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"I'll dick you all the way to the moon and back"

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    Multiple posts from marcooz after weeks? Could this mean what I think this means...

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      It's with three O's, bitch. MARCOOOZ. I can't believe you've done this.


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      Listen here mariokart, that takes way to long. 

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  1. Farewell

    Goodbye, have a great time.
  2. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    Excuse you Jimothy.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the RP from @Steck @Brother [email protected]
  4. Outlaws MC Chernarus [Recruitment: Open]

    Looks good man, good luck.
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  5. Joe Graham

    Born in Newcastle England, Joe grew up with his father and mother. He had a rough child hood, being involved with a bad crowd that made his start drinking from a young age. His parents never really cared about Joe. His father was drinking on a regular, beating him and his mother. The drinking never stopped. Joe did well in school, despite the bad crowd he tried his best. After he tried to ditch the bad crowd and focus on school he developed anger issues due to the stress of trying doing well in school. After finishing school his parents were killed in a car accident. Joe needed a change in his life. He moved to America shortly after. He moved to Pennsylvania. That’s where he met Damien Fields and Dustin McCoy and the rest is history… WIP
  6. I am here!

    Hello there, friend.
  7. h3MkgP8.png

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      What is this old relic?

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      O M G

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      *motorcycle noises*

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      Vroom Vroom

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      Let it die 

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    *born to be wild can be heard getting closer*

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  8. Kept you waiting, huh?

  9. The Common Folk.

    @Brother Henning and @Ryan Carter talked it out in PM's. What you are referring to of us not being allowed in the tents and the radio chatter all happened afterwards. Just because you got proof afterwards doesn't mean the original incident meta was okay. But enough on this topic, people have said enough. Now that I am here lemme give some feedback: This is from me going here for the past couple of weeks. Most of the RP I have encountered from this group was good. I have not had a badRP experience. Nor have I seen any hardcore gearRP. The group runs a camp that trades stuff. They need stuff to (mostly) create RP. Also from experience of being in their comms, they could focus more of their attention on being ingame and RPing instead of ts. (Keep in mind this is from weeks ago this might have changed so if it has dont kill me plz)
  10. God damn communists. 

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  11. DayzRP Members as DOGS Thread.

    @Steck @Brother Henning @Kuljukka @Doc Holiday @Crim @JimRP