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  1. I would like to keep rifles able to be stored in backpacks but unable to be used if its in the backpack. You're able to draw faster if its kept in the backpack vs. when its on your back.
  2. Yes please, If we can buy a FAL at the traders we should be able to buy these pistols along with ammo.
  3. I was not called into this report, but I was there so I will give my account of the events I had woken up in my house and greeted by @KOT upon discovering we are neighbors and recently robbed we decided to go out to the school to see what's going on before we headed out to gather some supplies. Upon arriving at the school, we met many armed individuals who told us to leave and shot at our feet trying to get us to leave. We left and headed to the prison island where we found a man who told us his name was "Metal" we made small talk and ended up heading back to shore back to his ap
  4. Had a great time rolling with @KOT and a few others that I lost their names, had quite the string of good luck
  5. * An American voice can be heard on the radio* Hey so ummm yeah I have this RPG I found with a couple of uhhh a couple rockets, is anyone interested in buying it I have zero use for this thing. I guess ill leave this thing on incase anyone wants to buy it ill take rubles or whatever *Transmission ends*
  6. Had a great time with my first time getting taken hostage on this server with what I think was some of the CFL(apologizes if it was a different group) sorry I didn't get any names but I had a great time. Will be able to use this experience to improve my RP in the future
  7. Very special agent Brandon White a US federal agent for the FBI grew up in a ordinary town did the ordinary thing playing sports in school had decent grades wasn't good enough to play sports in college but had good enough grades to get into college at Penn State. Brandon at Penn State would again be a ordinary student, Partied a lot when to the bars with his friends, went to class, and did everything a normal college student is expected. Brandon didn't just want a ordinary sales job or another boring job out of college, he wanted something more exciting, He applied and eventually was accepted
  8. Hey! Was wondering whats the best way to react and roleplay when someone or yourself crashes. Is it best to make up a wacky excuse or act like it never happened?
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