sense that I was coming to his rescue. I was heading to north west airfield to loot and trade with the angles, as it is my character's objective. Jeramiah is also hated by the angles, so again, why would I take the time to help out an enemy of the angles?
  4. Server and location: S1 Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident: 5:08PM Central Time 5/15/2017 Your in game name: Aaron North Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No Detailed description of the events: I was walking past Stary Sobor after looting the military tents, then I heard gun shots. I was walking away from the shots, passing the back of the church and looted a shed on a hill behind a red two story house. Once I stepped out, I was getting shot at from the windows of the red two story. I tried to run away when a person in the red two story shot me in the legs, then finished me off with a second shot. No initiation was given and no one approached me, I was just shot on the spot. I had no interaction with anyone in the town or around it and didn't want to, was just trying to pass through.
  5. My friend on one of the past updates tried to vault over me, but the server didn't like that; So we both were flung into the air, sky box height. I fell to my death on the air strip of north west, while my friend was transported into Dayz purgatory...
  6. Man, we were so close to putting those trash-talking Hispanics in their place. They were really annoying...
  7. AK Is what I usually carry with me. Yea it has a lot of recoil, but holding the mouse down while fighting helps a lot. I miss the feel and sound of an M4. Where did they all go?
  8. Sirbrowness

    S2 - NVFL

    Mr.Owen The claim that Mr.Denver is accusing us of (No Value For Life; If I am Correct) is understandable coming from his point of view, but wrong none the less. We indeed held a hostage and removed property that belonged to him; (After a short exchange of gun fire.) After the incident, we left the area and proceeded to find an area of seclusion. Our group split as we were running, and around the same time, the group that is claiming "NVFL" came into view after the second part of the retreating group. (Me and another individual) I attempted to try and evade them by stating that we will NOT wait for confrontation from another group after Mr.Denver questioned us and stated that he wanted us to stay. That was when he demanded us to holster weapons and put our hands up, which we were not going to do, then the shooting followed. Before the shooting, the second group moved into a forest, and I was under the assumption that we were covered via sniper fire (which we were, but the team hardly landed solid hits) The group did indeed clearly state their demands, and we had no intention of following their demands, and if we stated that we weren't going to follow their demands while guns were drawn, shooting was bound to occur. In the DayzRP rules, it states that "Otherwise the victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply with demands or if they pose a direct threat to them." (I place my attention to the Threat part of this rule) The group of people (guns drawn at us) obviously posed a threat to us, and we had no choice but to shoot because we felt threatened for our lives and they were forcing us to comply with something I did not want to do. I state again that we followed the rules to the letter, because if it was indeed "NVFL" we would have ALL blindly charged out at the group holding us up guns blazing or would have blindly walked away from the situation and ignoring the group that had guns drawn on us. I valued my life by eliminating (or tried to) the threat that the group was posing a threat to me and the individual that was with me. If we did not value our lives, we wouldn't be trying to survive in the first place and trying to run away from the group. I am willing to answer questions you still have. Thank you -Sirbrowness