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  1. Nah, you have to be close enough to the car so the person can ask "Yo, does anyone own this car?" and you have to reply that it's yours before you get any KOS rights. It must be completely clear that you own the car, and that him taking it is theft. Otherwise you get no KOS rights. Yep, it must be abundantly clear that it did belong to said person. My example was simply stating the one time when stealing may count as a hostile action. Brad I'm answering to your post but this is towards everyone: The big difference between a truck and a barrel or tent is that the latter cannot spawn filled or deployed in the middle of the woods. Hence there is NO way that one can "mistakenly" steal from a stash or camp location. Since for trucks a CLEAR malicious intent constitutes a hostile action I am of the opinion purposely stealing from an other player should be treated likewise. In .58 guns and most gear are A LOT harder to come by. Even non perishable food will be slowly decreased as per last status report. Some items are very rare in my experience (weapon cleaning kits, Winchester, suppressors, subdued high capacity backpacks) or can only be acquired taking huge risks. What I'm getting at is that gear in the new patch (and considering CLE is here to stay the near future as well) is an actual commodity. You might very well die because your camp has been raided (returning to supposed sanctuary while starving, dying of thirst or being sick, not being able to defend yourself or gather food). Our IG selfs should not be aware that loot is respawning and as such IC you SHOULD care about your supplies. At the very least you should be allowed to kill a complying hostage if you have reasonable believe that they will threaten your survival. There is a difference between for example capturing a lost member of Alcyone taking a few pumpkin slices to prevent starvation or a bandit part of a group scouting your camp for their next raiding party. Even apart from gear there are other considerations ICly that might justify killing a perpetrator. I.e. I remember how tight knit the Wolves acted in a recent video I saw of them and their leader was well RPing caring for his members security and well being. If you had a secret group hideout (whether official or regularly dynamic) you would have IC reason to protect your groups wellbeing and safe haven. Now to be clear in case of solving this by labeling it as outright hostility granting you KOS this should only apply if you catch someone red handedly stealing, you should NOT be allowed to execute anyone stumbling into your camp upon suspicion. If via hostage execution the captor needs to interrogate and reasonably determine the hostage's intentions and make a call based upon that. The victim could always report for bad RP or ruleplay. Maybe there could also be a combination (catching someone in the act gives your the option of execution) "Wer sich in Gefahr begibt, kommt darin um" - German idiom loosely translated would be a combination of "Who lives by the sword dies by the sword" and "Stupid is as stupid does". The risk should not solely lie with the peaceful survivor retreating in the woods. I hope staff considers my points in there evaluation of rule fit to deal with such situations.
  2. I agree that you shouldn't just abuse your KOS rights. However what would you do irl if you know all the other has to do is raise his gun faster than you and you're at least badly wounded? Would you really take that chance knowing there's no repercussions neither for you nor him?
  3. Valkyryon

    Last Ship: Rhona Mitra is my wifey to be (Spoilers)

    Ever since Underworld 3 she's at fault for my sex fantasies involving a ledge 500m above ground Concerning TLS I was actually cheering and applauding in front of my iPad while watching the end of the episode. It was amazing, everything from her villain-type explanation of how she's going to do it to Nils' arrogant narcissist reaction at first and then "Oh I already did it" with him collapsing in disbelief and pure terror. Marvelous scene. Rhona Mitra between her looks, the accent and always portraying strong female characters is def sexy as fuck.
  4. The first thing to remember is that a report could be thrown up on you whether you were justified or not. It's always someone's right to post a report if they feel a rule has been broken. You may or may not be guilty, but having good evidence will always help you in that case. To put it simply, whether it makes "realistic" sense or not, a person could unfortunately, still get reported for bad rp. To quote the rules: What NOT to do (I've only included the ones that might be applicable to the scenarios we're talking about) Focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP (e.g. gearplay over roleplay) Attack another person or group without a valid in character reason (the group will still need a valid IC reason to initiate, even if you do stick around to talk to them) Ignore attempts to role-play (this is where it gets tricky, if they repeatedly, within voip range, call to you and you ignore them, chances are the likelihood of them feeling cheated out of RP will increase, as will the possibility of a report) Act in a way that indicates no value for your characters survival (again tricky, because standing around waiting for an obviously hostile group to grab you IMO in some cases indicate possible NVL) Now all of that being said- I tend to have to travel alone quite often. Especially as a woman, my RL gut tells me that if I was near a large group and they looked hostile or I knew they were hunting me for some IC reason, no way would I be stupid enough to stand there and wait for what could be some really dire consequences. In that case, I keep myself hidden and travel at night to prevent such an occurrence. If I was out of voip range, and they see me, right or wrong I might very well run like a rabbit. BUT, what usually happens is that I'm discovered, or someone walks up on me where it's too late to run. To run would be a blatant "Ignore attempts to role-play." While I may have been scared shitless in those times, I stayed, didn't let them see me sweat, was cheerful, asked them about themselves, compliment them on being gentleman, offered food or supplies if they needed, etc. etc. To date I've (knock on wood, lol) not been initiated on, or robbed in those instances. But we did have a few minutes of cool, casual RP. So I think running is not always the answer. Many times the encounter can be quite enjoyable. I might have walked away with my heart pounding, but I was glad I stayed and didn't try to run away. Also IMO running can and does, at times, irritate people and can act like an invitation to pursue you, if only to see why you felt the need to run, as it may make YOU seem sketchy. I don't know if this answers your questions or not. But that's how I play it and feel about it. Noche I just wanted to say you surprised me pleasantly. Every point you made was SPOT ON and that's while I am less of an interaction/story telling RP'er than you are (from what I've read from you so far). Kudos for having a very balanced point of view
  5. IMHO it would be NVFL if you were to stand there and let a group of UNKNOWN, ARMED people surround you with weapons drawn. Maybe I've played public to long. But then again I sometimes miss the real threat of no rules at all, which should always be present if you are roleplaying correctly - meaning in a real breakdown you would not have admins or community rules to hinder someone to put a bullet in your head for no reason at at all. I've been waiting patiently for .58 and persistence as well as batteries coming back to be able to make a secure approach to unknowns. Admittedly if there is no way to run and you still deny RP that's report worthy (since REALISTICALLY you would not anger people followoing on your toe heels by not responding to them). In the end that's again a question whether people like real RP or campfire RP.
  6. Valkyryon


