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  1. Hey! Was wondering whats the best way to react and roleplay when someone or yourself crashes. Is it best to make up a wacky excuse or act like it never happened?
  2. Came to Chernarus for his sisters wedding. its all been downhill since. Brandon was a college student studying at a fairly large university. Never did fantastic at school always did good enough and had a respectable GPA but Brandon preferred the more social aspects of school which ended up causing his study to falter and his grades to drop a bit. Brandon was always close with his older sister Emily, and was happy for her when she got engaged. What he was not eager about was the fact the wedding would take place in a small country far away. Brandon's sister married a man from Chernarus and with his parents being old and ill they deiced to have the wedding in Chernarus. instead of drinking and partying with his friends during his college break Brandon would head with his parents to Chernarus to attend the wedding. After the wedding the family deiced to spend a few days in the country and this is when it took a turn for the worst. One afternoon at the market Brandon along with his mother shopped and browsed around. All of a sudden they heard a deathly scream and turned to see two men beating and biting at a women tearing her apart 4 more of these "men" ran towards more people as brandon grabbed his mothers hand and began to run. They tried to make it back to the car when Brandon's mother fell hurting her ankle. They tried to escape back to the car and back to safety but the attempt was useless one of the creatures caught up to them knocking both of them to the ground, when Brandon looked up the creature was biting and clawing at her. In a fit of rage he grabbed the man smashing his head against a wall. he did this again and again and again until the creature bit him on the hand. causing all the rage to build up and explode into one final push against the wall crushing the mans head against it. Brandon tried his hardest to stop the bleeding. They managed to get to the vehicle as Brandon grabbed the emergency medical kit from the trunk and bandaged his mothers shoulder. His sisters husband being a doctor they deiced to take his mother back to his parents house where they all were staying as the city was overrun with those monsters. When they got to the house Emily husband took Brandon's mother to a room to try and help the best he could. Meanwhile the rest of the family was glued to the small old television watching the news. Mass outbreak of these infected men causing mass chaos in the area. a few hours later everyone heard a scream as Brandon's father came running out his a chunk of his face missing seconds later blood and foam running down her cheek his now infected mother took a chunk out of fathers neck causing him to fall to the floor dead. Seconds later she was looking right at Brandon and began to race towards him when a shotgun blast was heard and sent his mother flying to the floor dead. in the after math both Brandon and his sister rushed towards their dead parents crying and sobbing asking god why did he do this. Brandon sat their emotionless just staring at their dead bodies thinking how he could have saved them what did he do wrong. the next few hours things went from bad to worse . Brandon still sitting there with his sister trying to consul her heard a loud bang as Emily's husband came barreling in the room rifle pointing right at Brandon. demanding if he was bitten. Brandon in shock stood there trembling not knowing what to say
  3. “Evil is evil Lesser, greater, middling…makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all."
  4. Just got accepted and ready to roleplay with all you lovely people. Also thanks to everyone who helped me make my white list application better, much appreciated. Hope to see you all in game
  5. This will be my third attempt at the white list application, so I want to make sure I get it right.
  6. //Snip: Please don't post your application details here. - Baron could anyone offer tips and help please?
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