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  1. Me and a Friend plan on trying to bring out Roleplaying over to this server and we are roleplaying partners and we got on the land the same way and everything. Can our character backgrounds be somewhat the same, because the way we are role playing we come from a very long history together.
  2. What are the server restart times? I have been on 4 hours and no restarts yet.
  3. Can anyone point me and my wife in the direction of some traders. thanks
  4. Me and my wife Georgia have fled the United States because we are criminals. We are wanted on the governments top 10 most wanted for everything ranging from kidnappings to robbery's all across the country.We caught a big break when we bought passage on a ship overseas, we had no idea where it was going but it was our chance to escape and avoiding prison time in the States. But little did we know the ship we bought passage on was a USSR Defector ship and they were gun runners to Chernarus. We didn't learn this till we landed and was told to help unload the ship, well we seen all the weapons and supply's and decided to steal what we could and run. Well we thought we was being sneaky but someone was watching us the entire time. They started shooting at us and I was hit in the arm as we fled into the woods. We held up in a shack and she healed me, while we was in this shack we debated on what we was gonna do in this unknown land to us. We had no idea where we was and what was going on or any idea about the infection until on day one of the infected decided to wonder onto the property we was on and that is when we figured out what was happening. From that moment we decided to go find out for ourselves and decided we would do anything we had to, to survive. Even if it meant doing what we had been doing in the states. Our lives are what is important to us.
  5. @Galaxy You are on it today bud, thank you. I was gonna wait until my partner filled out her whitelist so we can get on the same page with character backgrounds and all that good stuff.
  6. I am by no means complaining in the slightest bit about the wait time for whitelist, I am just curious on the normal it usually takes to get reviewed. I would like to stop checking the website every 30 minutes to see if I got accepted so I can play lol. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks guys and yeah, it won't be a carbon copy but it will have some of the same backstory since we have a long history together.
  8. I have been out of country almost 2 years, and was whitelisted and a Donor, But now I cannot play. Am I required to whitelist again?
  9. Yeah fuck that, I donated the first time just to speed up my process of getting Whitelisted. Now I have to rewhitelist? Sorry but I have a life outside of video games
  10. Alright I have a question, I recently tried to whitelist but i got denied because I failed to provide to explain the NLR/KOS rule. All I did was put in my own terms. i understand it. I have LBLD. which is a disability which basically means I have an extremely Hard time explaining myself in words or explaining my understanding in words. It takes me about an hour to write something that normally takes someone 10 minutes to write. I also donated $10 and I havent even played on the server. Is there anyway I can do my whitelist throught speech? Thanks