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  1. Rich Bank Manager that everyone hated at his job and when the outbreak started everyone turned to him to save them. He quickly denied them his help and all his coworkers died out of his spite. He only saved his wife , Maria, but she fell out of love for him because of his selfishness and his disturbed lust for blood. After seeing Mason turn into this monster as a result of the outbreak, Maria took her own life while Mason slept. Mason lives the rest of his live avoiding others and not helping anyone but himself.
  2. ColinXY

    [501st] The 501st [Recruitment Open] [Currently being Updated]

    Age: 17 Location, Globally: Boston English skills: Exceptional In game name: Colin Reterier Character nationality: American Brief character background: Lonely, 37, slightly delusional, hallucinates images of his children, addicted to morphine Previous Groups: NaN Brief description of your characters RP: Stockbroker who lost family in helicopter crash that landed in chernarus on its way to the Himalayan Mountains Why would you like to join the 501st?: I've been looking for a group to join and this one seemed like a well developed group and playing by myself is extremely boring because i have no one to talk to.