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"I'll dick you all the way to the moon and back"

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  1. @Marcoooz I'd slap you in a rap battle. My bars are some hawt fya

    1. Marcoooz


      Confront me with the fire cunt, I'll just hit right ya back with a cunt punt, ya grunt.

    2. SillyGoose


      I'll come in with some fire, its going to come at you like gunfire like I am for hire.

    3. Marcoooz


      Hit me a lil harder, brother, all I see's a kid tryna play FIRE STARTER.

    4. SillyGoose


      At least I can start a fire, you are over here lookin at your sweet ass fiber.

    5. Marcoooz


      That's right, I got the viking fiber, gettin the hoes like I'm Mc-fuckin-Gyver! Living the swedish dream, like a meme, rippin with these bars like a fuckin' meme machine.

    6. SillyGoose


      You might be a meme machine but you'll never spit better bars, I'll split you in half like the red sea, you'll get some scars. Between you and me this battle is over. Cause you just got your ass bent over.

    7. Marcoooz


      I dun give up so easily, tryna rip on me, when all I see is a goose, with bars so loose, his face like a mangled moose. Keep it goin', 'cause I just started blowin', huffin, motherfuckin hufflepuffin, 'gonna eat you like you A CHOCOLATE MUFFIN!

    8. SillyGoose


      Ain't gonna lie, that was some Hawt fya. But do you think you are some kind of game changer that's weird cause you are in danger gonna need a life saver.

      A chocolate muffin? Forreal my dude? What an insult coming a guy who looks like mao zing + Carl Gustav = YOU

    9. Marcoooz


      Let a man be hungry, messes with the flow, sets the bar low, makin' rhymes all funky. My eyes are squintin', but only so I dun need to watch you FAINTIN', 'cause what I'm 'bout to do's scarier than a Salvador Dali PAINTIN'. Face of War, look it up it's worse than your "hawt fya" cus to be real it's only SUBPAR!

      My king's got hats for days, gettin' praise, all you's got's an overgrown brat, dabbin' like a cunt ready for the punt, flexin' for the youth in his middle age CRISIS, oh shit it's gettin' hot, anyone know where the ICE IS?

    10. SillyGoose


      How long that take you? 10 hours man? You are slower than a sloth in a white van. This battle is finished no need to respond , cause I'll have to wait a year till you finish your next bar.

    11. Marcoooz


      A man's gotta sleep. And that sloth insult was uncalled for. Give us sloths some slack, man. I ain't going to stay awake just to read your pissy rhymes.

    12. SillyGoose


      Then why start a freestyle man? its part of the deal. That ghost writer can't help you whilst you eat your meals. 

      This battle is finished. You say with my pissy rhymes? wouldn't say so as it took you long enough to come with a wack ass comeback line.

    13. Marcoooz


      Battle was already finished, "man". Said so two posts ago.

    14. SillyGoose


      And seems like you are to thick to realise that and you still tried to respond on the go. You have been bent over, thrown over, even slauthered. Man, you must be crying right now thats pretty hard man.

      stop responding you just bring yourself more pain. The winning paper has already been signed by my name.

      I own a locket with some tears that I collect, Although in mind mind most of them are yours after you got rekt. 

      But what do after you gets rekt by bars so perfect.

    15. Marcoooz