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  1. Hi there, I sent in my whitelist application last week. I think its been about 5 days all told. I was just wondering how long, on average, would a whitelist application take to have reviewed? Im not frustrated or anything, but i was curious. I wanted to know if there are mistakes in the application so I can correct them and try to apply again. Thanks in advance and take care! Bayal
  2. Here's one for my Character : Gabriel Gray And this has many reflections of emotions Gabriel carries as he stries to live without his wife.
  3. Hello everyone My character's name is: Gabriel Gray I just submitted my whitelist application today with the hopes I am accepted. If not, I'll just try again. And again....and...wait for it.. and again!. Of a more serious note, I just want to offer my compliments to the community in general. Its very refreshing to see a community to tightly knit, whose motivation is to provide like minded players an evocative experience. Kudos to everyone If I am lucky enough to get on one of the servers, I will certainly be on the lookout to meeting everyone's characters in game!. p.s. Are the euro and u.s servers evenly populated, or is there one server more populated than the other?. Cheers~!