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  1. "Do I smell bacon?" I would then look over and see you. "Well.. I was right!"
  2. [Game] Rate the In-Game name above you

    Alin Stoica is a 9/10 name. Seems like a local. MMMMMMM Bacon
  3. What are the dying last words of the person above you?

    "All you need is a little Bacon!"
  4. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Bacon/Bacon IGN Aproves
  5. Jason Argo: Don't take my sunshine away

    I actually wrote this 2nd. It is extra back-story behind what happened in First Kill, Showing who his parents were and how he came to Chernarus. I also was accepted the other night and I have had problems with lack of food (which leads to death by starvation) and those 2 foot drops that kill you. I also haven't met anyone yet.
  6. Carry on the One Word Story thread

  7. [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    Would I be stupid if I took the bullet?
  8. What Animal is the person above you?

    I could imagine you being a Siberian Husky.
  9. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Me after dying from falling off some stairs.... Again
  10. The Game

    Why did I have to be interested in this thread? Now I'm trapped by the web of the rules.
  11. [GAME] We make assumptions about peoples characters

    A Chernarussian mafioso looking for power.
  12. [Game] GIF Response