    Thanks for saying what I wouldn't allow myself to. And for doing it so well. No problem, being a keyboard warrior is one of my specialties An Austrian talking about what the AMERICAN founding fathers had in mind when writing the constitution. I could argue it was the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness all which imo the US grants and that letting race or religion be an excuse to infringe on that principle would make them spin even more. But I think this discussion should concern Americans not Europeans. A keyboard warrior you are... *smh*
  7. What's going on with the ex admins hating so much? Makes me question your objectivity. Or maybe welcome your departure. Btw why is this allowed I've seen people warned for less?! Shiro I've never met you since I'm the shadow in the woods but I was HEAVILY impressed with your group idea. Good luck!
  8. Made me think of "The Book of Eli". I like your hobby
  9. Okay so here's my advice: My background is not really military or police, but I have done my draft service in the Bundeswehr and since been a rather avid sports shooter ever since. I have had a Glock 17 since beginning of 2011 and I really love the gun. Still in my experience whether you like the gun or not is highly dependent on the individual - here are some considerations + easy to disassemble, clean and maintain + absolute reliability + low bore axis makes recoil very controllable, the new double recoil spring in the G4 even more so + grip angle lends itself to point shooting + wide variety of accessories + low cost for gun and accessories as well as ammunition since it will shoot steel-cased ammo - striker fired pistol thus trigger pull might feel heavy and slightly creeping - no external safety (not necessarily a disadvantage) - standard sights are sufficient but not outstanding - polymer grip can be slippery if wet/moist I highly would advise you to shoot it beforehand to get an impression of the trigger pull. It can be ameliorated if you change the trigger spring, connector and maybe the firing pin spring (which I didn't since it could cause light primer strikes for certain types of ammunition). The first 3 years I shot it completely stock; beginning of last year I switched out the two springs aforementioned which helped my cadence quite a bit. The best course of action might be to first train yourself on a stock trigger and then adapt the gun if necessary imo. Also you should consider getting a Hogue Handall, Talon Grips or even a stippling job which hugely increases the handling during recoil. ----------------------- Apart from my Glock advice I've shot the HK P30 which has hands down the BEST ergonomics I've ever felt in a stock gun. The new HK VP9 is basically a P30 in striker fired version supposedly with one of the cleanest trigger characteristics. Also the Walther PPQ is known to have a great trigger for a striker fired gun. Both should be a little more pricey but you might also take a look at those to guns. Last I would buy a SW M&P9/45 anyday of the week (unfortunatly our anti-freedom government limits the number of semi-autos otherwise I'd probably would have bought one already). ----------------------- And last to all those who criticize gun ownership - not everyone has to own a firearm. Owning a firearm is a great responsiblity, just like driving a car is. If you don't feel up to the task or think you might do something stupid with it - DON'T own a gun. But that does not give you the right to demonize responsible citizens who have the knowledge and ability to safely and responsibly DO chose own or carry a firearm and chose to take their defense upon themselves. Also Tosh if you bash someones skull in with a baseball bat WITHOUT being in reasonable fear of life or serious bodily harm you will and should be held accountable. If you ARE then nothing prohibits you from using lethal force (even here in Germany).
  10. lol I'm sure an assailant would be like "Oh this is a nice town I'm going to make my home invasion elsewhere." Come on now...
  11. Valkyryon

    Staff team changes

    How will the new admin team be chosen? Will it reflect the community stance on rules and roleplay? Really hope to get an answer here
  12. If/When something like that becomes available, I'm sure it will be discussed. Good to hear. Thanks for the quick response!
  13. Aside from the above considerations I myself, though I support the idea, would give it another name than Casino. It sounds too much like flashy lights and all the pre-apocalyptic amenities. Make it something more dark like, more gritty. I am not sure whether Littlefinger offered gambling too but something but something with the feel of his whorehouse in Game of Thrones. A place where the customer is absolutely not in control, where anything might happen to him. You could even spin that further to ask ooc permission to permascar/permadeath as an entry prerequisite. Think about smashing hands for cheating. But I guess for a lot of RPers that might go too far
  14. Is there an official (GM/Admin) stance about this once we would be able to post signs? Something like notes on sticks warning of trespassing?
  15. My honest question would be who defines good and bad RP? This is an excellent question - and the schmaltzy answer is: the community. As already pointed out, there are plenty of guides, and lots of people willing to make them. One of the tasks for such a person could be to review and organize the best/most appropriate threads regarding good RP and arrange them into the new thread/stickies that have been proposed in this discussion. Additionally - a number of people have remarked that if such a role were to be made, then there would need to be strict criteria determined by staff in order to run for the position AS WELL AS the votes of the community. Ultimately a panel could be determined - perhaps 3 people - so no one person's style or voice would ever be THE one. I like your suggestion to involve the community. Maybe the details should be worked out by staff and then put up to a binding vote to the community. I feel that would be most democratic.