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  1. My DayZRP experience has been a long road, I've seen many come and go, and I've seen the fruits of some people's labors and the destruction of others. I've met many good people on DayZRP and have shared in great memories with them. I've been in many clans and have seen the best rise and fall. Ultimately the negative experiences that I have had and will not delve into, have ground away at my passion for this community. When you've been here for as long as I have, you come to know how some things work either for the better or worse; you also come to learn that these things will never change. So with this I say goodbye to the many great people I have come to call friend and the many great memories we shared in this community. In light of past and present events, I will be leaving and will not be back. You'll probably find me on the TS every now and then catching up with old friends, but other than that in all honesty I have no interest in this community and its future. Before I'm gone I'd like to go through the clans and people who have stood out in my mind (If I forgot someone, suck it up) BSP, and the people involved in it. You guys are honestly what kept me here in the beginning. You guys had a will and a passion to RP something different to try and improve on your experiences. I've had many great memories with you guys and wish you all the best. IRA, and the lads and lass. There's honestly too much to say here. I was invested with the clan before I joined, I remember trying so hard to get in despite recruitment being closed, and I'm glad I put in the effort. You guys, and girl, were great roleplayers who put a lot of effort into the clan. You weren't just that, you were great people who supported each other to the end (#RIPWB). Loved you guys, it was a shame to see it all go. SKA, all of you legends. Loved the people in the clan to bits, mainly since most I had known since the IRA. Sure the majority of the time SKA was a bit to trigger happy, but towards the end I could honestly say I have never experienced better RP from anybody in this community. Sad it had to go, poor timing. R.A-H, <3. Loved you all to bits boys, some of the best times I've had on DayZRP have been with you guys. A shame it died, especially since you guys made the effort to RP to the best of your abilities especially around sensitive topics. Can honestly say this was the last effort I've seen for quality RP to be given to the community rather than taken from it. SB, and all of the lads. Sorry I was inactive as fuck boys, this clan came about at a time where my interest in DayZRP was basically none. I saw the potential in the clan and was pleased to see I wasn't wrong with all the positive feedback given to you boys. Every time I did come in and play with you guys or just chill on TS with you, I found that you guys were genuine; this community needs more people like you. A fucking disgrace to see it go the way it did. In remembrance of those who are no longer with us.
  2. Udgar

    Everyone, Just Calm Down

    I understand your concerns about drama, but when you drag the foreign groups thread into it when it has already died down you're only adding to it now by taking it out of one thread and into another...
  3. Udgar

    [DISCUSSION] Foreign Groups in Chernarus and their lore credibility

    All I want answered is if you were open for discussion, why insta-archive the thread instead of giving us the same treatment you have given numerous other clans and let us commence discussion with you while fixing the areas that needed to be fixed? The only time I have seen clans insta-archived is when the clan was creating havoc. In my previous post, all the staff members that commented on our thread only served to point towards the Saoirse Brotherhood being the opposite of what you would see clans archived for. So if the Saoirse Brotherhood was not creating havoc, why archive it and not the numerous other clans that you have let remain on the group forum? Why were we not given equal treatment? Why were we removed with no chance of correcting any wrongs or the opportunity to have a discussion with you? You've pointed to other clans that you've let remain unarchived that you have said the backstory does not make sense or does not fit the lore, but when it comes to foreign groups you jump the gun and archive them without giving them any chance at all?
  4. Udgar

    [DISCUSSION] Foreign Groups in Chernarus and their lore credibility

    Just quoting to get this in one post as I feel it is as relevant as the following. What I do not understand is how a foreign group (the Saoirse Brotherhood) can garnish this response from this many staff members, but then out of the blue can be met with the cold and seemingly unjust response of: This statement especially conflicts with what we can perceive as staff opinion. We go from great feedback from staff to suddenly, and from out of no where, being told that our groups are unrealistic, do not fit in with the lore, and are told to get creative. This situation is in all honesty a clusterfuck, for lack of a better word, and I as a long time community member am not satisfied with the response towards the community's concerns as to the situation at hand.
  5. Udgar

    [DISCUSSION] Foreign Groups in Chernarus and their lore credibility

    So wait before the new year diversity in groups had been celebrated for 2 years, but suddenly 2015 you're only allowed to play euro-socialist clans? What happened? I guess the biggest thing that people are bringing to this thread is the poor handling of archiving some groups without giving them the same and equal chance other groups in the same forum section have had been given. Without even giving them this chance is bad enough but going further to insta-archive a group without warning to it's creators is just insulting to the people that have invested time and effort into the clan and even further the community to create an enjoyable, diverse and dynamic environment in a gaming community where these things should be celebrated instead of crushed beneath an iron boot in a poor attempt to create a static predictable and repetitive game world is just disgusting and insulting. Seriously, get this shit sorted.
  6. Just thought I'd say hi again. I think I'm gonna be back for a bit; SA has recaptured my interest in dayzrp.
  7. Udgar


    Just a little heads up/ disclaimer. The Return wont be for at the very least a couple of weeks and possibly even a month.
  8. Hey guys! Haven't really been around for a good amount of time, figured now is about the time to set it in stone. Ever since joining this community, I fell in love with it. I tried my hardest to contribute to it in any way I could, and I tried my hardest to keep my passion for the mod and community alive. Sadly, I have simply lost all interest in the mod and community; not too sure why, I guess some things just ground away at my passion for DayZRP. I've had a lot of good times and met a lot of good people in this community that I will remember. I won't go into details, but you know who you are and which groups you were. I can't express enough how thankful I am for the people and the groups that made such memorable moments. I may come back in the future, but honestly I don't see myself back here anytime soon. And with that, Cya m8s! o7
  9. Cya m8. o7 Hit me up with a pm or chat with me on TS some time soon eh? Good roleplayers seem to be dropping like flies...
  10. Udgar

    J. Cotton

    You're returning!?? Welcome back <3
  11. Hahaha, good to see this. Good luck on getting this back in game mate!
  12. Udgar

    The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation skins

    All of my yes! +1