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  1. *Rutger jumps as a reply finally comes through* Nyleea...it is good to finally hear someone's voice. I will switch frequency now, and hopefully you can get me out of this damn mess! *Releasing the button again, Rutger switches frequency in order to relay his location*
  2. *Becoming increasingly desperate, Rutger takes up the radio again, his vision having become blurred* I say again. I am Rutger. I think my leg is broken. If you can help, I am on the road to Gorka. *He pauses for a moment, before talking again* I can trade for any medical supplies that will help. *Letting go once more, Rutger slumps against the tree*
  3. *Rutger fumbles for his radio, almost dropping it a number of times. Finally he is able to press the button and put it up to his mouth. A number of heavy breaths fill the airwaves first, before he begins to talk* To anyone who can hear this, my name is Rutger. I have injured myself and am in need of help. *He lifts his finger for a moment and rests his head against the tree, thankful for the shade* I have fractured my leg. I will not make it without aid. Please. If you are near Berezino, help me. *Rutger lets go of the button again and waits, hoping for a saviour*
  4. We posted our threads at practically the same time and I believe this warrants a hello from me. Welcome fellow newbie!
  5. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. I stumbled upon this comunity thanks to watching some YouTube videos and have been desperately looking for a decent server to help me get back into DayZ (I probably haven't played properly since the mod) and I'm hoping to make a little forum home here. Hope to be talking to some of you guys soon!