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  1. mr_bean

    KoS hour

    Any official time? I would love to do this
  2. When i post, to the left is my profile. I know this is a very noob like thing to ask, but how do i get my IGN there?? Thanks
  3. some guy ran into me in NE airfield yesterday and it was my first encounter. He had great gear and gave me food. He could tell i was a noob since it was so awkward! This is what the convo was like... Guy - G'day mate! Me- Oh hey, my name is Tom, Tom Rodgers Guy- I never asked for your name Me- can i have food Guy- ok *drops tactical bacon* Me- *takes food and runs* Me- BYEEEEEEEEEEE
  4. Went to balota, got stuck under one of the houses I had decent gear, and i was fully engergized so i had to run around under the house until i died of hunger... Best 2 hours of my life 10/10 would do again
  5. #truth I personally think this is an amazing idea!
  6. I am looking forward to playing with you, as I am new as well!
  7. Hey guys! I just got accepted on my 2nd application and I would like to say I am very excited to play DayZ with you guys! I cant wait!