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  1. now im gettin worried lol thankies ^^ its been fun so far, havent been killed or .. robbed yet, did fight off a few zombies while doing a very very girly scream and running away...
  2. oops well close enough can tell i don't know any other language... lolz
  3. lolz but you wouldn't hurt a poor defenseless rabbit now would you wait... never mind don't answer that.. i don't really feel like being rabbit stew D; s'okies i'll just run and hide and cry in a corner somewhere
  4. Little Rabbit Kira Rabbit, an Australian Photographic Journalist on what was seemingly a normal assignment with two other journalists to document the first stages of the infection in Chernarus. My travelling companions were long-time friends but sadly they were taken from me a few weeks after we arrived, watching them being torn limb from limb and eaten while still alive changed me in ways I couldn't imagine. Lost and in a foreign land, trying to survive with no knowledge of the area or Russian language, trying to use every resource possibly available. Learning to survive on my own was tough the first month, but after multiple close calls with zombies and near starvation, slowly getting the hang of the dirty gritty lifestyle that I now called mine. Long gone was the long relaxing bubble baths, fluffy pillows, soft beds and a good meal after a long day out taking photographs, instead in its place was the dark, dank, muddy waters, almost dying from drinking stale water, hunting for scraps of food, not being able to sleep without one eye open and fighting for my life every second of every day. Where I will end up next... well that's yet to be discovered...
  5. yay application was accepted thankies!
  6. thanks all ^^ hoping to find out results soon
  7. Just wanted to introduce myself, applied yesterday, waiting to see if I get approved or not, (hopefully its the first part :3 but will try again if its the other) but yea just wanted to say hey and stuffs ^^