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  1. As Bahak is wandering through a forest he finally comes across a town, he lets out a hefty sigh of relief and starts walking towards the closest building. He then drops all of his shit on the ground and collapses on the floor. As he lie there, contemplating what his life has come to he hears the familiar voice. Once heard Bahak almost jumps at his pack and drops his radio several times before holding it up to his ear to listen to the barrage of voices and conversations go through. He then hesitantly holds the receiver of his radio and begins to speak through his gas mask, after realizing its still on because its almost become a part of him he takes it off so he can be better understood. That.... voice... Se- He stops himself remembering what the others said Listen, If this is who I think it is, I've come across the town that we first met in. I've been on the move for the past few days after a- ... run in with some others.... I think I'll be fine think I lost em' quite a bit ago, but I never take chances. Stay safe, stay strong.
  2. *a loud burst of static followed by Bahak's voice* Bahak here, Contact. Group 5-6 men heavily armed dressed in what seems to be military gear at this airfield. Heard multiple shots as I was walking up to look at them so unsure if friendlies or not. Will update as I learn more. *large inhale is heard* *talks as if holding something in* Bahak, out.
  3. *large amount of static then almost inaudible voice comes through* *static* "hel-o *static* God motherfu- *static* shit never works n- *static* *loud thud is heard* There it is. Hello all gotta make this quick, I'm hearing strange things in this area. I came across a large airstrip to the West of where I last was. Something seems weird here. If anyone is in the area and has information about this place please let me know. Was this a UN base at one point? Getting lonely out here, Can't figure out where I could find what I need, information that is, anyways le- *gunshot is heard in the distance* I'm out. *large amount of static for a minute or two is heard before another gunshot is heard this time closer to the receiver seems to have come from Bahak. The the radio cuts out.
  4. Simple question just because I'm interested. Do most of you use chat to rp or use voice chat to do so?
  5. *Bahak hears the new voice and the exchanges between the two, Then picks his radio up and hits the receiver* *He talks now with a more calm soothing tone* Thank you Stranger Number 2, *chuckles*, but honestly thank you for the warning. Who are the Masquerades? As I said I've been out of the loop of the goings on around here my radio was broken until recently. *Bahak, eyes low and centered, looks at the city before him and lets out a sigh as he sees the dead wandering about* Thank you for the information. -Bahak out. *slips radio into side pocket of backpack and continues*
  6. *Bahak hears the reply, listens then hesitantly hits his reciever* Heh, Hey, Stranger. You could say I was under a rock, but it was really a tree. I've seen people, and what those people do to others through my scope. I try to keep my distance, but this one was different. Anyways thanks for the reply, makes me feel less lonely, even if it was somewhat... cold. I'll keep this frequency open in case anyone else is in the area *Bahak sets his radio back on the side of his pack and then sits by his fire and continues to roll his joint*
  7. Hello, this is Ma-.. Bahak Taylor. I have been traveling to and from Berizino looting and such and today saw my first soul. If you are listening in, sir, I would like to thankyou for the company and the fire it was most enjoyable to... Talk to someone again... Anyways to ayone listening I am heading North, in hopes to find some evidence f what happened to the last of my family. I was growing lonely and... well I wasn't sure if I had to motivation to go on, but seeing that fresh new face brought me back. To any friendlies I will be heading north with a pink armband on. Don't be afraid to talk even though I'm not used to it. My mind could really use the distraction. Bahak out
  8. Thanks guys was accepted can't wait to play
  9. IGN: Max 'Bahak' Taylor Age: 20 Country: United States of Merica' English skills: Native language DayZ Mod Experience: 15-20 hours DayZ Standalone Experience: Over 150 hours Roleplaying Experience: PLayed multiple games with hard core roleplay servers: Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto: Sand Andreas, and now Dayzrp. What kind of In Game role best describes you: As an arma/standalone pvp player I use mid range rifles (sks, or something similar) and am conformable being led. Rp character daydreams frequently,is blunt and is young(20). Have you been in any clan/group previously: One standalone group: was with the UN for a time. Additional notes: If I can't cuss around you I'm not comfortable . Wanna be able to hangout with a group and have fun with an enjoyable rp experience. Best way to contact you: pm or on steam name is same as profile name.
  10. Wow... just wow this is an amazing story so far