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  1. SillyGoose

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    7/10 very spooky.
  2. SillyGoose


    Wait, why are people getting banned.

    wat i miss


    1. Mademoiselle


      Check my media thread

  3. SillyGoose

    • SillyGoose
    • Merkant

    You need help.

    1. Merkant


      no u

  4. SillyGoose

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    This sickness is driving me nuts. pls remove until fixed.
  5. SillyGoose

    United Front [Open Recruitment]

    Oh crap, thanks for the heads up big man.
  6. SillyGoose

    United Front [Open Recruitment]

    Is this 2016?
  7. SillyGoose

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    • Crim


    1. Crim


      you're making me cry, its not happening

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    3. Falk



  8. SillyGoose

    Where on earth is this medical camp they speak of?

    *Joe would quickly grab a hold of Edwards radio with this frequency still on* "Hello there, this is Edwards friend Joe speaking." "Edwards cannot answer right now, as he just got sick and is restinng. Some fellow ran over to him in the middle of Novaya and coughed near him." *Joe would pause for a second* "We'll try to look around Novy again, unless he gets worse." *The radio would turn silent*
  9. SillyGoose


    You might have a point there. Although, mine does it every once in a while. It seems to not do it whenever I stay in the same area for a while.
  10. SillyGoose


    Yes I have verified my game cache on steam.
  11. SillyGoose


    Tried everything you suggested. Still no luck.
  12. SillyGoose


    So, I've started to get ingame again with the emergence of dayz 1.0. The game runs quite well all things considered, about 100 fps everywhere, but ever since I started playing again I've noticed that my game will quite frequently skip a few frames. Anyone know what might be the issue? If anyone wants to know my specs: Nvidia Geforce 1050ti i7 8750h 16 gigs of ram
  13. SillyGoose

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

  14. SillyGoose

    Dear Pagan brothers.

    *Surprised, Joe would grab his radio and press the PTT* "Huh!? Long time since I heard that voice." "I've been back for a few days, met a decent fella in the mountains. Been travelling with him since." "Not with the rest though... Long story." *He would release the PTT*
  15. SillyGoose

    Dear Pagan brothers.

    *After much thought Joe grabbed his radio and switched to an old frequency him and his brothers used to use* *He presses the PTT* "Hey there brothers... Its been a while. Uhhh..." *He would pause for a 2 seconds before speaking again* "I'm back in Chernarus for now. Wondering if any of you are still around..." "So umm.. Leo, Dustin... Damien... If you are, I'd like to hear from you." *He would let go of the PTT and put his radio down*