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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I was not sent a report in my mailbox Why the verdict is not fair: I was unable to access the first account at the time. (I have since been able to by using the saved information on my old computer) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I had to take a longer break from DayZRP than I had initially thought and in that time I had changed computers. Having forgotten my account information, I was unable to log in which is why I decided to create the second account. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like for the ban to be lifted on this account and the other deleted. (Or both, if need be so that I might apply again.) What could you have done better?: I could have attempted to be more clear when applying with this account, or I could have attempted to tried harder to access my older account. I also could have attempted to message a staff member or go onto TS first before applying to see what actions would be best to take.
  2. It will be an interesting change since the last time I played was back in the Mod days. Looking forward to the Standalone, though, in all it's buggy glory.
  3. Looking forward to it. Just waiting on that whitelist, but I'm a patient man.
  4. *A scrap of paper is nailed to a tree out in the northern wilds. A blood stain in the upper right corner ruins the writing so the first sentence is cut off.* "...Jones. Former Corpsmen for the Royal Canadian Navy. Jumped ship and hooked up with a group of docs to help out with the infection. Two days I was here before everything went FUBAR. Medical camp was overrun by the dead and I escaped with a small group of patients. Got a small bag of supplies, but it won't last. I've left Rick to guard the others while I go and get supplies. Hopefully he can handle it, the pistol I gave him only has the one mag." *The ink changes color, likely a different pen and on a different date.* "Rick was bit... Nobody knew. I came back to the camp at the last minute. Rick had bitten Sarah and MacArthur before I... He's gone now. I've seen friends die while I was in the Middle East. I've seen Civvies die while I was there. Watching someone try and eat another human being is new to me. I found a couple tins of beans and some water last night. There is a farmhouse not far from here, I'll try and move everyone when the worst of us are stabilized. Sarah and Mac don't look too bad yet. I'd heard rumors about some people being bitten and not turning, but I still gave them as much antibiotics as we can afford and did what I could. Hopefully they won't eat me in my sleep." *Blood splotches and some scribbled words make the next part illegible.* "Mac and Sarah had turned in their sleep. Managed to rip the local apart before I stopped them. Ivan was a good man. I was going to help him find his wife and kids when his ankle was better. I couldn't bury him. Going to try and get some more food. *Several words are written and then scribbled out. Upon close inspection, it reads.* "Can I tell him? He says it doesn't taste like any pork he's ever had but I just told him that is what wild boar is like... City kid here from the States to visit his grandparents farm. Hope he never has to eat that again." *The next bit of writing is not as faded, marking the passage of time.* "Kid died in his sleep. Fever got him, I guess. Or maybe he just gave up. I don't blame him, I'm thinking about it too. Tied a loop in a rope and hung it up in the barn outside, but the wood gave way and I woke up. Maybe somebody up there doesn't want me to get out so easily. No food around and I can't risk going out on my own right now... Maybe I shouldn't have buried the kid." *At this point, the rest of the writing is on the back of the page.* "Heard some gunshots not too far from here and was hoping it was the military or something. Two locals shot at me when I waved at them. Ran inside and grabbed the ax to try and defend myself. When they came through the door, I caved the first fuckers skull in. Shot his buddy in the back with the pistol he dropped when he tried and ran. They had plenty of water, but the only food around is them." *The last entry is slightly longer, perhaps after some time had passed and he had more to write about.* "Took the rifle off one of the bandits and went into a local town. Wish I spoke Russian or something, but these backwards letters don't mean anything to me. I found some good boots to replace mine with so my feet don't get so cold. Got a backpack, too. Filled that with as much food as I could carry. On the way back to the farmhouse, I came across an injured woman. She blabbered on in the local language and I couldn't calm her down. She was dragging her husband or boyfriend or... brother, whatever. Both had been shot and he was barely alive. Used up all my medical supplies on them but they'll live another day at least. Gave them all my food, too. Hopefully they won't need to drop to the same levels as me. No reason I should let anyone else. Besides... Doesn't taste too bad with enough seasonings." *The writing gets shaky and a few splotches of water, likely tears, smear the ink but it is still legible.* "Can't go back to my old name... Old life. Not now. After everything I've done, the old me is dead. He died with Rick, Sarah, MacArthur, and Ivan. He was lucky enough to live long enough to bury the others. Started reading a book to pass the sleepless nights. Hamlet. Haven't read that since.... Well, a long time ago. I like the name Rosencrantz. If only I had a Guildenstern to help me get through all this."
  5. Greetings everyone. It's been a long time since I've been back to this community (Under an account I've forgotten) but since Real Life has loosened it's grip on me I'm hoping to come back and enjoy some wonderful RP with you all! Can't wait to see you all in Chernarus!