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  1. Daryl Braden

    September 22, 1995. Born in Dublin, Ireland. He went to the local Kindergarten, where he made his first friends These guys sticked together for a longass time. In Elementary-school the trouble with other guys really started out, he and his Friends would always pick on other guys, so he always had problems with the teachers. Fast forward couple of Years: Time in the Army: Normal for the most of the time, his friends were in the army with him. Time after the Army: After he got honorably discharged, he followed his passion for tattoos and became an tattoo artist. He started out tattooing his friends and friends of his friends. After he made some money he started his own Shop. He flew to most of the Tattoo conventions. Also to the one in Chernarus. Bang Boom Apocalypse He stayed in Chernarus as he couldn’t fly back to Ireland.
  2. Hi

    Welcome to the community fam
  3. The Game

    wat is goin on?!
  4. New community additions

    Hell ye. Good job on the map.
  5. Cant join rooms on TS3

    Fixed it. thanx Have some BeanZ
  6. Cant join rooms on TS3

    I wanted to join into the Alba 19 open comms, but i cant do it, it says that it have insufficient permissions. In the log it says it failed due to "i_channel_join_power . How can i fix this problem?
  7. Server 3 has been closed

    i liked S3 sosad
  8. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    top kek right there
  9. thisiswhatiwantetthewholetimeindayzrp.mp4
  10. DayZRP Trailer Contest 2016

    Good Luck to the ones participants!(i dont think i wrote that right)
  11. Introduction

    ello der my friend, hav a neat stay
  12. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Saying "Im Friendly" on a public server. Ohboy