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  1. i know im not that good at english as you, im from denmark where my class did start learning english in fifth grade. and im dyslexic too, so i did start having english in the school in eighth so i have learned enlish for around 3 years. i know it might not help me out of that im not as good as you at english. but it was to point that i do alot to play RP with you guys cause i think its awesome i even ask my father to help me with the english language when im in need. and yea that was my friend that meta gamed you not me.
  2. I know its not normally light. my ooc friends even wanna get tested.
  3. yea i know that i have a very light voice. i am 17 years old but the puberty nearly havent hit me and the most people think i am like 13-14 years old. i would allso say that we did talk to you about why we robbed you. we would have stayed there for longer but my friend wanted get away fast cause he was kinda scared.