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    Thanks for the welcome and thank you guys for bringing me into the group.
  3. IGN: Andrew Connors Age:25 Country: USA English skills:10/10 DayZ Mod Experience: 50hours DayZ Standalone Experience:101 hours Roleplaying Experience: Minimal What kind of In Game role best describes you: Any but I prefer a Hero like group Have you been in any clan/group previously: none Additional notes: Looking for a group who is willing to help but doesn't have to be Hero's Best way to contact you: pm or ts Backstory:Andrew is in his 20s and is married to Jessica. Andrew and Jessica had 2 kids whose names are Katalina and Paige. Andrew and Jessica was on vacation on a cruise when it was attacked by crazy people. During the attack Andrew was separated from his wife. He searched for his wife but when he found her she was torn to pieces. He sat their for a while in pain from his wife dieing until a bunch of crazy came and chased him down a hallway and into a room. Andrew managed to get into the room and lock it before they could get near him. After a while of hiding then the ship began to shake and there was a loud noise of metal tearing. A pipe fell out of the ceiling of the room and hit him in the head knocking him out. When Andrew woke up he was on the shore and alone. When he looked up he saw the ship had wrecked on land and split in half. He then went to the ship and searched for survivors and supplies. He didn't find one person who had lived from the wreck and there wasn't any crazies left. He geared up for his search to get home. Along the way he found out the "crazies" were actually zombies. With this he went along the way looking for other survivors to group up with and search for a way home. Hopping that his kids was okay and wanting to see them again he would do whatever it takes to make it back home to them. Also Andrew is quite shy and keeps to himself.